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EVNICT plays a key role in EVN’s digital transformation


Electricity Telecommunications and Information Technology Company is playing an important role in the digital transformation process of the Electricity of Vietnam and towards becoming a digital enterprise by 2025.

EVNHES software of EVNICT won the title of Sao Khue 2019. Hoang Dung/BNEWS/VNA At the meeting between the Steering Committee for Digital Transformation and Technology Application of the Fourth Industrial Revolution in production and business activities of Electricity of Vietnam (EVN) and the company, Chairman Duong Quang Thanh, Member of the Board of Directors, emphasized that Electricity and Information Technology Telecommunications Company (EVNICT) plays the role of the head unit in implementing the Group’s digital transformation and needs to perform well in that role for EVN to become an enterprise. digital industry by 2025. According to Chairman of the Board of Directors Duong Quang Thanh, for each digital transformation task, EVNICT needs to have a specific implementation plan and progress. EVNICT also needs to study and build a shared software structure, evaluate performance and create open features and modules so that users can develop according to their needs. At the same time, continue to complete the shared software in the Group at the request of users. In addition, the company needs to grasp and approach new technologies in the world to advise and propose to apply within the Group to suit the trend of digital transformation. The Chairman of EVN’s Board of Directors also emphasized that EVNICT needs to study and restructure the company’s operating model; consider changing the name and management method to match the development in the new situation. According to EVNICT, there are 67 tasks related to digital transformation of EVNICT which are divided into groups: Capacity building, implementation, governance; ensure information security; building and deploying digital transformation applications; building and deploying digital infrastructure; ensure the quality of service provided. In which, there are very important tasks such as: Building EVN’s Cloud system; setting up a digital platform, implementing integration and data management tools; building shared data and database architecture; select and build application platform architecture (Platform); building the SOC system (information security and safety center) of EVN; employee application (smartEVN); upgrade systems, software EVNHES, IMIS, CMIS… EVNICT is also implementing digital transformation within the company with the goal of improving the quality of user support services in information technology services; Modernize software development processes and methods… In order to successfully implement the digital transformation tasks assigned by EVN, Mr. Nguyen Minh Khiem – Director of EVNICT said that the company has established a Steering Committee, a Digital Transformation Working Group and organized the assignment of tasks to groups. to develop a digital transformation plan in EVNICT roadmap 2021-2022, up to 2025. Accordingly, the Company has prepared human resources and promoted internal communication on digital transformation to each employee. ./.