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Celebrating Vietnam Revolutionary Press Day: ‘Be creative, dare to think and dare…’


Journalist, writer, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen The Ky, former member of the Party Central Committee, former Deputy Head of the Central Propaganda Department, former General Director of the Voice of Vietnam has just “taken off his shirt and quit his job” from June 1, 2021 to hold the position that the He has long held the position of Chairman of the Central Council for Theory and Criticism of Literature and Arts. On the occasion of Vietnam Revolutionary Press Day (June 21), we had an exchange with Mr.

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen The Ky – From 2006 to 2016, he was assigned three times by the leadership of the Central Committee for Ideology and Culture, then the Central Propaganda Department, and with his associates to lead, manage and operate the Press Center. of three consecutive Party congresses. Could you tell us about your feelings when you look back on this special “hattrick” of this career? Mr. Nguyen The Ky: The X Party Congress took place from April 18-25, 2006 at Ba Dinh Hall. At that time, I was the Director of the Press Department of the Board assigned by my superiors to be the Deputy Director of the Press Center of the X Congress. The Press Center had a few deputy directors, but my job seemed “heavy”, often , even more difficult. At the 11th Party Congress, I was appointed as Deputy Head of the Central Propaganda Department, was assigned by the Head of the Committee to be in charge of press, publishing, culture and arts work, so I was assigned the role of Director by my superiors. Director of the Press Center of two consecutive congresses, the 11th and 12th congresses. If all three congresses are counted, it is an honor, pride, and great responsibility with many unforgettable memories. Looking back at the press center’s activities in all three congresses, there are many similarities and also many differences, including difficulties and challenges. The same thing is that the Press Center of the national Party congresses is a unit set up in a certain period of time to both lead and direct press activities, direct information content, and administer the media. activities of hundreds of reporters, technicians, press staff, domestic and foreign media; on the other hand, and equally important, is to serve press agencies and journalists in terms of operations, machinery, equipment, transmission lines, food, beverage, health, security, information security… The activities of the Press Center of the National Party Congress in different terms are very urgent and bustling. Reporters must have new news, “hot” news, important news, including “on the sidelines of the Congress”. Therefore, they are tasked by the leadership of their press agency to compete with other colleagues for information in every minute, every hour… The leadership of the Congress Press Center must be very dedicated, dynamic and competent, especially to be very proactive and creative in order to successfully complete their tasks. The members of the Center have to be there almost 24 hours a day, always arriving early and leaving late. All officers and employees of the Press Center and reporters, editors and technical staff entering and leaving this place are subject to strict security control. – What about things that are not the same? The differences are: the X Party Congress is held at Ba Dinh Hall, the Press Center of the X Congress is located at 19C Hoang Dieu, a far enough distance from Ba Dinh Hall, which creates difficulties. certain when arranging groups of reporters from the Press Center into Ba Dinh Hall to work. In addition to the shared Press Pass, those entering the Congress Hall must have an Event Pass, there are about 4 different types of Event Passes. Go to the 11th and 12th Party Congress, where the Congress is held is the My Dinh National Convention Center. Accordingly, the Press Centers of both these congresses (and the ongoing XIII Congress) are located on the entire 3rd floor, to the right of the My Dinh National Convention Center (viewed from the front hall). The travel and work of reporters and technicians is much more convenient. At the 11th and 12th National Congresses, the number of domestic and foreign reporters increased sharply, approximately 700 people/each congress; The number of reporters from newspapers, radio stations, and television channels of overseas Vietnamese people was also more numerous. The Press Center of the XI and XII Congresses is arranged with an area of ​​more than 1,000 m2, 170 fixed computers, many large screens, and reporters are allowed to bring laptops. Along with the Press Release of each working day of the Congress, the Press Center also organizes important and necessary thematic press conferences. – You can mention some unforgettable memories, events or situations. Over 15 years, three congresses, there are indeed many memories, events and lessons. There are comrades and leaders of mine who are quite afraid to let our officials give interviews to foreign press. I have boldly suggested: in journalism activities, the interview is a very necessary genre, showing “real people, real things, real contexts”, please just let “our brothers” be at their own discretion. improvisation. All are based on the rules and regulations of the Press Center, higher than the regulations of the Party Congress. If we do this well, the foreign press will have more sympathy for us, see more clearly our “press freedom”, higher than the initiative and confidence of the host country’s press. Another story, before the XI Congress took place, right at the Congress’s Press Center, there were several foreign radio and television companies that proposed to operate and broadcast live on the streets of Hanoi. This is unprecedented (i.e. recording, videotaping and live streaming back to their home country and to the world). I seek opinions and policies of competent people and authorities. The answer is not, because if they lack goodwill, even they misrepresent, smear us, the consequences are unpredictable. Again, I boldly and confidently replied: Live broadcasting and broadcasting activities of newspapers, news agencies, radio and television companies in the world are a popular, modern and professional form for many decades. now on. Journalism always needs freshness, vividness, accuracy and the “real” and “objective” nature of life. For us, it’s not very common (and not very professional), but for many countries, this is the normal way of working. In order to do this, to ensure the requirements of information content, information security and safety, and working conditions, the Press Center will send a number of staff who are fluent in foreign languages ​​to accompany them. “coordinate” activities. If they violate, we speak up and ask them to comply with our regulations, our Press Law. Glad that everything went smoothly. By the 12th National Congress of the Party, this work has become much more “acquainted with the job”. – Last question, can you tell me some lessons you have learned after three times leading the Press Center of the X, XI, and XII Congresses of the Party? I have not had the opportunity to summarize in a systematic, thorough and systematic way. But something like this: The first thing is to strictly comply with the responsibility of the leadership, direction, and direction of the superiors. Secondly, I also need to be proactive, creative, dare to think, dare to do, dare to take responsibility. Third, my luck is growing up as a reporter, going through all types of newspapers and press agencies: speaking, video, print, electronic, going from local to central. From professional work to leadership position, thanks to that, I understand the wishes, requirements, difficulties and struggles of journalists like my own. Also, thanks to going out a lot, contacting, researching, working, and cooperating with many press agencies, news agencies, radio and television companies, we should understand them well, both in terms of cooperation, collaboration, and the need for exchange. change, necessary, the fight is reasonable. The fifth, which is also very important, due to experience in leadership and press management positions; research, teaching and training in journalism; At the same time, I am a hard-working person who tries to write articles and articles continuously for decades, thanks to that, I have a very good, friendly, close and close relationship with leaders of press agencies and many reporters. journalism and other fields. When needing to coordinate work, just pick up the phone “alo” to work smoothly, consensus and effectively.