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Facebook about to launch smartwatch?


According to The Verge, Facebook is developing its first smartwatch, which, although unconfirmed, could be released in the summer of 2022.

Facebook about to launch smartwatch?. Illustration The Verge said that Facebook’s smartwatch will have a removable screen, equipped with up to 2 cameras to help take photos and videos without the need for a smartphone. In addition, you can also share photos directly from the smartwatch to Facebook or Instagram easily. A camera of the smartwatch will be mounted on the front to help make video calls and a camera placed on the back of the screen with 1080p resolution with integrated autofocus. Facebook’s idea is to encourage the use of smartwatches to completely replace current smartphones. A plan by Mark Zuckerberg, to be able to surpass Apple and Google, when unable to compete in the smartphone market. Currently, Facebook has also worked with major carriers in the US to support LTE connectivity for its smartphones. That means users can use Facebook’s smartwatch to replace smartphones. Facebook expects to hit around six figures in revenue in its first year. And their products will be distributed through the network’s retail chains. According to the plan, Facebook’s smartwatch will be launched in 2022 and it will use Google’s operating system.