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Gucheng Lake Slow City, a beautiful landscape hidden in the international slow city Gaochun, two days are not enough to play


Gucheng Lake Slow City, located in the international slow city of Gaochun, Nanjing, is a leisure and vacation tourist destination integrating ecological sightseeing, leisure vacation, and water entertainment. In addition to the refreshing one-thousand-mu lotus garden in the current season There are also places worth visiting in the scenic area, such as Golden Sand Beach, Binhu Flower Sea, Wetland Zoo, Expansion Base, and Bayberry Picking Garden. Entering the scenic area, if you visit the Baihe Garden on the left, you will see a large sea of ​​verbena flowers, the romantic and charming atmosphere created by the blooming purple is intoxicating, and now it is full of small lights, and the lights are on when night comes. The scenery is also extremely stunning. After walking through the sea of ​​verbena flowers, I soon came to the “Fog Forest Wonderland”. During the day, the fog is full of mist, like a fairyland, and the lights are lit at night, which creates a dreamlike scenery, which is very suitable for wearing. Take pictures and punch cards in ancient costumes. I remember that it was not the same scene when I came to Slow City Golden Beach last time. A large pink beach appeared in front of you. I don’t know how long you haven’t been to the beach. At this time, you are in the pink beach, under the breeze blowing Buddha. It seems that I have come to a foreign resort. Sunshine, pink beach, umbrellas, deck chairs… Now it is also the standard equipment of “Binhu” vacation. It is suitable for parent-child trips, couple trips, and family trips. For me, every time I visit Shui Slow City, I must go to the “outdoor sports base”. Here are my favorite archery, horse riding, and go-karting. I didn’t expect the girls who were with me to be very impressed with this. Interest, although it is not convenient to experience wearing Hanfu, I still insisted on experiencing the whole process. Not to mention, riding horses and archery in Han clothes make people feel really rusty! Go-karting is a thrilling outdoor project. Get on the go-kart and ride on a track with a total length of more than 600 meters. The overall degree of difficulty is medium. It is very friendly to people who have never experienced karts before. In addition to single karts, there are also double karts. If it is a couple experience, even if the girlfriend is afraid, there is a reason to persuade her to feel it. “Binhu Huahai” is a must-see attraction when you come to Shuiwan City. The scenery of Binhu Huahai is different in the four seasons. At this time, it is the season when Gesang flowers and verbena are in full bloom. Pink, yellow, white, and purple flowers alternate. , Presenting a sea of ​​flowers, I didn’t expect the girl in ancient costume to be in it, and the pictures taken were so immortal. May and June are the picking seasons. I believe that for most people, bayberry picking must be full of temptations. Last time I came to Shuiman City, I didn’t find this large bayberry forest. It’s a coincidence that when we went there was the best time to pick bayberry. The tree full of bayberry was hanging on the branches. It was already a sight to see this scene. Drooling, carrying a small bamboo basket, plucking fresh bayberry one after another, reaping the joy of a bumper harvest. Yang Meilin is very suitable for shooting portraits, especially portraits in costumes. For me who don’t take portraits very much, it seems that I can take photos I like at will. I believe many people know that there is a “wetland zoo” in Shuiman City, which covers an area of ​​360 acres. Animal oil is composed of multiple venues such as the beast area, the crocodile hall, the flamingo park, the herbivore hall, the primate hall, the parrot hall, and the Swan Lake. It contains dozens of species and more than 700 animals. The number is very large and abundant. Attracting many tourists to visit, it is a popular attraction in Shui Slow City. The tiger in the beast area is the net celebrity of the entire wetland zoo, and most people come for it. It was about 13:00 when we got here. This tiger is probably just having a “meal” and is walking around and eating. We can see its mighty posture. The tiger walking slowly is quite interesting. It looks at us from time to time, which is very “cute”. The flamingo is also one of the “net celebrities” here. Its elegant posture and fiery red color is simply a beautiful scenery, especially when standing on one foot, its proud posture is amazing. It is said that this can be done. Save energy, but in my opinion, how can you feel so tired? Haha~ Of course, there are many places worth visiting in Shui Slow City. This tourist resort area full of ecology and beautiful scenery is really amazing. I don’t know, have you ever been to or heard of Gaochun Gucheng Lake Slow City? What is your impression of the scenery here? Welcome to leave comments.