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The woman with the longest eyelashes in the world 20.5 cm: ‘A gift from God after a year and a half of going to the mountain to practice’


The Chinese woman broke her own record when she owned 20.5 cm long eyelashes.
In 2016, You Jianzia entered the Guinness Book of World Records with 12.5 cm long eyelashes. To date, a woman in the city of Changzhou, southern China has broken her own record when her left eyelash grew by another 8cm.

Jianzia’s change after 5 years confused doctors, because her eyelashes are now even close to the chin. However, the woman is only grateful because this is a “gift from God” after 1 and a half years of going to the mountain to practice. “The first time I noticed my eyelashes growing long was in 2015. They just kept getting longer and longer.” she said. “I went to the therapist, but they couldn’t say anything more than exclaim that this is amazing. I tried to understand the problem from a scientific perspective, such as genetics, but there was no one there. My family has long eyelashes like me. I can’t explain it.” “While pondering, I remembered that I had spent 480 days of meditation in the mountains many years ago. Therefore, this could be a gift from heaven to me.” Jianzia admits she believes in spirituality more, and says that long eyelashes help her look younger and healthier. “My health is very good now, while I was weak when I was young. Not only have I gotten stronger, but I have also been praised by many people for being young.” , she said happily. Unique long eyelashes make makeup more convenient. “Thanks to the long eyelashes, I don’t need eyeshadow or eyeliner. And because they are natural, washing my face or living is easy. Sometimes I carelessly break a few strands, but they are still growing, even long. more than five years ago,” she shared.