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The model of a level 4 house with a price of 100 million VND is the most interested in 2021


Here are some models of level 4 houses built in a modern style and cost only 100 million VND to build. However, still fully functional and highly aesthetic.

This is a model of level 4 house priced at VND 100 million, designed in an L shape with a parking lot, bringing in a modern architecture with unique shapes. The design of the 4-level L-level house saves a considerable amount of cost and in that makes full use of the usable area, the combination with the vertical eaves creates a beautiful impression on the viewers. Level 4 flat roof house includes: 3 compact bedrooms. This architecture is still not popular in Vietnam, but it is the focal point with the combination of glass to create a modern beauty, even though the area is small, it still ensures the function and convenience of reasonable use. This is a model of a level 4 house with a price of 100 million, designed with a corrugated iron roof to help save a significant amount of money, fast construction time, comfortable function. For families with narrow and deep land, this will be the optimal choice. The house becomes outstanding thanks to the design of glass doors, the mezzanine with glass doors makes use of natural light. This is the 2nd design in the collection of level 4 houses with mezzanines under 100 million. The overall tall architecture creates airiness and thanks to the layout of the window system, the house is always cool, built on an area of ​​4×16 in a simple house form that is suitable for both rural and urban areas. This design is very popular in the countryside, because here people own a large area. This type of house is suitable for families with 2-3 members living together. The traditional tiled roof brings closeness to the old architecture, simple beauty suitable for many Vietnamese families. The model of the level 4 house is designed with a Thai roof combined with a small eaves and pillars in the facade that really impress the viewer. However, due to the limited area, the function of using only 1 bedroom meets the needs of a couple. The blue roof creates a highlight for the whole building, the architecture is very aesthetic.