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Flexible workspace: An inevitable trend to help adapt to social distancing


In the period of social distancing, working from home has become familiar, but achieving optimal work performance while not going to the office is not simple.
Let’s see how young people have changed and implemented the motto “do the best, play well, enjoy to the fullest” and work remotely.

Before the pandemic hit, most people were used to the route from home to the corporate office. The traditional workspace is designed for us to work, meet colleagues – partners, directly talk to each other about everything. When the first wave of social distancing suddenly arrived, millions of people had to rush to adapt to the changes in working style. Every morning when we wake up, instead of going to the office, we can work at home, right in the living room, dining room, or even bedroom. As long as modern computers are connected to the internet, family members can “do their own thing” side by side: Children play or study online, parents work on their laptops. In order to avoid feeling alone when suddenly having to work alone, without friends and colleagues – which is an important part of office life, young people also compete to create challenges for their colleagues at work. “home office”. There are many trends on social networking sites such as: push-up challenge, jump rope challenge, dance challenge to the “wash your hands” music… What’s more surprising than discovering that your friend/coworker has capital? suddenly appeared with a healthy and dynamic image when working from home. But social distancing is not as fleeting as many people at first think. It is no longer a few days or weeks of “just lying in bed and meeting online”, the months-long distances, repeated for the second, third, and fourth time… On social networks, a trend is to create a new space. working from home is really taking shape. Unable to be “temporary” as before, the requirements for this space are seriously given: it needs to be modern, to optimally meet the work, to help increase concentration and to be “quality” to create inspiration. . Of course, the advantage of working spaces at home compared to the traditional office is still not too restrictive. No boss will be bothered if we put more pots and favorite items on the table. Even some people invest in a workspace to comfortably enjoy leisure time, listen to music, play games, watch movies… after stressful meeting hours. One of the most significant changes to the traditional working-from-home style is the rise of online platforms like Zoom, Viber or Google Meet. With just a laptop, users can meet at any time, connect with colleagues, partners, customers anytime, anywhere. This makes the demand for ultra-lightweight laptops, huge screens, super long batteries or outstanding fast processors also increase. At the same time, also during the period of social distancing, the form of freelance work has become increasingly popular, especially for jobs such as image design, content creation, filming and editing… These are jobs that need support from technological devices with modern improvements. Many people have invested heavily in home offices with large computer screens to help broaden their horizons and maximize creative potential for users in the direction of multitasking: from office tasks to work. Content creation, professional design… Grasping trends and changes in workspaces during the time of social distancing, LG has taken the lead and contributed to creating super products that immediately serve these increasingly modern and high-end needs of users. by officially launching the full suite of IT solutions ITP 2021 including: computer monitors, laptops and projectors. Whether it’s social distancing or the new normal, surely technology devices in general and information technology products from LG in particular will be an indispensable part for each person, to create a stylish working style. new job. LG’s ITP 2021 informatics product suite including computer monitors, laptops and projectors has just been officially introduced. The quartet of LG monitors are UltraGear, UltraWide, UltraFine and PC Monitor, respectively, with design and feature upgrades to enhance the experience, the four above maximize the creative potential for users in the direction of multitasking to the next level. play games, watch movies or entertain. LG gram laptop conquers users by its superior features: super light weight, super long battery life and outstanding durability. This is a perfect “assistant” for stylish young people, inspiring work thanks to its trendy design and a wide screen, new 16:10 aspect ratio. In particular, the weight of this “treasure” is extremely light, only 999g for the 14 “version, but hidden inside is a huge battery life of up to 22.5 hours. Launched in Vietnam for the first time, LG Cinebeam projector will be the perfect choice for those who are looking for a technology product that offers the ultimate home entertainment experience with cinema-like quality. .
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