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What’s the color of summer for sisters? Colorful!


Speaking of spring is the recovery of all things, then summer is the period when all things bloom. In this summer full of vitality and vitality, if you are tired of monotony, it is better to follow them to experience the surprise of playful colors.

The color secret of “age dimension”
Speaking of Huang Ling, her voice belongs to the type of God enjoying food and eating. When she opens her voice, she is coquettish and free, and it makes people feel uncomfortable when she smiles. It is worth mentioning that her outfits are also very distinctive and outstanding. Among them, the most frequent one is the improved version of Chinese style. Uninteresting clothing is not her main color.

Even for the stage style, Chinese style elements are indispensable. Every style is worth studying. Wearing that lacks freshness will never be seen here in Huang Ling.

The spliced ​​broken flowers clearly each element is gentle and fresh, and when combined together, they have such a personality, which is worthy of the aesthetics of my sister. ▽ Even if you wear it casually everyday, you must wear it with bright colors, and the iconic Chinese style element bag must be big enough, otherwise it will not be beautiful. ▽ There is also a dry rice series. Although I don’t know whether to look at people or food first, but the half-length photos are so eye-catching, I just lament that I can’t see the whole body. ▽ Jike Junyi, personality is his destiny Confident and humorous MOMOKO also likes to play with colors. We only dare to look at those colors. She never uses it timidly, and her dark and sexy complexion is really well controlled and full of aura.When some people are preaching about Baiyou, just as she left a passage in a book:”I want to plant a grassland in your hearts”, her aesthetic taste also makes many people see that yellow and black skins are so easy to become sexy. ▽ For MOMOKO, even if it is an effortless suit, of course it is interesting to choose bright colors. ▽ Occasionally put on light-colored clothing, but also have a contrast color. The almost fluorescent color may not be liked by everyone, but there are still people who can get its beauty. MOMOKO said: I like it or not, and I don’t accept refutation. ▽ Rose red is really common in MOMOKO’s wardrobe. How can a confident girl who loves flamboyant and pretentious lack a rose red dress? ▽ Wearing a delicate floral dress with suspenders, she did not forget to add gorgeous embellishments, sexy and energetic, and as beautiful as the scenery. ▽ Hyuna Hyuna’s outfits can be said to have jumped out of the traditional aesthetic, leading the trend for several times, and it is still loved by many girls.She can always combine various unexpected items. At first glance, she feels that she is out of order. In fact, she is a self-contained faction under in-depth research. As an advanced player of color, she deserves to be a ghost in the world. ▽ If you are not careful, the color plaid skirt will be old-fashioned. After Hyuna’s color matching, it perfectly interprets the charm of colors. It feels that there is nothing that Hyuna can’t hold. ▽ Hyuna is also happy to create vividness in shoes. Not only clothing is very important, but a pair of personalized boots gives a lot of space for matching. Whether it is heroic or elegant, the color is never seen. The end. ▽ Hyuna collides the blue into a gentle and sweet feeling, just match it with light colors, plus the embellishment of hats, gloves, and stockings, to reveal a delicate sense of ceremony. ▽ Matching similar high-saturation colors together arouses a strong sense of comfort in jumping off. After seeing more of Hyuna’s patterns, sometimes it feels very different to be “vegetarian”. ▽ Shenyan Mai Davika’s contrast card Davika, a Thai and Belgian hybrid, inherited the excellent genes of his parents, with profound and atmospheric features. With his height advantage of 175cm and good acting skills, he can switch between model and actor identities freely.She is already very good, and she never wears sloppy clothes. When going to play, she always prefers color matching, especially the Thai style that has been popular in the past two years. Her clothes can be said to be Thai style. The textbook level attracts countless fans due to clothing. ▽ It is said that tall girls have a pain point and cannot control the sweet and lovely wind. Davika directly put on his body to show people that once a tall man is sweet, it is more than just melting. ▽ When summer comes, I put on a cool tube top. The fresh and tender color reveals Davika’s girlish feelings, and the exquisite face adds a sense of charm to the whole. ▽ The collision of light and darkness brought the sense of vision to the apex, but even in black, Davika hopes that its gloss will not become ordinary and dim. No wonder she can wear it like this with such attention to details. ▽ Davika’s suit color contrast also has her own ideas. The style can be changed at will. She can take all the cool, handsome and sweet clothes. It is a natural hanger. ▽ At the end of writing, in fact, I found that every sister has a set of ideas for dressing and matching. For them, whether it is facing others or themselves, it is a show of vitality. After all, bright colors always make people feel happy. . Written by: Emily Source: Weibo, ins