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Dongguan: 20,000 teachers and students on the Dongguan campus of Xinhua University are not allowed to leave the school


Identification of the source of the first confirmed infection in Dongguan this round [#新华学院武汉校区2万老师学生不是去校#]On the evening of June 20, a new local confirmed case of new coronary pneumonia in Dongguan, Jia Moumou is a student from the Dongguan campus of Guangzhou Xinhua University. Currently, Xinhua University can only get in and out , Stop all offline teaching and provide unified online teaching. All students on campus return to the dormitory, and students are forbidden to gather together, and students outside the campus are isolated at home.

The Dongguan campus of Guangzhou Xinhua University currently has nearly 20,000 teachers and students. The government has sent a working group to the school, set up an on-site headquarters, strengthened the management of material supply, established a material supply team, timely grasped the basic needs of teachers and students, and is responsible for materials Quality assurance and price monitoring work. Xinhua College has 6 dining halls and 1 large material distribution center. The required materials are supplied by key material suppliers such as Jiarong and Jingdong to ensure the basic living service needs of teachers and students.
At the same time, government departments and schools actively do a good job of humanistic care. Attach importance to the psychological counseling of students, and make good statistics on the key populations of students, especially high-risk populations with special physical and mental health, to ensure that students can pass through safely. (Guangzhou Daily·Xinhuacheng reporter Wang Wanli)