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Connecting with informatization experts from various industries, Tencent Cloud releases TVP Industry Ambassador Program


On June 19th, the Tencent Cloud TVP Digital Leaders Summit Forum was held in Beijing. At the meeting, Tencent Cloud officially launched the TVP Industry Ambassador Program. By creating a platform that connects information experts from thousands of industries, it further promotes Tencent Cloud and various industries. In-depth communication, and then more targeted enhancement of Tencent Cloud product capabilities and digital solutions. At the same time, we will unite experts from all walks of life to jointly accelerate the digital upgrade of the industry.

It is understood that the theme of this summit forum is “Intelligent Leadership and Seeing the Future”. Tan Jianrong, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Yang Hong, Secretary-General of the Financial Science and Technology Committee of the Chinese Financial Society, and Former Inspector of the Science and Technology Department of the People’s Bank of China, China Industrial Zhang Yu, Director of the Policy Research Institute of the Internet Research Institute, Zhou Aoying, Vice President of East China Normal University, Zhang Mingzhong, Deputy Secretary-General of the Industrial Supply Chain Committee of China International Chamber of Commerce, Zhao Jianchun, Vice President of Tencent Cloud, Tian Chao, General Manager of Tencent Cloud Operations, and many other digital transformation fields Senior research experts from, as well as outstanding pioneers in digital transformation from various industries such as finance, industry, education, and retail, combined their own practice and thinking, and jointly discussed the digital transformation of enterprises in the information age.

Tencent Cloud TVP Industry Ambassador Program officially released

In recent years, digital transformation has gradually become a new driving force for enterprise development, innovation and management. Enterprises in various fields are actively exploring the best path for digital transformation. However, in this process, the informatization and digitization of all walks of life have not formed a universal model or general methodology. Each company will be different from the industry, the scale of the company, and its own unique pain points. The transformation plan produces differentiated demands. Therefore, keeping abreast of the latest progress of the industry’s digital transformation and conducting more intra-industry exchanges and discussions have become a rigid need for the entire industry. Tencent Cloud TVP Industry Ambassador Program was born under this demand.

The Tencent Cloud TVP Industry Ambassador Program is an important part of Tencent Cloud’s concept of building a digital ecosystem for the entire industry. It will target digital leaders in thousands of industries, such as digital transformation leaders of major traditional companies, managers of digital service companies, and financial technology management. The person in charge and the backbone of the industry’s technological change, aiming to promote in-depth communication between Tencent Cloud and various industries by establishing a communication platform with these industry technical experts, and to be able to improve Tencent Cloud’s product capabilities and industry solutions in a more targeted manner. Plan to realize the beautiful vision of “influencing the world with science and technology”.

The scope of the plan will include education, finance, real estate, industry, transportation, energy and other production and life industries. TVP industry ambassadors in each industry will regularly exchange information on the difficulties and key goals of the industry in the development of information technology. Provide suggestions on the design and application of cloud service products from an industry perspective. At the same time, as an invited guest, he will participate in events held by Tencent Cloud from time to time, share experience in digital construction, and work with Tencent Cloud to jointly promote the digital transformation of the industry.

In addition to participating in rich exchange activities and cutting-edge industry conferences, sharing first-line practices and thinking in various fields, Tencent Cloud TVP industry ambassadors can also obtain channels for personal brand and influence communication through Tencent and Tencent Cloud. At the same time, enjoy multiple exclusive rights and benefits such as product experience services, event VIP privileges, and TVP joint book publishing.

In fact, Tencent Cloud has been deeply involved in the digital transformation of the industry for a long time. With the help of Tencent’s deep capabilities and open ecology in the fields of cloud, security, artificial intelligence, location services and other fields for a long time, Tencent Cloud has already contributed to finance, industry, education, retail, etc. The industry provides digital transformation services. In the financial industry, Tencent Cloud has served a large number of customers in the financial sector, including more than 150 banks, dozens of brokerages, insurance, and more than 90% of licensed consumer gold and many pan-financial companies. Tencent Cloud has also cooperated with leading financial institutions such as Bank of China, China Construction Bank, PICC, China UnionPay, Shenzhen Stock Exchange, and Bank of China International Securities to build a financial cloud platform. It is worth mentioning that Tencent Cloud enterprise-level distributed database TDSQL has served nearly half of domestic TOP 20 banks, and the service ratio of TOP 10 banks is as high as 60%. In the field of industrial manufacturing, more and more companies are beginning to seek digital solutions for lean production and intelligent manufacturing. As a product of the deep integration of the real economy and the new generation of information technology such as 5G, cloud computing, and big data, the Industrial Internet is releasing new momentum for economic development and becoming a booster for accelerating industrial transformation and industrial digital transformation and upgrading. Tencent’s WeMake industrial Internet platform currently covers more than 10 industrial cloud bases across the country, with the widest coverage and the fastest growth rate among domestic cloud vendors. Take Zhangjiagang as an example. The first batch of the platform has completed the introduction of 25 cooperative service providers, and 207 companies have gone to the cloud, providing 69 companies (including Dow, Shagang, Yonggang, Donghua Energy, Jordan and other industry leaders) The “Industrial Internet + Safe Production” solution provides 137 small and medium-sized enterprises with lightweight SaaS tools. In addition, in the education industry, Tencent Education has currently served more than 1,000 provinces, municipalities and counties across the country, with more than 100,000 smart campus benchmarking schools, serving more than 1,000 universities, 100 million teachers and students, and more than 300,000 schools. As an educational institution, Tencent Classroom has served more than 400 million students. Through digital means, Tencent Cloud is accelerating the development of classroom intelligence and education fairness in the education industry. In terms of co-construction of the digital ecosystem, Tencent Cloud also has relatively mature landing experience.As early as 2018, it released the Tencent Cloud’s most valuable expert for building a developer ecosystem-the TVP plan. So far, more than 270 technical experts have joined. TVP, and through various forms of online and offline communication and sharing, jointly promote the development of cloud computing technology and the prosperity of the developer community. 11 experts were awarded TVP industry ambassador certificate on site The release of the Tencent Cloud TVP Industry Ambassador Program this time is Tencent Cloud’s renewed effort in promoting the digital transformation of enterprises and building the digital ecosystem of the industry. In the future, Tencent Cloud will focus on the current and future of digital transformation in various industries, and make TVP industry ambassadors. A communication platform with influence radiating the whole industry and multi-industry. Together with TVP industry ambassadors, we will continue to deepen the differentiated needs of various industries, continue to polish Tencent Cloud products and services, and make every effort to promote the digital upgrade of the industry