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Camping – a travel option ‘on the throne’ in the time of Covid-19


On the ‘closed’ travel days because of Covid-19, I chose a place less than 30km from my home, with a lake and green pine forest. A tent, a few simple tools, it was a memorable trip.
Living slowly and freely in the midst of nature

Following the social network during the epidemic, I suddenly saw that my friends shared more pictures of camping and family picnics. Quiet, not crowded but still experience and rest with familiar people. Camping is not a new form of tourism, but perhaps now “on the throne” when tourism activities are limited, everyone is self-aware of distance to prevent epidemics. And camping is one of the best ways for people to relax and enjoy nature; in parallel with compliance with regulations on prevention and control of the Covid-19 epidemic. Camping is a great way to enjoy unspoiled nature. Has anyone told you that our country has countless beautiful places to camp? Try spending a weekend to experience it. I like the mountain roads leading to the Dong Cao steppe (Bac Giang), where I can zoom out to see the majestic mountain scenery, love the feeling of freedom in the middle of Dong Lam valley (Lang Son province). ), where there are green grass and green river. Who doesn’t like to hear the waves crashing right next to their ears on a camping night in Tuy Hoa (Phu Yen), or open their eyes to see a sea of ​​white clouds in Da Lat (Lam Dong)… Fresh air, wide mind The openness, the ultimate sense of freedom and the slow pace of life when truly immersed in nature can be “addictive” to anyone. The beautiful sea of ​​clouds view from the campsite in Dong Cao (Bac Giang). Going camping is not boring because outdoor activities are extremely diverse. Hiking in the forest, fishing, yoga, cycling around the lake, kayaking, SUP board on the river or in the sea, … all consume a lot of energy and require basic skills. But sometimes, visitors just need to be spoiled for water in the cool water, “foot massage” with pebbles in the stream bed, walk together on the lawn, watch the sun set in a sunset. .. is enough. For families with young children, camping becomes even more interesting. Away from TV screens, phones, children will be free to explore, have new lessons about the natural world around in the most realistic way. I love that the whole family comes together to prepare food for a barbecue, which can be incomplete but is always delicious. By the flickering campfire, everyone told stories together, playing guitar under the starry sky. Affection, family cohesion, friends are also a benefit that camping brings. Sharing moments together makes camping more memorable. Safe, environmentally friendly With self-sufficient tourism such as camping, safety is always a top priority. In addition to fully and thoughtfully preparing furniture, tools and costumes; Everyone must always consider and choose a suitable camping site for the weather, time and participants. Regarding the location, the experience to remember is to avoid areas with difficult terrain, or rain at night, high winds or too far from residential areas, without phone signal. First aid items and some simple medicine should always be on hand. The dishes when camping are not picky, do not require a chef’s talent, but always have to be hygienic, fresh and attractive. The picnic meal is simple but still very attractive. For me, it only takes the most basic tools and a car to get to the camping site not too far from home, but there are many people who like a thoughtful camping trip. Pickup trucks, minivans like a mobile home with full of handy camping gear are becoming more and more popular with Vietnamese families. But if you are inexperienced and shy of places that are too wild, there are many tourist campsites with relatively convenient services. From Hanoi, there are many places that campers whisper to each other and quickly become familiar such as Ban Rom tourist area Soc Son, Dong Mo, Dong Do lake, Son Tinh Camp… Not far from the city center In Ho Chi Minh City, besides Tri An lake, Chua Chan mountain, Ba Den mountain, there are also many campsites in Ba Ria – Vung Tau, Dong Nai, Binh Thuan open to serve tourists. Besides, grasping this trend, many travel agencies have also opened tours with suitable services for families, groups of friends, even “glamping” (glamorous + camping – style camping style. luxury and comfort). Natural places that are not too far from home or are not famous can become camping spots, limiting contact with crowds. “Take nothing but photos, leave nothing but footprints”, camping requires each of us to be more conscious in protecting the environment, collecting waste and minimizing the impact on the environment. surrounding nature. There have been “camping without leaving garbage” movements called for and responded by many camping lovers, spreading beautiful actions. And of course, camping, like any other activity, needs to comply with epidemic prevention regulations, so that the trip is a good memory when you return home.