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Fascinated by the most beautiful tree paths in the world


Not only serving as shade, trees planted on the road can now play a major role in creating the beauty of the whole road. Let’s take a look at the most beautiful tree lines in the world.
Purple phoenix road in South Africa

https://dulich.petrotimes.vn/ More than 10 million trees are planted in South Africa’s largest city. According to some sources, Johannesburg, South Africa is home to the largest man-made forest in the world. There are at least 49 species of purple phoenix, most of them native to South America and the Caribbean basin. In October, when visitors come to South Africa, they will witness millions of romantic purple flowers blooming. Purple and blue will create a romantic and poetic path for couples. https://dulich.petrotimes.vn/ Tunnel of love in Ukraine https://dulich.petrotimes.vn/ The Love Tunnel in Ukraine is actually a two-mile section of railway that serves a private woodworking factory near Klevan, a small city located in western Ukraine. Legend has it that couples go through this romantic tunnel to grant a wish. If their love is strong and pure enough, wishes will come true. https://dulich.petrotimes.vn/ During the warm months of the year, the trees are planted side by side forming a fairy green tunnel along the one kilometer railway stretch. Not many people seem to know much about the tunnel, or have never heard of it, making it a well-kept secret. Cherry Blossom Road, Germany https://dulich.petrotimes.vn/ The Cherry Blossom Street (Heerstrabe) is located in the German city of Bonn. It was a peaceful road, on which there were a series of drooping cherry blossom trees. https://dulich.petrotimes.vn/ Bonn town is especially full of fresh life during cherry blossom season, creating a beautiful canopy of pink flowers on the streets. The most brilliant time of cherry blossoms here lasts about 20 days in the summer. Autumn Tunnel, USA https://dulich.petrotimes.vn/ The autumn path located in Vermont, USA is filled with the typical yellow color of the falling leaves season. The true beauty of the tunnel will come in the fall. Autumn oak trees line the road up to Notch’s Smuggler, a Vermont state park. The eye-catching foliage begins to change its color in the northern region. Yellow color is the highlight and attracts the attention of visitors. It is a romantic and great place to have a beautiful photo shoot. Rua Goncalo de Carvalho, Brazil https://dulich.petrotimes.vn/ Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil) deserves the name “The greenest road on the planet” because of the giant tipuana trees, covering the sky with green shade. The tunnel of the Rosewood tree starts from Porto Alegre. It has recently become part of the historical, cultural, ecological and environmental heritage of this country. Rosewood is known to reduce the need for air conditioning by up to 30%. In Brazil, these trees have maintained the green environment of the city for a long time. Oak Tunnel in America https://dulich.petrotimes.vn/ The oak trees date back to the early 18th century and form a beautiful tunnel along the route to a plantation in Louisiana. This location has been used as the setting for many films such as Django Unchained and Interview with a Vampire. Ginkgo trees, Japan https://dulich.petrotimes.vn/ Ginkgo is a revered plant in Japanese culture. The six ginkgo trees that survived the Hiroshima bombing, continued to grow despite many challenges, and are still alive today. Therefore, the Japanese consider ginkgo a “bearer of hope”. It is also known as a “survivor” or a “living fossil”. The gorse tunnel, Bodnat (England) https://dulich.petrotimes.vn/ This flower tunnel is 55m long, located near the main entrance to the garden. From late May to early June is the best time to see the golden gorse blooms. https://dulich.petrotimes.vn/