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Coast Guard Region 1 for tactical training at sea


In order to continuously improve the overall quality, command organization, tactical skills, and synergies for officers at all levels, recently, Coast Guard Region 1 Command has successfully organized a training practice, test tactics of the round and shoot guns and cannons at sea in 2021.
Although the %3ḅn training session, the combined round tactical test and the sea cannon firing took place in complicated sea weather conditions, all officers and soldiers directly involved in the training were able to participate in the training. positive, proactively overcome all difficulties and hardships with the highest will and determination.

The results of this year’s training of the Coast Guard Region 1 Command are more advanced than in previous years. This is the basis for the Regional Command to continue to improve its combat readiness, the level of command organization at all levels; bravery in manipulating and using weapons, technical equipment and handling situations in training of officers and soldiers of the whole unit. Here are some pictures of the training session. Practice shooting AK submachine guns at sea. Chemical training content at sea. Test swim in the sea. Training in first aid for wounded soldiers at sea. Master the task before going on a mission. The formation of training ships at sea. The squadron of the 102nd Squadron entered the firing line. Giving flowers with good shot to comrades with excellent achievements.