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Huawei’s talented teenagers are popular, making self-driving bicycles


2021-06-15 23:00:14 Author: Qingzhou

Huawei’s “Genius Youth Project” recruited, once relied on self-made mini Linux computers, NFC ID cards, and the technology tycoon “Jihui Jun” who was popular at station B with a screened power bank. Recently, there are new works. This time, he transformed an ordinary bicycle into a self-driving bicycle through various advanced technical means and equipment.

Zhihuijun said that he accidentally fell while riding a bicycle some time ago, so he is determined to make a self-driving bicycle that will not fall.

To make bicycles do not require people to walk by themselves, they must do a good job in perception, power and control. In terms of hardware, he equipped the bicycle with a model airplane power lithium battery, brushless motor, steering gear, RGBD depth camera, lidar, control system, etc. In terms of software, Zhihui Jun imitated the human brain and designed a brain plus cerebellum architecture. Among them, the “brain” uses Huawei’s Shengteng 310 AI processor, which is responsible for thinking.

Finally, after a series of simulations on the game engine, the self-driving bicycle is finally ready.

In the field test, the bicycle can maintain its balance at a standstill, and can even be stable under impact and increased load. Relying on a complete sensor system, it can also achieve a certain degree of automatic driving on the road and become a real “bicycle”. In addition, limited by the power of the vehicle, this system is currently unable to carry people.

The genius boy is indeed well-deserved.