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Enterprises already have a manual on digital transformation


The document “Digital transformation guide for businesses” has just been officially published by the Ministry of Planning and Investment on June 14 to provide knowledge, roadmap and digital transformation technology solutions for the business community. Vietnamese industry.

The Digital Transformation Manual for businesses has just been officially published. (Source: Ministry of Planning and Investment) This Guide was developed by experts from the Program to support businesses in digital transformation for the period 2021-2025 of the Ministry of Planning and Investment, in collaboration with the USAID LinkSME Project. According to experts from the Program to support businesses in digital transformation for the 2021-2025 period of the Ministry of Planning and Investment, the digital transformation roadmap for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Vietnam is recommended through the following: the following common stages: the preparation phase and the 3 stages to make the gradual transition from “doing digital” to “being digital”. These stages are relative, depending on the actual situation, goals and potentials of each enterprise, they can be implemented in parallel or in succession. Specifically, as recommended by experts, the preparation phase is to define digital transformation goals and strategies. State 1 , apply digital transformation of business models such as: Applying digital technology (CNS) to expand the system of distribution channels, marketing, sales and improve the efficiency of customer care activities, forming Experience customer; Step by step applying digital technology to the supply chain (connecting inventory management, production, input purchasing); Applying digital technology to accounting and finance operations; Building a common database framework on business, supply and accounting; Develop business and data security policies and apply security tools… Phase 2 ,focusing on digital transformation of management models, including production processes and technology processes, such as: Completing the governance model and defining integrated data requirements for the next step; Building and perfecting the governance model from organizational structure, people, policies and processes to all functional areas of the enterprise; Develop management indicators (KPI/OKR) and management reporting system, and database requirements; Identify requirements for comprehensive digital transformation and integration purposes; Apply CNS to the management reporting system; … Stage 3, Connecting business and administration, innovating to create new products and services such as: Applying CNS to gradually connect existing systems into a seamless information system from business to enterprises corporate governance; Building a common database in the entire enterprise; Invest in innovation (R&D) to drive changes in products and services and continuously upgrade existing systems; Applying new CNS to ensure information safety and network security for data of the whole enterprise. According to aggregated information from the Guidelines, the Cisco & IDC 2020 Report on the digital maturity of SMEs in 14 countries in the Asia Pacific region shows that 31% of businesses are in the digital maturity stage. the first stage of digital transformation, down 8% compared to 2019; 53% of businesses are in the next stage (“Observer” – “Observation”), up 3% compared to 2019; 13% of businesses are in the “Challenger” stage and 3% of businesses are “Mature” (“Native”), up 4% and 1% respectively compared to 2019. That shows that SMEs are mainly still learning and at the beginning of digital transformation. In particular, according to the Enterprise Development Department (Ministry of Planning and Investment), this is the first document that summarizes the map of technological solutions, independently evaluates the overview of the advantages and disadvantages of the different technologies. solutions, compare the readiness of domestic and international solutions in the Vietnamese market for businesses to consult and find the most suitable solution for their business conditions. The program to support businesses in digital transformation in the 2021-2025 period is chaired by the Ministry of Planning and Investment and coordinated by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). The program aims to achieve the goal that by 2025, 100% of businesses will have increased awareness of digital transformation; At least 100,000 businesses receive technical support on digital transformation; At least 100 businesses are supported as typical successful digital transformation models to spread and replicate; Establishing a network of experts including at least 100 organizations and individuals consulting, providing solutions to promote digital transformation for businesses, and supporting the development of digital platforms. Enterprises can refer directly at http://ebook.business.gov.vn./.