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What are the spells that make the name of the ‘great condor’ Loki?


Not only a gladiator, Loki is also a powerful mage.
Loki is the adopted son of All-Father Odin, the adopted brother of Thor, and the prince of Asgard and Jotunheim. Over the years, fighting alongside his brother, Loki has become a very powerful warrior. However, his forte is more “spiritual”, which is magic.

Born with the blood of a magical creature (Frost Giant) and trained by Frigga himself, Loki is truly a talented magician. Although he proved to be inferior to subjects like Doctor Strange or Scarlet Witch, his skills were still good enough to impress mighty men like Odin. He himself had admitted that if Frigga were alive, she would be proud of him. So what kind of magic does Loki possess? Create Illusion Loki can create multiple illusions of himself at once, aiming to throw enemies into chaos. This skill was so perfect that he didn’t need to say a spell or do any movement to perform it. However, because they are only illusions, they cannot affect the environment. When someone tries to interact with the illusion, they will pass through it and will emit green light around wherever it is touched. In return, each of these illusions is so real that Loki can fake his own death, or physical condition in front of others. They can also be used to “communicate” with a remote object, even if the owner is standing in a different location. Concealing Presence Loki can make himself invisible to others, and not to hear anything he says. Basically, this is not really “stealth”, but a move that affects the mind of the target. Even Heimdall’s superior senses of the universe’s number one couldn’t detect Loki’s whereabouts while he was in Jotunheim. In addition, Loki can also apply this spell to many other objects. Thanks to that, he was able to easily send the Frost Giants into Asgard. Psychic Loki can influence the mind of the target to a certain extent. With this move, he can control anyone’s mind and force them to follow his orders unconsciously. The spell is so powerful that it can affect Odin, leaving him in Midgard while Loki usurps his throne as king of Asgard for four years. However, this spell does not last forever and Odin was able to break it before Ragnarok took place. In addition, this ability also allows Loki to read the subject’s memories, and the affected subject must also “experience” that memory. Transfiguration Transfiguration is one of Loki’s forte. Transformation spells can be cast on the entire body or parts (of the owner and others), allowing Loki to change his clothes, voice, and appearance to resemble a human or other animal. . Loki’s transformation is so proficient that from an early age, he was able to transform himself into a snake to trick Thor, with a disguise convincing enough for Thor to pick up and hold without a doubt. which. Of course, this spell is also powerful enough for Loki to create objects like daggers and other equipment. It can be said that this is magic without limits. Thanks to it, Loki was able to disguise himself as Odin for a long time without being detected by any of the Asgardians. Summon This spell allows Loki to summon any object from nowhere, such as summoning Han Dong Bao He, and then returning it to its original position when it is no longer needed. This can be said to be quite a convenient spell, as Loki can take whatever he needs without having to bring it with him. Telekinesis Loki can act on objects and move them with just his will, similar to creating an enormous shock force. During the skirmish between Loki, Thor, Sif, the Three Warriors, and the Frost Giants, Loki used his telekinesis to amplify the damage of each knife he threw from a distance. Upon hearing the news of Frigga’s death, Loki in a fit of rage clenched his fists and blew everything around the cell against the wall, creating an impact that caused the cell to shake violently and generate electromagnetic pulses in it.