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Charming child models in designer Dac Ngoc’s costumes


Charming child models in costumes of designer Dac Ngoc Recently, Sophia, Ly Diep Chi and Tran Dieu Linh have become “muse” in a new collection called Windowpane by designer Dac Ngoc.

With the checkered pattern – the “dance” of the monochrome squares, designer Dac Ngoc has emphasized the stylization … at the neck, shoulder or skirt to create a new, modern and unique look. The collection includes 3 trendy colors: yellow, moss green and red. These are all colors that are being sought by fashionistas. As revealed by designer Dac Ngoc, he has carefully selected the fabric to suit the hot summer weather and create comfort for the little ones. Dressed in the latest designs of designers Dac Ngoc, Sophia, Ly Diep Chi and Tran Dieu Linh, surprise with the charismatic high fashion in each photo shoot. From eyes, expressions to personality poses, the 3 models all show the immense fashion spirit. The child models know how to interact with accessories such as giant bracelets, bags, and earrings to create diverse and professional poses that both show off their visual advantages and enhance the beauty of the outfit. . The three models showed three different colors in this fashion photo shoot: sweet Sophia, personality Ly Diep Chi, and haughty Tran Dieu Linh. The children’s long legs have shown the spirit of the collection: dynamic as no less feminine. Having “stormed” the international and domestic media with spectacular children’s prom designs with high creative content, designer Dac Ngoc suddenly turned to applied fashion that immediately attracted attention. with the grave world. => Designer Dac Ngoc impressed with the affordable princess dress collection