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How about Tianfu International Airport Hotel? something delicious? “Walk, Eat, Live” Daquan is here!


June 27

Chengdu Tianfu International AirportOfficially put into operation

Everyone can catch a plane at the new airport in the future

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Around the airport What are the attractions?

What kind of food?

Where can I live?

Ai Xiaomei sorted out the nearby “Walk, Eat, Live” Strategy

Recommend to friends who have just landed

With friends who are going to leave

(Previously Ai Xiaomei also released Tianfu AirportTraffic strategy And boarding guide) Let’s see it together! Image source: Red Star News TRAVEL Hotel Tianfu Airport Yuexiang Yunxiang Hotel Tianfu Konggang Yunxiang Yuexiang Hotel is located in Tianfu International Airport.Divided into two buildings, one and two. Among them, one is close to the T1 terminal building, two are close to the T2 terminal building, one is constructed according to the high-star (five-star hotel standard), and the two are constructed according to the sub-high-star (mid-range economy hotel standard) . Image source: Jinguan News The entire hotel has 9 floors above ground and 1 floor underground, including 877 hotel rooms, as well as swimming pools, gymnasiums, theaters, restaurants, conference halls, etc. There will also be a baggage drop-off point in the hotel. Passengers can check their baggage before they check into the hotel, and they can enter the terminal building after getting up the next day. Image source: Jinguan News The north side overlooks the entire central interior of the hotel, and the south side faces the apron where you can see the planes taking off and landing. After Tianfu International Airport is put into use, it will become the best place to check in. Image source: Jinguan News Holiday Inn Express Chengdu Tianfu Airport Zone The hotel covers an area of ​​about 20,000 square meters and has about 300 rooms. It is a four-star hotel integrating accommodation, dining, entertainment and fitness. Image source: Hotel official website Address: Tianfu International Airport Economic Zone is 7 kilometers away from the terminal of Tianfu International Airport InterContinental Sancha Lake Changdao Paradise Surrounded by greenery, there are mountains and waters. The decoration of the hotel is elegant and elegant, and the use of parent-child elements makes the whole hotel quite warm. Image source: Hotel official website The hotel has 422 luxurious rooms and suites with panoramic views of Sancha Lake, combining local design and contemporary furnishings, including digital entertainment systems and ergonomic office space. Image source: Hotel official website address:No. 88, Huanhu West Road, Danjing Street, High-tech Zone, Jianyang City32 kilometers from the terminal of Tianfu International Airport Attractions Attractions TRAVEL Sancha Lake Sancha Lake, the second largest lake in Sichuan Province, is the back garden of Chengdu people. The lake is surrounded by mountains and rivers. Sancha Lake has 113 isolated islands and more than 160 peninsulas, with a winding shoreline of 240 kilometers. The islands here are densely covered and magnificent. They are affectionately called “Maldives” and “Qiandao Lake nearest home” by Chengdu people. Address: Jianyang City (Chengdu Tianfu Airport New City) Sancha Town, Longquan East Foot Tickets: free, if you need to take a boat tour of the lake, you need to pay TRAVEL Shiqiao Ancient Town stoneThe ancient town of Qiao, one of the four ancient towns on the Qianlituo River, once enjoyed the reputation of “Little Hankou” and left many ancient buildings. Among them, 11 ancient buildings such as Zhang Family Ancestral Hall and Shaanxi Guild Hall have been included in the protection of Chengdu historical buildings Directory. Picture source: Jian Yang release There are many buildings along the street, and most of the preserved buildings belong to the late Qing Dynasty and the early Republic of China. Buildings with western styles, unique corridors in western Sichuan, and flying chairs decorating the facades can be seen everywhere. If you want to experience the local tea house culture, you can go to the former Guangdong Guild Hall on Zhongshan Street, and now the old tea garden. Address: 4 kilometers west of Jianyang City Tickets: Free TRAVEL Wufeng Mountain Forest Park Rootless vines, mandarin duck flowers, linden trees, ancient ginkgo and other rare plants are dotted in the garden, without losing the ancient primitive ecological style. Image source: Official Weibo of Chengdu Folk Artists Association The clear and transparent lake and the quaint lush mountains and forests form a paradise-like cool realm. It has the reputation of “Xanadu Peach Garden”, so it is also called “Forest Park” by Jianyang people. Image source: Official Weibo of Chengdu Folk Artists Association Address: 200 meters south of the special highway of Wangshui Forest Farm, Jianyang City Tickets: Free TRAVEL Aoshan Park Aoshan Park is a forest park built in the past two years. It covers an area of ​​more than 3,000 acres. The green environment is quite good. The majestic white pagoda and the mountain night view are very suitable for weekend leisure activities! Image source: Visual China There are special green roads for tourists to walk and ride ~ In addition, there are multiple functional areas such as extreme sports area, parent-child development area, cultural exhibition area, citizen recreation area, and ecological transition area. Image source: Jianyang City Government official website There are still some murals from the Song Dynasty on the tower, which have a strong three-dimensional effect and are quite relic of the Tang Dynasty! Address: Renmin Road, Jianyang City Tickets: Free Delicacy Delicacy Hu Shi Lamb Soup Jianyang’s old-style mutton soup is very popular with locals. It is said that before it was light in the morning, some people lined up in front of the door with pots and pans. Image source: Tour around Chengdu It is understood that the meat of Hu Shi mutton soup is tender, fat but not greasy, warm but not hot, especially the milky white soup, which is fresh and fragrant and has a long aftertaste. It is unmatched by any dish or soup. . Image source: Tour around Chengdu In addition to mutton soup, there are mutton sausages, mutton liver with pickled peppers, mutton kidney with pickled peppers, paper-wrapped mutton, grilled lamb chops and other mutton dishes. Address: 115 South Street, Jianyang City Yueying Jelly The jelly made from authentic yellow pea flour is elastic and full of bean aroma. With the secret sea pepper oil, it is almost a match for Chuanbei jelly. Image source: Jianyang Cultural Tourism Center official micro As a time-honored brand in Jianyang, this old store on West Street has been open for many years. Although the store is not large, it is very popular. It was not dinner time, and the shop was full of diners. Image source: Jianyang Cultural Tourism Center official micro Address: No.117 West Street, Jiancheng Town It is 20 kilometers away from the T1 terminal of Tianfu International Airport, about 38 minutes by car Master Jiang Braised Goose Shop A family that has been in business for many years, Jianyang people call this restaurant “Jiang Eel”. The stewed aroma is rich and mellow, and it has a very authentic stewed taste. Braised goose is a special feature, it is good to take it home or give it away. Image source: Jian Xing Jiang Lugo official micro Address: No. 76, West Street, Jiancheng Town, Jianyang City Lee Kee Handmade Ice Powder It is said that Jianyang’s internet celebrity ice powder basically has to line up 365 days a year. The taste of Jianyang people when they were young, there are several branches, the portion is very large, all of which are fresh fruits. Address: Xiaxi Street, Jianyang City Delicious and fun You heart it? 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