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Chen Chunhua: Now employees are more concerned about organizational commitment, and companies have changed from focusing on employee loyalty to employee happiness


Chen Chunhua, Dean of BiMBA Business School, National Development Research Institute, Peking University

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On May 23, the live broadcast of “Value Symbiosis: Organizational Management in the Digital Era” jointly held by People’s Posts and Telecommunications Press and the BiMBA Business School of Peking University National Development Institute was held online. Chen Chunhua, Dean of BiMBA Business School of Peking University National Development Research Institute, delivered a speech at the meeting.

How does an organization produce high performance? Chen Chunhua believes, Individual development must match the speed of organizational development. Sometimes in an organization, some individuals may feel that the development is not sufficient. The reason is that the speed of individual development exceeds that of the organization. Sometimes, some organizations will eliminate many individuals because the speed of organizational development exceeds the speed of individual development.

“According to this logic, the most important requirement for individuals in the entire organization is how to collaborate with the organization. Because you can’t succeed, you must use the organizational platform. It is very important to discuss the concept of collaboration between individuals and organizations.” Chen Chunhua said.

She pointed out that the individual factors that cooperate with the organization mainly depend on personality, ability, and cognition. There is talent in personality, but the influence of environment on the formation of personality is far greater than talent.

Chen Chunhua analyzed, New individuals and strong individuals who can collaborate with the organization, have a high sense of self-efficacy . People with a high sense of self-efficacy understand their own interests and know the key factors that affect them. He will invest a lot in his field of interest. It must be possible to eliminate any external factors and find ways to achieve expectations.

She also said, The competence of a strong individual can be expanded and has the characteristics of being able to achieve high-performance work. One of the greatest help brought by digitization is to enable individuals to have stronger capabilities. Digitization allows individuals to have a lot of information and a lot of digital tools, which can help solve many problems. Digitalization can also reorganize the cost and efficiency of many things. Young people with digital abilities have done many things beyond everyone’s imagination.

In Chen Chunhua’s view, today’s new individuals, their expectations and psychological contract with others are dominated by personal expectations. In the past, the relationship with the organization was dominated by the organization. But today’s strong individuals and new individuals are not like this, they are dominated by individual expectations. So he cares more about the organization’s ability to commit, rather than his own ability to commit to the organization.

Therefore, in the relationship between individuals and organizations, employee loyalty becomes employee satisfaction and finally employee happiness . “Chen Chunhua said.