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[In a word]Hand in hand with Microsoft, surrendered to Puri, and missed Takata, but now he has become Tesla’s “little brother”?


Preface China’s auto parts companies, when can they see the sun? The gap between China’s auto parts and Europe and the United States, if the technical distinction is difficult to judge, it is sad to see from the attitude of the downstream car companies. If you are purchasing parts from a leading German company (such as Bosch), most car companies will proudly display them and even hug their thighs, but if they are purchasing parts from China, their attitude is 180. The ten-degree turn will not only not be announced on its own initiative, but it also restricts the other party from publishing the cooperation relationship with the car company. If it breaches the contract, it will be fined. Recently, Joyson Electronics was shot. 01 Warned for holding Tesla’s thigh, or face a fine of hundreds of millions Joyson Electronics received a formal warning from Tesla on the grounds that Joyson Electronics’ previous publicity mentioned its business relationship with Tesla-providing Tesla with pedestrian safety protection devices. The previous two supplier contracts included “It is forbidden to mention the business relationship with Tesla on any occasion.” Tesla may use legal means to retrospectively win the penalty for breach of contract, and the fine may reach hundreds of millions of dollars. Joyson Electronics did not shut up. It was called “untrustworthy and not worthy of sympathy” by netizens. Joyson Electronics’ motive was obvious. It wanted to hug Tesla’s thigh and then hinted at how awesome the external parts are. You see that Tesla has purchased it to impress other car companies and increase potential customers. Unexpectedly, it drew a severe warning from Tesla. But if you think about it carefully, this is really a bit of a “overlord clause”. The cooperation between the two parties was originally equal, voluntary, fair, and not a special trade secret. To put it bluntly, Tesla considers itself a star company, Joyson Electronics Not influential, but cost-effective. In order to reduce the cost of making cars, Joyson Electronics was chosen, but it was unwilling to let the outside world know. This is like when Hyundai Motor revealed its contract processing cooperation plan with Apple before, and was forced by Apple to quickly delete the official announcement of the relevant cooperation. Apple considers itself an ace company, and is afraid that Hyundai Motor will lower its value, but it can’t find a partner it likes, so it is unwilling to announce it. In fact, the “friendship” between Joyson Electronics and Tesla has been established very early. As early as April 2015, Joyson Electronics issued an announcement stating that Joyson’s subsidiary, Preh, Germany, had obtained a purchase order for Tesla’s new energy vehicle battery management system sensors and related components. In 2019, Joyson Safety, a subsidiary of Joyson Electronics, set up a new safety product factory in Lingang, Shanghai, supporting all Tesla models. In 2020, Joyson Electronics began to provide passive safety products such as steering wheels and airbags for the domestic Tesla Model 3 and Model Y. According to calculations by Joyson Electronics, the new order amount for this project is 1.5 billion yuan, and the life cycle is about 3 to 5 years. The supply will start in 2020. At present, the total order value of Tesla-related products is 7.5 billion yuan. Along the way, it is clear that Truss recognizes Joyson Electronics’ technology, but it hides the cooperative relationship between the two and does not want to let the outside world know about it. In essence, Tesla’s right to speak is greater than Joyson Electronics, because Tesla has a lot of room to choose. Joyson’s products can also be provided by other companies. To put it bluntly, Joyson Electronics is insignificant in Tesla’s eyes. character of. Analyze the internal structure of Tesla: Powertrain system, including lithium battery pack, battery management system, thermal management, DC converter, etc.; Central control system, including system assembly, vision, central control screen, instrument, map, communication operator, automatic driving system, air conditioning system, inverter, etc.; Electric drive system, including motors, motor drive modules, etc.; Charging system, including charging piles, charging cables, etc.; Chassis, including electric power steering, braking system, suspension system, tire pressure monitoring, etc.; Body, including body structure, doors, airbags, steering wheel, shock absorption, seat belts, etc. Exterior decoration, including exterior parts, bumpers, front and rear lights, etc.; All in all, there are thousands of suppliers of parts and components companies involved. It’s normal for Truth not to take these little soldier crabs seriously, because it is highly substitutable and there is no uniqueness. Although objectively, these unknown people did participate in Tesla. 02 From the low-threshold Pan Jixing stalls to make friends with Mou He Looking back at Joyson Electronics’ past and present life, this company was founded in 2004, the founder is Wang Jianfeng, located in Zhejiang, a typical family business, the early manufacturing of plastic air intake pipes, air-conditioning outlets and other products, the typical low Threshold Pan Nii Xing Dan Liao ChenoJi Sugar Ye Xing The cost of this kind of functional parts is almost no need for research and development. Even if the cost is invested in research and development, it is easy to be imitated by copycats and difficult to enlarge. The sudden financial crisis in 2008 scarred Europe, and many German auto parts companies were turbulent and even on the verge of bankruptcy. In 2009, a Sino-German joint venture parts company, Shanghai Huade Plastics Products, was sold at a low price. Joyson’s insightful eyes and beadings, income in the bag, doubled its assets, changed its head and became one of the largest auto parts companies in the industry. One. In 2010, Joyson went public through a backdoor listing and embarked on an M&A journey. In 2011, Joyson acquired German Preh, an established auto parts company. Preh not only opened up the market for Joyson, but also provided technical resources. In terms of market, Preh’s main customers are BMW, Porsche, Audi, Lamborghini, Rolls Royce and other European luxury car brands. Joyson has obtained a channel to enter Europe’s top brands with Preh. In terms of technology, Joyson has lingered on automotive plastic parts for too long. It has low gross profit and is easy to imitate. If you don’t jump out of this quagmire, you will never be able to do so much. Preh’s automotive electronics obviously has a higher technical threshold, and it has In the unmanned era, the prospects are much broader. In February 2016, Joyson Electronics acquired TS, a German car navigation technology company; Acquired EVANA, an American industrial robot manufacturing company, in May; In June, Joyson Electronics completed the acquisition of KSS, a US supplier of active and passive safety technology. In November 2017, Joyson’s subsidiary KSS announced the acquisition of Japan’s Takata; that month, Joyson Electronics’ subsidiary, Preh, Germany, acquired ePower, a power electronic system company under the Norwegian Kongsberg Group, which was aimed at the layout of its battery management system. . In addition to the merger, it also cooperated with Microsoft to help the field of Internet of Vehicles. As one of the global technology giants, compared with companies such as Google and Apple, Microsoft’s layout in the automotive field has not been clear, but its global influence, universality and emphasis on safety, does not have to be a bigwig. Say more. The cooperation between Joyson and Microsoft is a match made in heaven. In Microsoft’s contribution to the global transformation and upgrading of Joyson Electronics, one of the most important functions is to unify Joyson Electronics’ global IT architecture and business contracts under the same framework through Microsoft’s technical means to achieve cost savings and unification of architecture. ,power enhanced. In addition, Microsoft has also made up for Joyson’s shortcomings in the Internet of Vehicles (smart cockpit, autonomous driving assistance, etc.). The office in car jointly created by the two has shown its muscles at the Frankfurt Motor Show, providing services such as office work and conference calls. Landing in intelligent driving. Microsoft itself also has a vertical team in the global automotive industry, and its technical capabilities should not be underestimated. Joyson Electronics, through its cooperation with Microsoft, is able to feed back its own shortcomings in the field of Internet of Vehicles. At present, Joyson has 40 R&D centers and nearly 80 production bases in 30 countries around the world. Its main business covers four major sectors-automotive safety, automotive electronics, automotive functional parts, and smart car linkage. Through a series of outbound mergers and acquisitions and integration of German Preh, U.S. Baileys, and Japan’s Takata assets, as well as a marriage with IT giant Microsoft, is Joyson’s waist straight now? not at all. In front of Tesla, Joyson is still the role of the younger brother. This is not because of the logic of “customers are God”. It is also the superior supplier of car companies. The Ningde era and Huawei are very emboldened. On the contrary, they are car companies. The object vying to hold the thigh. In fact, the relationship between the whole vehicle and its parts is really subtle. In the way of survival, although the two are in a relationship, no one can do without each other, but the right to speak can only be biased towards one side. Concluding remarks The right to speak is the supreme business card of an enterprise. Author Hui Ze Li Author | Huize Lee Edit | lala