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How to better increase the traffic of Taobao stores


With the gradual increase in the number of people opening Taobao stores, the pressure on platform traffic competition is increasing, which makes it difficult for many novice operators. So for inexperienced novice Taobao merchants, what else is easy and quick to increase store traffic? The way?

First: First, we can do some welfare promotion activities in the store, such as full reduction, increase coupons, half price for the second item, limited time discounts, package combinations, etc., first stir up the store, and then use some traffic to pay The platform increases the number of product clicks, Everyone can try a free platform like traffic supplement Haitao traffic. Of course, if you have other very good platforms, you can also recommend it to Xiaobian.

Second: Taobao products have a certain regularity in the time to go on and off the shelves. Generally, the closer to the end of the shelf period, the higher the ranking of the products and the higher the traffic. No matter if it is a new store or an old store, I suggest everyone Choose a 7-day cycle to remove the shelf time, so that it can be compared to a 14-day cycle. Of course, you will get one more traffic display opportunity, 4 times a month.

Third: When we launch new products, we must put them on the shelves in batches to maintain a continuous new rate in the store. Try to choose products on the shelves during the peak traffic period, usually between 11 noon and 10 pm, we can New products are released at intervals of half an hour, so that you can ensure that you have products on and off the shelves throughout the prime time period, and the traffic will definitely burst.

Fourth: You must often participate in platform activities, which is very helpful for the system to weight our stores, because only when your store weight is high, the comprehensive score will increase, the exposure opportunity will increase, and the conversion rate will follow increase.