Home Cuisine Mosquito cake: An African ‘horror’ dish, 7 times more nutritious than beef

Mosquito cake: An African ‘horror’ dish, 7 times more nutritious than beef


The people of Lake Victoria in Africa have extremely nutritious specialties, but few people dare to try.
Mosquito cake is a traditional dish of the Africans, and is the main food of the original local tribes. This strange cake is most often made in the summer, when mosquitoes multiply a lot.

Looks like chocolate cookies, but in fact these are cakes made from mosquitoes. (Photo: Internet) The mosquito burger, also known as the mosquito burger, as its name suggests, this burger is made from 100% mosquitoes, not mixed with any ingredients. The cakes have ingredients from 100% mosquito meat. They also have another name, Mosquito Burger, sound and like, but few people dare to try. (Photo: Internet) The method of catching mosquitoes is also very simple. People will find a large pot or a wooden board dipped in water, then spread all over the air to get the mosquitoes to stick, in just a few moments you can catch a few kilograms of mosquitoes very easily. Africans catch mosquitoes to make a 1-0-2 cake. (Photo: Internet) The next step is to dip mosquitoes into a pot of boiled water and knead like flour, make round, flat cakes like donuts, drop on greasy cooking oil, and give off a characteristic aroma. It looks like a dough to make a ramie, but it’s actually made up of thousands of mosquitoes. (Photo: Internet) In addition, Africans still have another way of processing. They will put mosquitoes in special sauce then cook them on stone slabs. It is estimated that each mosquito cake needs from 200,000 to 500,000 mosquitoes, especially this cake has a protein content 7 times higher than beef. Although mosquito cakes are good for the body, not everyone has the courage to eat an animal that specializes in sucking human blood. This dish is very nutritious, the protein is 7 times higher than beef. (Photo: Internet)