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“E car” Nezha car Zhang Yong’s battle book: in 2025, we will meet at the top


“Nezha has never ushered in a bright moment like Wei Xiaoli.” More than a year ago, Zhang Yong, the co-founder and CEO of Nezha Automobile, accepted the gap between Nezha’s current and Weilai, ideals, and Xiaopeng in a forum. At that time, Nezha was still facing “to survive”. “The problem. After a lapse of one year, Nezha finally achieved a breakthrough in the newly created car companies. Recently, Nezha Automobile released three cars at the Beijing Hezhong Automobile Design Center. Among them, two cars are in our knowledge and one is a children’s car. After the debut of the baby car, it achieved unexpected effects. It not only became the C-seat model of the day, but also triggered a series of topical effects. The dads and mothers in the circle of friends expressed that they wanted to give it to their own babies. Obviously, Nezha Automobile hopes to bring the brand and its users closer through this kind of children’s car, and to bring the relationship between the two parties closer. Behind this meaning, Nezha Automobile also revealed a deeper message: Nezha Automobile will also be committed to becoming a user-driven enterprise. At present, Nezha has also entered the stage of “live beautifully” from “living”. However, it is worth noting that the “user-based enterprise” emphasized by Nezha Auto is not “doing a good job in user operation from the service side” done by other companies, but “being absorbed from the product side”. The three newly launched cars are the best interpretation of this concept. According to Zhang Yong, the first batch of user-defined series models Nezha V Co-sport Magic Edition, Nezha V Co-loli Magic Edition, Nezha Co-kids magic boy version came into being. 1 Just like the design inspiration of the Audi A7 comes from a yacht, every car has a story or a character behind it. Most of these stories are beautiful, and most of the characters have a certain status in the automotive industry. However, among the three latest models of Nezha Motors, the magic version of Nezha V Co-sport comes from users who think that they have a racing driver’s license. He thinks such cars will look good. The new car is priced at 76,900 yuan; The Nezha Co-loli Witch Edition was launched because a Nezha V user wanted to put a pink film on his car, and also specially displayed a lipstick color in the community. She felt that the color was very suitable for her, the new car The price is 72,900 yuan; The user-driven version of Nezha Co-kids is more pure, because many users expressed their preference for a children’s car displayed by a designer in the community, hoping to mass-produce, the new car is priced at 2,999 yuan, which is also known as “Mengbab’s first electric car”. These stories seem ordinary, but behind it is how much Nezha car attaches importance to the user’s voice. Zhang Yong said that allowing users to participate in product definition is the core of Nezha’s user model. Nezha Automobile, which has been in existence for 7 years, finally found a way of its own in the groping. There is a key word in the product design source: community. Zhang Yong revealed that Nezha’s sales reached 4,508 in May this year, and May 10 happened to be the day when the 40,000th car rolled off the assembly line. At the same time, he also revealed that based on the current situation, Nezha’s sales in June will continue to increase, but due to the limitation of insufficient chip supply, delivery pressure is relatively high. This reveals two pieces of information to us: one is that if there is no chip problem, Nezha’s delivery data should be better; the other is that Nezha already has a certain user base. At present, Nezha Automobile’s main vehicle model is Nezha V. There are currently 20,000 users, and a large number of car-machine interactions are generated every day. There are also many users socializing in the community. Zhang Yong said, “These user interactions The data has helped us a lot. Even the names of our users’ fans are chosen from them. In the future, our users will be called “Nati”, and our user community will be called “Nati Universe.” According to Zhang Yong, in the past period of time, Nezha received more than 65,000 product suggestions, and they carefully studied each of them and launched new products based on them. At this point, Zhang Yong believes that this is far from enough. Not only must people participate, but also the “Nike” that participates will be profitable. Nezha hopes that everyone uses, everyone participates, everyone interacts, and everyone benefits. He said, “We launched the first phase of a user fund worth 100 million yuan, soliciting users’ ideas and suggestions, and inviting users to define our products and services, and the fund will give back to you in the next 18 months.” In Zhang Yong’s opinion, this is the most practical way. He emphasized that Nezha Auto is a user company, and their slogan is “People’s cars, people make them.” Anyone who has followed Nezha Motors before knows that, compared with the low-key in the past, this time Zhang Yong and Nezha suddenly stood on the stage of the industry with their heads high, and they looked a little more confident. We all know that once a low-key person starts to become a high-profile person, it means that he has sufficient strength and confidence to prove himself, and the same is true for Zhang Yong and Nezha. 2 Nezha’s luck comes from its own efforts. This sentence seems to be a cliché, but all beings are equal before the opportunity, and only those who can really seize it will be considered lucky. The automotive industry in 2021 will start from a “core shortage”. In this context, the new energy automotive market will further accelerate fission. In March of this year, the retail ratio of new energy vehicles exceeded 10% for the first time, which means that the development of new energy vehicles has entered a turning point period. Especially for newly created auto companies with a short brand history, many changes are quietly undergoing. According to the data disclosed by the three companies, Weilai, Ideal, and Xiaopeng, the cumulative delivery volume in the first five months of this year has approached their delivery volume for the whole year of last year. Among them, Nezha Automobile is particularly eye-catching. In May of this year, Nezha’s year-on-year increase reached 551%, which has surpassed the ideal car in terms of volume. Also in May, Zhou Hongt, founder and chairman of 360 Group, announced that 360 Group would invest in Nezha Auto. After all the investment is completed, the group will become Nezha Auto’s second largest shareholder, and said that the two parties will negotiate at the capital level in the early stage. Cooperation in the field of information security for smart cars has emerged. As the founder of an Internet company, Zhou Hongt brought his own personality charm to Nezha cars. The characteristics of loving the spotlight and like talking in the crowd have gradually penetrated into Nezha cars. Of course, 360’s empowerment is only one of the reasons. At present, Nezha Motors is on the rise, and the high-profile capital comes from the increase in its own delivery. In the face of sales surpassing ideals, Zhang Yong returned to his original humility. He believes that a short one-month surpass has no practical significance. Nezha’s user group is more popular. According to this logic, Nezha The sales volume is three times the ideal to be said to be better than him. Zhang Yong compares Nezha to the car industry’s Xiaomi, first collect users with super cost-effective products, and then achieve brand improvement, “always committed to making popular products intelligent and high-end products popular.” At the same time, there is no “label” in the face. To this question, Zhang Yong said that it is too early to talk about who is more advanced, who is smarter, and who is more distinctive. The final answer has to wait until 2025. With a specific time node, Nezha already has a detailed goal. By 2025, Nezha has set up a three-stage goal for itself. First, it does not rely on traditional channel distribution and accumulation, but only rely on core services and sales capabilities to achieve monthly sales of 10,000 vehicles, followed by 100,000 to 200,000 yuan. An electric car was launched in the high-level market and entered the main battlefield of fuel vehicles. Finally, by 2025, Nezha’s annual cumulative sales will reach 400,000 to 500,000. “Only after 400,000 to 500,000 units can we say that a real systematic ability has been formed, and the scale, supply chain system, sales system, product research and development capabilities, including user-oriented enterprises, can be truly established.” Why is it 40? ~500,000 vehicles, Zhang Yong also gave his own interpretation. A clear understanding of the market, precise positioning of users, and a clear plan for the future development of the company are the fundamental confidence that Nezha Automobile has gradually high-profile. 3 Nezha Automobile has experienced a lot in the years since its establishment. After going through the sails, Zhang Yong has developed a lot of understanding. “First, you must have ambitious goals, and your goals must be clear. Second, after you set your goals, look at the front three feet. , Don’t look too far, otherwise you will be desperate. You look like your friends and businessmen around you are very powerful, so you can do your own thing well. You don’t have to look forward and backward, hesitate, or be afraid of this fear. Well, you ran forward and ran, and after a while, there were not many people around.” At present, Nezha Automobile has found its own position in the market, and it has also found a direction to break the ceiling of the industry. We still don’t know what surprises Nezha can bring to users and the market in the future, but it suddenly occurred to me that the proposition of the Beijing college entrance examination composition last year can describe our attitude towards Nezha at this time-the era chooses you, you Achieve an era. end Reporter | Liu Yingnan Edit | Uncle Thirteen