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Do you dare to go to Phuket for one dollar a night?


Last week, the Thai government decided that Phuket will be reopened to foreign tourists from July 1st. Tourists do not need to be quarantined after being vaccinated. This plan is called Phuket Tourism Sandbox, making it the first place in Thailand to recover. A tourist destination for international tourists. And in order to attract tourists, the Tourism Bureau will also launch “ 1 dollar a night “(About RMB 6.4) hotel discount plan. International travelers choose participating hotels and only need 1 US dollars to stay, the difference is borne by the government. Because 80% of Phuket’s profits come from the travel industry, once the travel industry “stagnation”, it will be “destructive” to the island’s economy. If Phuket’s pilot program is successful, Thailand is expected to further open up other domestic tourist destinations, such as Krabi, Koh Samui, and Chiang Mai. Although Thailand’s move is at the risk of repeated epidemics, it is another matter for foreign tourists to dare to go, but there is no denying that Phuket is still one of the best choices for island vacations. The laid-back and relaxed atmosphere, those legendary resort hotels, are the most desirable reasons for Phuket. Let us see, in addition to the “one dollar, one night” hotel, what cost-effective features will the long-lost Phuket have to meet the world again? Massage the horse to kill the chicken 01 USD 2/15 minutes On the streets of Phuket, the most cost-effective one must be an open-air foot massage. The technique of pressing and kneading, accompanied by the cool sea breeze and cold coconut water on your hands, together constitute the most classic night in Phuket. Although under the epidemic situation, the sight on the streets is no longer there, but the conscience price of 250 baht an hour is estimated to be difficult to find elsewhere. Even a large SPA is not expensive. As long as it is not a hotel spa located on a cliff and watching the sea, the price is about 1,000 baht/two hours. After shopping, you can go here for SPA to relax your body. These spas have a large area and are generally divided into foot bath areas, massage areas, and spa areas. When you enter the store, you can smell a faint fragrance. The facilities are very new and make people feel comfortable. The service staff are also very meticulous, and customers will bring Thai iced tea to relieve the heat and ice towels to wipe their hands when they enter the store. While waiting for the SPA, you can also enjoy a free foot bath. The technicians can speak some simple Chinese, and communication is barrier-free. After the whole set, I felt that all the rigid parts of the body were rubbed apart, and there was a feeling of rebirth after the bones were disassembled and reassembled. Finally, before the guests leave, there are mango sticky rice and black tea to enjoy, which makes people feel more comfortable. Michelin Farmhouse 02 USD 6 per dish The location of Mor Mu Dong restaurant is not easy to find, but it is quite a legendary farmhouse in Phuket. In the Michelin list of Phuket, it is a restaurant recommended by Bibi Deng. It’s so remote that the money for taxis and meals are almost the same, but it’s still very popular. Hidden in a mangrove forest, the restaurant looks like a bamboo house, and the decoration inside is relatively ordinary, which can be understood as a local version of an izakaya. Because you eat authentic southern Thai cuisine, it will be more friendly to people with more serious tastes. If friends who can’t eat spicy food come, you must remind the chef to put less spicy food. The signature features are salted sea bass and fried shrimp paste, as well as black pepper crab. The price of seafood is much cheaper than outside restaurants. You can also try dishes that you have never heard of before, most of which go well with wine. Watch the sunset from Promthep Cape 03 free Vacationing on an island is nothing more than watching the sunrise in the morning and watching the sunset in the evening. The best place to watch the sunset in the Andaman Sea is Promthep Cape. It is the southernmost point of Phuket, sandwiched between Nai Harn Beach and Rawai Beach. It means “God’s Cape” in Thai. From the parking lot, you will see a lighthouse on a cliff in the distance. Sitting on the edge of the cliff, you can overlook several scattered islands. The interlaced palm trees are slowly blowing, and the sky changes from orange to pinkish purple. With the golden sunset shining on the skin, it is no exaggeration to rank it as one of the most beautiful sunset viewing spots in Phuket. There are not few people who come here, but everyone is quietly looking at the distant sky. The lovers cuddling and sharing each other’s day, time seems to be static, anxiety will be blown away by the sea breeze, and the heart will instantly become extremely calm. Canopy view 04 USD 1 per stalk of elephant grass Nowadays, everyone’s awareness of the protection of wild animals is increasing day by day, and most tourists will refuse to ride elephants, watch elephant shows and other trips. But tourists can still get close to elephants. For example, in Phuket’s only original ecological elephant sanctuary (Phuket Elephant Sanctuary), some elephants who have been overworked or abused in the tourism industry have been saved and provided a place for them. Warm home. Phuket Elephant Sanctuary is adjacent to Khao Phra Thaeo National Park. It has the longest canopy viewing trail in Thailand. You can watch elephants from the top of the forest while enjoying cold drinks and snacks. Each elephant here has his own name and temperament, and he does what he likes freely. They no longer need to be forced to perform, and no longer need to follow human instructions. They freely move in the garden every day, take a mud bath, eat a delicious elephant meal, and show happiness and comfort in every gesture. The ticket for the Canopy View Trail is 1900 baht per person. In addition, you can also contribute rations for these elephants. Planting and harvesting an elephant grass only costs $1, which is the cost of one night’s accommodation. The elephants have a carbohydrate meal, and everyone can do what they can. Campus Coffee Roaster 06 USD 2 per cup In the case of Internet celebrity coffee generally selling 20 to 30 yuan a cup, the price of this Campus seems particularly conscientious, and the prices of coffee and baked desserts are maintained at the “two nights price”. Campus opens at a conspicuous crossroads in the colorful Phuket Town. It used to be a pharmacy. The exquisite carvings on the exterior wall of the building are full of European style. It hasn’t undergone much renovation, and is no different from its original appearance. Inside, you can see a lot of desks and chairs from the school days, full of the feeling of youthful campus. This is also the favorite coffee shop of the locals. Guests sitting at the bar will chat with the barista about their favorite coffee bean flavor. The coffee produced will use coffee beans from northern Thailand and other places such as Chiang Rai, blended with Africa and South America, and processed by the sun, so that you can drink the lively sweet and sour berries. In the hot weather, don’t miss a cup of Affogato, a rich coconut milk ice cream. After you taste it, you don’t want to bother to find a second one. _______ I don’t know which local hotels will be included in the “One Dollar One Night” plan this time. I look forward to making this list of resort hotels worth staying in Phuket. Afterwards, when international travel really becomes safer, Phuket may usher in a new tourism boom. 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