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“UNIVERSAL PASSPORT” BURBERRY 2022 Spring/Summer Men’s Collection Showcase


London, June 23, 2021

“This series of exhibitions is to show the power and charm of self-expression, and to praise creativity, we break free from imprisonment and gather together.

Music has always inspired me. It can make thoughts go unconstrained—cross borders and connect you with time, space, and others. Music plays an important role in my life, just like the soundtrack and energy of running, it is full of my youth. Many of my memories are related to music. They bring me back to an incredible moment when I was discovering myself-my voice, my identity, my creativity-sharing my experiences with friends or even strangers . It’s like embarking on a common journey, walking side by side with others based on a collective sense of openness, acceptance, and opportunity.

I hope this series can capture the free spirit of youth and the sincere and brave attitude, the feeling of eagerness and spirit. There is a strong sense of unity, as well as outstanding personalities-mutual motivation and progress, and free expression of oneself. This is a very primitive energy, infectious, inspiring, full of vitality, like an awakening. ”

—— Riccardo Tisci, Chief Creative Director of Burberry

To create the 2022 spring and summer menswear collection, Burberry Chief Creative Director Riccardo Tisci condensed the emotion of freedom and unity into a force that inspires and connects each other. It is this force that makes us feel more energetic. This fashion show focuses on the strength of the spirit and the energy released by music and dynamism, creating wonderful moments that gather the positive energy of youth. The series of exhibitions were shot outdoors, and a large area of ​​sand forms a visual collision with the minimalist and rugged urban architecture of Millennium Mills at Royal Victoria Dock in East London. The model is confidently shuttled across the venue, with personality, boldness and distinctiveness. The new series firmly and sincerely interprets what is free expression, trying to challenge traditional norms, presenting a fluid texture, creating rebellious imitation perforated accessories, and black leather neck-wrap vests, jackets and shorts, full of youthful creativity. Full of sexy temperament. Tailor-made products and outerwear products are also designed with sleeveless flowing silhouettes and decorated with abstract printed patterns. The theme of the new series “Universal Passport” is also displayed in sleeveless mesh T-shirts and cotton shirts, and further explores the message conveyed by the series: connection and exploration. The background soundtrack of the series is from the British electronic music duo Shpongle. The blurred music brings more revellers together, and the music lingers in the entire space, making it detached. The soundtrack allows people to transcend the daily routine, creating an open and unrestrained space atmosphere, where people connect with each other, praise unlimited creativity, and are permeated with youthful vitality. Burberry has always supported the spirit of community and free expression, so Riccardo Tisci planned an energetic fashion release in order to jointly explore a new and unknown space. 【Edit Notes】 About the creative team · Style: Ib Kamara · Makeup: Isamaya Ffrench, Burberry Global Beauty Director · Hairstyle: Jawara · Choreography: Josh Johnson and Marquet Lee · Director: Partel Oliva About music · In the Burberry 2022 spring and summer menswear collection, Riccardo Tisci paid tribute to the electronic music duo Shpongle, choosing its music “Strange Planet” as the background soundtrack. · Shpongle is a psychedelic electronic music group from the United Kingdom, founded in 1996. · The members of the group are Simon Posford (also known as Hallucinogen) and Raja Ram (one of the three members of The Infinity Project). · This duo is considered one of the pioneers of the psybient music genre, combining world music with a psychedelic atmosphere. About the model · We are convinced that it is important to pay tribute to and show diversity in advertising campaigns and fashion shows. We have taken corresponding measures to ensure that the show lineup fully represents our consumers and communities. · Models participating in the 2022 spring and summer menswear collection include: Alexander Brodersen, Alexis Chaparro, Alvaro Silveira, Aweng Ade-Chuol, Ben Gibson, Charles Nwosu, Chris Alli, Claus Royo, Daniil Dmitriev, Erik Assman, Felice Noordhoff, George Wilson, Gia Bab, Janick Heilijgers, Jayden, Jaylon Dawson, Joan Smalls, Kayako Higuchi, Khalil Ghani, Manolo Theodosiou, Matteo Ferri, Miles Gardner, Nando Tholel, Nic Minwoo, Niclas Baker, Nozomu Ito, Nyasha Matoninhodze, Nelson Rocine Sneako, Tashi Kwayie, Tyler Forbes. About Burberry 2022 Spring/Summer Men’s Collection Showcase Novel Coronavirus Outbreak · Burberry invites all guests to enjoy the release of this season’s fashion collection online. · This show only has key members of the production team, reducing the number of models. Burberry strictly abides by the new crown safety measures, strictly controls social distancing, and guarantees the safety of staff, including daily testing, mandatory wearing of masks throughout the process, clearly marking social distancing, setting up special fences, and strengthening disinfection inspection measures for venues and equipment Wait. · The early design of Burberry’s entire release was based on the premise of maintaining social distance. · Burberry has additionally hired a third-party health and safety consultant to supervise and ensure that the shooting process and release preparations are not affected by the new coronavirus epidemic, and will always monitor the scene in accordance with the epidemic prevention regulations. “Carbon neutral” certification · This fashion collection will also be certified as “Carbon Neutral”. To support Burberry’s goal of achieving “net zero carbon” emissions in the future, any additional carbon emissions will be offset by Burberry’s Regeneration Fund (Burberry Regeneration Fund), thereby reducing the negative impact of fashion shows on the environment. · The Burberry Regeneration Fund supports a series of carbon emission reduction related projects, which are related to the scale of Burberry’s business in various markets. · These plans will support the UN Sustainable Development Goals, help restore the environment and biodiversity of natural habitats, improve carbon sequestration, and promote the development of local communities through skill training. Burberry’s climate strategy · Burberry has set an aggressive new goal of sustainable development, that is, to become the first luxury brand that promises to achieve the Climate Positive development goal by the end of 2040. It will go further than its current goal of achieving net zero by 2040. Important projects outside the investment value chain support broader initiatives to address climate change. · To fulfill this commitment, Burberry will take a series of actions, including reducing the carbon emissions of the entire supply chain by 46% by 2030, and developing projects to support the emission reduction process of other companies. · By 2022, Burberry is expected to achieve carbon neutrality and achieve the goal of using 100% renewable electricity in its own operations · In September 2020, Burberry became the first luxury brand to issue sustainability bonds, seeking support from investors to help achieve ambitious sustainable development goals. About Burberry · Burberry is a global luxury brand with its corporate headquarters in London, England. · Burberry was established in 1856 and is listed on the London Stock Exchange (BRBY.L). It is also one of the UK FTSE 100 index companies. · BURBERRY, equestrian knight logo, Burberry plaid, Thomas Burberry exclusive logo and printing are all registered trademarks of Burberry. · For more information, please visit: www.burberryplc.com