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Fearless, legless ghost ‘haunts’ the Forbidden City in China


The Forbidden City in China is a famous tourist attraction. Besides the cultural and historical values, this place attracts the curiosity of many people by the story of the haunting legless ghost.

One of the most famous tourist attractions in the world is the Forbidden City in China. Located in the capital of Beijing, the Imperial Palace (another name for the Forbidden City) was the residence of many kings of the Ming and Qing dynasties. Therefore, this place preserves many values ​​of culture, history, architecture… Besides, the Forbidden City attracts the attention of many people by its scary ghost stories. The rumor that the Forbidden City is “haunted” comes from the fact that this lavish palace is where many palace ladies, eunuchs, and concubines died while living in this place hundreds of years ago. Many people died in the Forbidden City with gruesome causes such as being killed by poisoning, beating to death and then throwing the body into the well… Due to death with grisly causes, their souls do not escape. Therefore, their ghosts wander inside the Forbidden City and cause mysterious and scary things. Among the ghosts that are said to reside in the Forbidden City, the most famous is the spirit of a legless palace maid that haunts terror. According to some eyewitnesses who worked in the Forbidden City, the ghost of a maidservant without legs sometimes appeared at night. The sudden appearance of the spirit caused the witness to panic. They were even more frightened when the ghost tapped their shoulder. When the witness looked back, he saw a palace maid without legs, floating in the air. After that “collision” with that creepy ghost, many people still feel scared when remembering. The story of the ghost of the palace maiden “haunting” the Forbidden City makes many people curious, worried, and afraid… However, until now, scientists have not been able to prove the ghost is real. Invite readers to watch the video: New tricks to bring Chinese people into the country illegally. Source: VTV24.