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For electric vehicle charging, ON Semiconductor’s MOSFET module solution


A few days ago, Netcom learned from the official that ON Semiconductor will release a new complete silicon carbide MOSFET module solution for electric vehicle charging at APEC 2021. The new 1200 V M1 complete SiC MOSFET 2 pack module, based on planar technology, is suitable for driving voltages in the range of 18 V to 20 V, and is easy to drive with negative gate voltage. Compared with the trench MOSFET, its larger bare chip reduces the thermal resistance, thereby reducing the bare chip temperature at the same operating temperature.

The new SiC MOSFET module is part of ON Semiconductor’s electric vehicle charging ecosystem and is designed to be used with driver solutions such as NCD5700x devices. The recently introduced NCD57252 dual-channel isolated IGBT/MOSFET gate driver provides 5 kV electrical isolation and can be configured to work as dual lower bridges, dual upper bridges or half bridges.

NCD57252 is available in a small SOIC-16 wide-body package and accepts logic level inputs (3.3 V, 5 V and 15 V). This high-current device (at Miller platform voltage, source current 4.0 A/sink current 6.0 A) is suitable for high-speed operation with a propagation delay of 60 ns.

ON Semiconductor’s SiC MOSFET complements new modules and gate drivers. Compared with similar silicon devices, it has switching performance and enhanced heat dissipation, resulting in higher energy efficiency and power density, improved electromagnetic interference (EMI), and reduced system Dimensions and weight.

(Photo: Zhang Jingkai from Wenwang News Agency)