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Domestic high-speed rail “comprehensive adjustment”, in addition to speed limit, the construction of high-speed rail in these cities is “suspended”


Preface my country’s railway construction has always been at the forefront of the world’s development. After all, my country is well aware of a truth-“If we want to get rich, we must first build roads.” Development of transportation is an important prerequisite for the development of a place. Only with the development of transportation can the exchanges between various regions be promoted, both going out and welcoming in. Especially for regions that develop tourism, if the transportation is not developed enough, then no one will want to travel here, and the tourism industry will not develop. China Railway is world-renowned my country’s high-speed rail network has always attracted the attention of the world, and people in all countries will also envy our country with such developed transportation, which can complete the distance from south to north in just a few hours. We really should be proud of living in such a country. According to some statistics, as of 2021, my country’s railway mileage ranks second in the world, and my country’s railway construction has always been in the forefront of the world. There are also many cities that hope to build high-speed railways, but these cities’ desire to build high-speed railways may be lost because a series of problems have emerged due to the rapid construction of railways in our country. Therefore, our country has recently made a decision on the problems of high-speed railway construction. Relevant departments of our country have issued a notice stating that they need to rectify the problem of the chaotic construction of high-speed rail and subway. Some areas will not be able to build high-speed rail at present, and some areas that have already built high-speed rail need to limit the speed of high-speed rail. The relevant departments of our country made these decisions on the one hand because some regions in our country did not plan according to the actual situation when planning the construction of high-speed rail. They only knew that the pursuit of high speed would eventually lead to a serious waste of resources. On the other hand, it is aimed at areas that have completed the construction of high-speed rail lines. In some areas, high-speed rail has been built, but there is not enough passenger flow. The ticket price of high-speed rail is low, but the cost of building high-speed rail is expensive. Therefore, the economic pressure on the local government is very heavy, which leads to another problem-the national railway group cannot make ends meet. According to research conducted by relevant institutions, my country’s National Railway Group has already owed nearly six trillion yuan. This amount is shocking. The State Railway Group’s debt situation is unreasonable and even dangerous. Some experts said that if the State Railway Group continues to be in debt, a financial crisis will easily occur, which will endanger the entire country. economic development. Domestic high-speed rail rectification my country’s rectification of high-speed rail construction brooks no delay. The first step to rectify high-speed rail construction is speed limit. Netizens found that the construction of a high-speed rail with a speed of 350 kilometers per hour requires 25 million passengers per year. The Xicheng Railway, which connects Xi’an and Chengdu, has a passenger flow of just over 13 million a year. Only the Beijing-Shanghai and Beijing-Guangzhou lines can meet the requirements, and most of the lines are unable to build a high-speed rail with a speed of 350 kilometers per hour. The speed limit is because the faster the speed of the high-speed rail, the more money needs to be spent on the maintenance of the high-speed rail, but the construction of the high-speed rail does not need to be speed for the sake of speed. It is more important to build high-speed rail based on actual conditions. In some areas, the pace of life is not fast, and the speed of high-speed rail does not need to be too fast, otherwise it will only waste resources. In addition, it is also very necessary to rectify the scale of high-speed rail construction. Relevant departments have stipulated that if the utilization rate of high-speed rail does not reach 80%, then the area can no longer build high-speed rail. The plan is also to maximize the use of high-speed rail. If the existing high-speed rail cannot be fully utilized, the new high-speed rail will waste money to build high-speed rail, and it will not increase passenger flow to generate revenue. This regulation may cause many areas China’s high-speed rail construction plan is about to fail. In fact, the measures taken this time have already shown signs. According to research, my country’s high-speed rail development has been advancing by leaps and bounds in the past few years. In just five years, the high-speed rail mileage has increased by more than 18,000 kilometers. Surpassing other countries, the development of high-speed rail also embodies my country’s plan to become a science and technology powerhouse. However, we must also realize that the construction of high-speed rail in some areas has not brought prosperity, but has caused a serious imbalance in government revenue and expenditure. Moreover, there is a trend of comparison among some governments, and the construction of high-speed rail is for performance but not for development. The country’s rectification of railway construction this time can provide better conditions for the future development of railway construction, and relevant experts have already regained confidence in my country’s railway construction in this rectification. Moreover, experts predict that after 24 years, my country’s transportation construction will be more reasonable, and the debt problem of the National Railway Group will be resolved. Therefore, the domestic high-speed rail is ushered in “rectification”, in addition to the speed limit required, the scale of high-speed rail construction is also limited. Concluding remarks High-speed rail has important strategic significance in our country. It is a symbol of our country’s national development. The country has always advocated the development of railways. This is the first time that railway construction has slowed down, but this does not mean that this is the stagnation of my country’s railway development. On the contrary, this is a turning point, a rectification for higher development in the future.