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If you want to live a good life, it’s better to wear a little green?


Writing |Southern Metropolis Weekly reporter Wang Qizhang

Fresh and advanced green is here!

Looking around, there is a high probability that you will be surrounded by “green” this year.

You know I am not talking about funds.

Mint green, avocado green, fluorescent green, emerald… are the greens that match this dress. In short, everyone must be green and vigorous.

What kind of green is popular this year?

Everyone knows that there is a researcher who specializes in colorauthorityThe organization is called Pantone, and it specializes in predicting future fashion colors.

Some time ago, it and a ride-sharing company jointly released the 2021 environmentally friendly brand color-green cabbage (QingCaiGreen)!

Everyone, can you feel the smell of green vegetables from this color?

Do you think this green color is just refreshing and seductive in spring and summer?At this time, Pantone has summarized the top ten popular colors in the second half of this year according to the trend of the 2021 Fall/Winter London Fashion Week, which ranks among themthe firstIs called “Green Bee”.

The official interpretation is: the grass green that makes nature immortal.

Isn’t this fruit green!

This warm green bee color has set off a trend in the fashion circle: for example, Prada, Ferragamo, Louis Vuitton 2021 spring and summer shows have appeared in green coats, green bags, GUCCI andRixo, The Attico’S green shoes are also selling hot. Bottega VenetaIn the 2021 spring and summer show, several “green” styles have been opened in succession.

From top to bottom: Louis Vuitton 2021 spring and summer, A$AP Rocky in Bottega Veneta 2021 autumn and winter by GQ UK and GIVENCHY 2021 early autumn

GanniThe 2021 spring collection of Copenhagen Fashion Week chose earth green.VersaceThe 2021 early autumn series also selected various greens that were pink and tender.

Celebrities and bloggers have been wearing clothing with a very high green rate.

Do you think that green can easily let you go like this?

At Louis Vuitton’s 2022 early spring show, Fu Jing and Zhong Chuxi also put on green clothes one after another.

Fu Jing and Zhong Chuxi, pictured from Louis Vuitton Weibo

Balenciaga(Balenciaga) Following the launch of the ugly thick-soled hole shoes in 2017, in the spring and summer of 2022, CROCS launched the fruit green version of high heels. Everyone didn’t know for a while whether to complain about the strange design of CROCS first, or lament the brave price of Balenciaga. This pair of shoes is said to be priced at $1,000!

(Left) Balenciaga and CROCS teamed up to launch the 2022 spring and summer high heels (right) The 2017 joint platform shoes also appeared with a green dress

Of course, you can say that this is “different eyes”, but it is undeniable that this wave of “clothing and wearing green” will extend to next year or even.

The once difficult “green”

Regarding green, it is easy to think of fresh air, spring gardens, and pleasant field scenery.

It is often associated with luxury fashion: like emerald green, isn’t it the most dazzling and precious jade in the past? The emerald is the generational name for the best gems.Use these two to describe green, which is also the self-contained gemstone that people can’t help but think ofAtmosphereSense of color.

(From left to right) are the movies “Elizabeth Golden Age” and “Atonement”, pictures from Joe Wright, “Another Berlin Girl”, pictures from Justin Chadwick, interpretation from the Renaissance, Baroque and 20centuryThe dressing trend of the 1930s.

The ancient Romans believed that green was the main hue of nature, and it helped relieve eye fatigue.They even grind emeralds into powderendTo make eye cream.Not only that, ancient RomeemperorNero is veryObsessed withEmerald, in addition to a large collection of gems, even uses a large piece of emerald as sunglasses, so that you will not be sunburned by the blazing sun when watching a gladiator duel.

(Above) Emperor Nero, “Quo Vadis” 1951 movie still; (below) James Ayscough designed the world’s first sunglasses, also with green glass as the lens

In the royal family, in addition to royal blue and princess red, members like to wear green is also the default etiquette, especially in the United Kingdom, from the Queen of England to Princess Diana, from Princess Kate to Meghan,especiallyPrincess Ginny, Princess Beatrice… the green that appeared on them might be enough for a book.

Whether it iscreamGreen, olive green, dark green, mint green and even fluorescent green, they seem to be able to control them with ease. They are dazzling in the crowd without being too public. It is a friendly presence!

Green is the favorite color of the British royal family

Projected to emotions, green is also for young people and first loveLikeZheng, the term “to be green (green)” first appeared in the Middle Ages.

People like green, probably because this color is not easy to get in history-Neolithic cave paintings are only black, white, brown and red, and there is no trace of green. There is no green in the four classic colors of Greek painting: red, yellow, black and white.

In the medieval westcountry, Long-term laws prohibit mixing yellow and blue to make green dyes and pigments. Once discovered, the producer will even face severe punishment.

Jan van Eyck “The Wedding of Anofini” (1434)

However, the green created is not stable. In the works from Raphael to Tintoretto, the green has almost become brown.

The craftsmen are secretly doing various experiments, and of course the artists will not submit. While they use green paints of poor quality and stability, they complain about “Spanish green is too rough, and gray-green is not long-lasting.” On the one hand, we are trying hard to use various cheap raw materials to make a warm and bright green color: mix with plants, ferns, copper flakes, sulfur, and various acid and alkali solutions. In the 16th century, Titian’s protégé Paolo Veronese (Paolo Veronese) was known for his dexterous use of pigments to make bright greens.

Paul Veronese’s works, now in LondoncountryArt gallery

Perhaps it is the craftsmen, painters and even scientists who are constantly groping on various reliable and unreliable experimental roads that have led to the inexplicable relationship between this color and fickleness, poison and evil.In the 19th century, more greens were born and became popular, including patina, Paris green, emerald, Scheler green and even Paul Veronese green because of their toxicity.substance, Causing various vicious events.

This status quo was not charged until the late 19th century-the popularity of absinthe. This kind of wine mixed with various plants including absinthe, star anise, fennel, etc. is welcomed by everyone. At five or six o’clock in the afternoon every day, the streets of Paris will be filled with a faint fragrance of vegetation. This period is also called “green time”.

Absinthe, pictured from Pixabay

And as the green pigments and dyes in metal tubes are found to be moreSafetyAfter stable production, preservation, and use, and with the development of technology, more superstitions about “green” have been breached, green can finally appear in every household.

So how does green become more friendly? On April 22, 1970, withfirstWith the birth of Earth Day, and with the widespread spread of a traumatized picture “Blue Earth” taken by the Apollo 17 team, people finally knew the fragility of the earth and called for the protection of the earth and the environment.

At this time, green became synonymous with nature.

Pleasant green

Concern for the natural world makes peoplebeginI have a more intuitive and in-depth feeling about the colors of the earth tones.Nowadays, green has made people intuitively connected to become life, health, youth, spring and hope.LikeLevy.Green tooSafetyAnd the traditional color of permission-green light is feasible, green card is passed.

The green of 2021 is full of vitality and fashion.thatHow can I wear green well?

The basic model, green, white, black, and khaki are not easy to make mistakes.

Moss green is also reminiscent of vitality, and it is also good to choose light colors, such as pink and yellow.Elegant dark green, in general, it will look more “able to wear” than black. This visually makes you a low-key and pleasing color elegant green, whether it appears on men’s or women’s clothing is feasible.

Zhong Chuxi likes to control all kinds of green, picture from @钟楚曦微博

Advanced people can try a water green, with different levels of green collocation, to increase the level, such as fluorescent green clothing with green nails, look more dynamic.

In the June issue of COSMOS Fashion, Wu Yifan and Kan Qingzi both wore green clothes. The picture is from @cosmo时尚微博

With the coming of the second half of the year, you might as well try “fruit green”-from the bottom of your feetbeginofBe carefulMachine, green sandals are actually very easy to have a brilliant match. The weather is cold, and a fruit-green suit or jacket is very eye-catching.

If the green color has a swelling effect visually, then youthe bestConsider reducing the presence of other colors.Even canTry the “missing lower body”, suit + shorts, to meet the excessive summer and autumn seasons.

Hailey Baldwin can be regarded as a class representative who wears green

As for the fruit green sweaters and sweater coats that are hot in winter, you can try the combination of green and gray, which is more practical and fashionable.

In addition, it will look refreshing and a sense of design when paired with stripes and checkered items. The green of the hollowed out and printed models are matched with less eye-catching colors to harmonize the density of the green, and it is also easy to shine.

Fabrics and textures are also very important for the appearance of green. Chiffon and silk textures are more suitable for summer, while bright satin feels mostly go with gorgeous and retro style. Avoid choosing too shiny materials for coats and suits.

Various greens have become popular in recent years, and celebrities and big Vs have shown their matching skills. The picture is from Weibo @刘诗诗@杨霄和视中国

In terms of accessories, there is a visual contrast between light and dark and it is easy to achieve the finishing touch: try matching various pearl jewelry-simple and special-shaped pearl bracelets and necklaces, which are fresh and eye-catching.

For those who think of “one green forever”, a green bag is a shortcut to catch up with popular colors:LikeChanel, Valentino, Prada, HERMES, BOTTEGA VENETA all have a variety of green bags, some are simple and soft, you can choose sweet or salt.


Green makes people feel pleasant, and the fashion circle naturally seizes this trend and interprets the colors that are grounded. At present, the epidemic is still affecting everyone’s normal life and travel, and more people choose a lifestyle that tends to be natural.

For us, we must not only pursue the eye-catching green, but also keep this green health code just like keeping our jobs.