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deal! Xinjiang’s Duku Highway is about to be officially opened to traffic. It is so beautiful that it is a self-driving appointment!


As we all know, Xinjiang is a paradise for self-driving cars. The thrilling Karakoram Highway; The Yizhao Highway with a sea of ​​flowers; There is the Taklimakan Desert Highway that crosses the Sea of ​​Death; … And at this time of the year, a highway becomes particularly conspicuous. Many self-driving enthusiasts just watch the opening hours eagerly, waiting to find out, and there is no shortage of enthusiastic old drivers who have come and come again! Although it is not the first time to write this route, its beauty is worth thousands of times! With the title of “China’s Most Beautiful Highway”, it is a well-deserved “This Life Series”. Even if it only takes a day to pass, some people are willing to stay for it for a whole month. Figure worm @段为志 It is beautiful. Hovering up the steep cliffs along the highway, the mountains on the left are rushing rivers, and the hillsides on the right are the vast grasslands, and the snow-capped peaks appear as if they are in heaven. It’s amazing. I have never seen any road like it. 1/3 is a cliff, 1/5 is a high mountain permafrost. It crosses nearly ten major rivers in the Tianshan Mountains and crosses the snow-covered ice Daban all year round. Cool air. It is also abusive. It is hard not to be moved when you learn that the journey has been cut in half due to the blood and sweat of the road builders over the past 10 years. Hundreds of soldiers are buried in the Joelma Martyrs Cemetery. It is also limited to the seasons. It is only open to people for 5 months a year. “There are four different days in ten miles, and there are four seasons in one day.” Going once is equivalent to visiting most of China! This is the Duku Highway. With the snow cleared, it is entering the best time of the year to travel… This is a highway that crosses the Tianshan Mountains from Dushanzi to Kuqa, with a total length of 561 kilometers, connecting the north and the south. All the way are forests, grasslands, seas of flowers, deserts, Gobi, snow-capped mountains, canyons, lakes… Most people take the Duku Highway for the first time, and basically only stop at the big scenic spots and watch the flowers. This time, Xiao Feijun worked hard to sort out this essence route, which can be called the essence, not to miss the classic check-in points, but also to join the niche beautiful attractions, Xinjiang cuisine can also be caught in one go, hurry up! Rough route (from north to south): Urumqi-Dushanzi Grand Canyon-Nalati Grassland-Gongnaisi Valley-Bayinbulak Grassland-Tianshan Mysterious Grand Canyon-Kuqa. 0 1 Starting point: Urumqi Start the journey with hot food @图虫创意 As the capital city of Xinjiang, many people just use Urumqi as a transit point. But I suggest that you can stay one more night, not for the customs and local scenery, just for the food, because the food here is far more exciting than you think. / Looking for street Xinjiang food / @图虫创意 On the day when you arrive in Urumqi, you can stroll around the museum, walk the Xinjiang folk streets, and go to the streets and alleys to find food. Go to 1982 Xinjiang Rice Noodles, the originator of Xinjiang Fried Rice Noodles, and order 25 yuan Wang Fried Rice Noodles. @图虫创意Go to Abra’s Naan shop and take a few super crispy and delicious naan. This honest amount is excellent for self-driving roads. @图虫创意 Randomly find a restaurant, go to eat authentic large-plate chicken and hand pilaf made with fresh mutton, the taste will not be bad, the feeling of eating meat in one bite, it is not too enjoyable~ The meat skewers of authentic Xinjiang lamb skewers are made of straight and moderately thick red willow branches. Just like Peking duck must use fruit wood, roast lamb and red willow sticks are also a perfect match. The meat skewers you have taken are now grilled, and the sizzling barbecue is full of oil. After a bite, Tianlinggai will be refreshed! / Head into the International Bazaar / Baza, a Uyghur language, means “bazaar” and “farmer’s market”, which is equivalent to what we often call a vegetable market. The local international bazaar in Urumqi is quite famous. Dried fruits are sold by kilograms, and the price is much cheaper than in the mainland. When you are knocking on the dried fruits outside and watching the locals dance passionately, maybe someone will invite you to dance together! @图虫创意 You can also pick tourist souvenirs here, such as pottery, musical instruments, carpets, clothes, shoes and hats, etc., depending on the situation, you can talk to the boss about the price. 0 2 North Section of Duku Highway Wonders all the way do not lose the Grand Canyon of the United States Starting from the Duzishan Grand Canyon, formally enter the northern section, all the way is the Snow Mountain Grand Canyon, the terrain is steep and the scenery is magnificent! The long lines and colorful colors are even more shocking than the Colorado Grand Canyon in the United States! / Check in the Dushanzi Grand Canyon / Figure Worm@wl1112002 Figure Insect @ 探探万物 The Dushanzi Grand Canyon, which used to hit the vibrato, is the starting point of the Duku Highway. The original desolate beauty is maintained here, and no tickets are required. Between the regular gullies and ravines, the mountains seemed to be torn apart, and the stones bloomed with biting flowers. It’s the unforgettable beauty after seeing it! Figure worm @Mrw小 And here, you will find yourself really really small. The majestic canyon fracture surface, the vertical drop of 200 meters, makes people’s legs soft in an instant, and they have to respect nature. / Anjihai Grand Canyon Watching God’s Palette / Figure Insect@钟 South_ONE The Anjihai Grand Canyon is not on the Duku Highway, but not far from Dushanzi. Now that you are in Dushanzi, you can stop by Anjihai. Figure worm @吾哈 The magic is that it is not in the mountains of lofty mountains, but a large rift valley in the plain. It does not look like the real world, and it is not too much to say that it is an alien landform! Figure Worm@Taojin-11_1607619508 It is like a “palette overturned by God”. The red mountains and green peaks are colorful, but they are different from the Danxia landform I have seen in Gansu before. It is indescribable and the language has become pale! / Joelma Martyrs Cemetery pays tribute to heroes / The connection of the Duku Highway has shortened the distance between the north and south of Xinjiang by nearly half from the original 1,000 kilometers, which can be regarded as a monument in the history of China’s highway construction. Among them, the blood and sweat of countless PLA officers and soldiers has been poured into it. On average, one road-building soldier sleeps for every 3 km. This is a martyrs cemetery built to commemorate the revolutionary martyrs who died in the construction of the Duku Highway. Each tombstone has very moving deeds, which is awe-inspiring. 0 3 South Section of Duku Highway There are snow mountain scenery more beautiful than Switzerland When the southern section first entered, there were Yadan and Danxia on the side of the road, which was particularly spectacular. The endless snow-capped mountains, pastures and forests, coupled with the embellishment of cattle, sheep, blue sky, and white clouds, from time to time, there will be herders driving sheep, cattle, and horses to pass by. The scenery is not lost in Switzerland! /Nalati grassland horseback riding / Figure worm @Yaukund @Xinjiang Nalati Tourism Scenic Area As soon as the sun came out, he kissed the grassland with the first ray of sunlight. This is the origin of the Nalati grassland. It has been a famous pasture since ancient times, with crisscross rivers, flat river valleys, high peaks and dense forests. Especially in summer, the greenery is especially suitable for summer and cool. Figure worm @Y夏XXC Here is also the “cradle” of the Kazakh ethnic group on horseback, and you can experience the original Kazakh folk customs. After June every year, the grasslands that enter the golden season of grasslands become lively, and various gatherings are held here. You can also come to experience the fun of horseback riding, running wildly on the vast grassland. /Explore the Gong Naisi Forest Park / Figure worm @imgbai Gong Naisi Forest Park is a living treasure house of animals and plants. The snow-capped mountains are reflected in the lake, and the mountains are full of pine trees and wildflowers. On the hills, flocks of white sheep, snow pheasants, saker falcons, red deer, and brown bears live here. Figure worm @goodbye ideal 435 There are even rare medicinal materials such as wild snow lotus and fritillary growing in the park. In summer, it is the most beautiful summer resort, revealing the vitality and tranquility of the original nature. / Watching the sunset on the Bayinbulak Grassland / Figure Insect@西行旅行 When you arrive at the Bayinbulak grassland, you will be at the highlight of the southern section of the Duku Highway. The super-burning drag racing at the end of “Flying Life” is staged here. Wild flowers are in full bloom here, cows, sheep and horses roam in groups like white clouds, the yurts are scattered among them, and the snow-capped mountains in the distance are endless. Figure worm @jackeyhq Figure worm @MichaelSong97 The most famous in the grassland are Swan Lake and Jiuqu Eighteen Bend. Here, you can have a close contact with the swan and wait for the sunset over the Bayinbrook Jiuqu Eighteen Bay. It is so pleasant~ Especially when the sun is setting, the setting sun shines on the Kaidu River winding across the grassland, shining with a charming light, so beautiful that there is nothing to say. / Big and small dragon pond forest trekking / Figure 虫@雨后的早晨9 all the way to the south, passing by the two lakes in the depths of the Tianshan Mountains, which are the big and small dragon ponds. These two snowy mountains and lakes are embedded in the forest, and they are very refreshing. The photos sent out were sent to the circle of friends. Some people thought we came to Europe. Dalongchi is covered with snow all year round, the waters are crystal clear, and the famous snow lotus grows above the snow line. The spruce and cypress under the mountain are full of green grass. Xiaolong Pond is about 4 kilometers away from Dalong Pond. It is like a crystal-clear gem, and it is in harmony with Dalong Pond. The summer is very cool and it is a great escape from the heat. / Wandering the Tianshan Mysterious Grand Canyon / Figure worm @啊顶 Figure worm @wg_scsf Tianshan Mysterious Grand Canyon, also known as Kuqa Grand Canyon, is on the side of the main road of Duku Highway. At this point, it is not far from Kuqa County. The reddish-brown mountains are straight into the sky, like clusters of burning flames under the sunlight. Occasionally you can see the Mani piles piled by the locals, and there is an invisible power of belief. Figure Insect@晓月光 Entering the valley, walking among the reddish-brown mountains, seems to have entered a quiet and cool world. When the setting sun is slanting, the crimson-colored mountain becomes more and more dazzling and magical! / Watching murals in Kizil Thousand Buddha Caves / @风子儿 Before I came here, my impression of the Mural Grottoes was probably only Dunhuang, but there are grotto art with a longer history than the Mogao Grottoes. Although most of the statues have been destroyed, about 5,000 square meters of murals are still preserved. The main themes are the Buddha’s biography, karma, and the story of the original life. The murals have deep, vivid colors, strong contrasts and not impetuous. 图虫@一个影展 There are not only murals that show Buddhism such as the “Jesus Stories”, “Buddhist Stories”, and “Karma Stories”, but there are also a large number of murals showing secular life scenarios. It is recommended to ask an interpreter to explain it, so that you can understand it more deeply. 0 4 Finishing point: Kuqa, a small town in southern Xinjiang The ancient city of Kuqa looks for southern Xinjiang customs Figure worm @AbduWALLE The end of the Duku Highway is Kuqa, which is the seat of the ancient country of Qiuci (sounds the same as Qiuci, not gui zi). The humanities of the old town of Guikuche are quiet and not lonely, without the routines and hustle and bustle of a tourist city. People have their own living habits. / Strolling around Kuqa Old Street / 图虫@大连美食娱乐圈 There are still ruins from a thousand years ago in the old city, but they are all in ruins. It is recommended to visit Kuqa Old Street, which is a few hundred meters away from Restan Road in front of the Royal Palace, where there are typical Uighur-style residential houses. The lintels are very delicate, the carved beams and painted buildings are bright in color, and each house is different, and one can feel people’s enthusiasm for life. Here is similar to the old town of Kashgar, and every door is worth your stay for a long time. / Visit the Naan Culture Museum / @大静 Kuqa Naan is as big as a wheel, and its name in Xinjiang is known to everyone. Its reputation is as loud as Turpan’s grapes, Hami melons, and Aksu apples. Kuqa Naan is also rated as the tip of the Chinese delicacy! From the first day when I wandered around in the old city, I met my big brother who was holding a characteristic big nibbles and passed by, and I have been thinking about it. Every street in Laojie has one or two families and fixed nang pits, which are dedicated to the local villagers in this area. The government has also invested in the construction of a large Naan City, with 6 naan pits and 30 naan masters. Every day, 600 to 1,000 naan pits can be sold, so that more people can understand the Kuqa naan culture! / Catch a Sunday Bazaar / Figure @天南地北会宁人 Compared with the Grand Bazaar in Urumqi, the Grand Bazaar in Kuqa is more down-to-earth and you can see the real and daily Xinjiang customs. Figure @MA Shunheng Studio Every Sunday, there will be a big bazaar at the bell mouth, starting at 12 o’clock and closing the stall before dark. Everyone came from all directions to gather here. They sold everything in there, but there was no hoarse shouting. They were just plainly busy, busy grilling lamb skewers, busy cutting meat, and busy living. @Express old brother Almost everyone who has been to Xinjiang for self-driving will become addicted to it. Not only are the beautiful scenery flowing like a slide on the self-driving road, but also the unique customs and exotic food on the way, which make people remember. And this Duku highway that is about to return is worth all your expectations. -The End-