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In the midst of the hot weather, there are still ‘very green Hanoi’ roads


Hanoi is experiencing particularly intense hot days, the temperature has risen to a record high, reaching nearly 50 degrees Celsius on the street. However, there are still green streets in the capital, making people feel more comfortable when passing.

These days, the road surface temperature is very high, especially on roads without perennial trees such as Nguyen Chi Thanh, Truong Chinh, Trang Tien streets… the temperature always fluctuates from 40 – 50 degrees Celsius. In order to escape the “burning” heat, many passers-by have chosen the route to go through some streets with shady trees. Walking under these ancient tree-lined streets, it is possible to find some fresh and cool air in a series of horrible suffocating days. The line of beautiful, straight black star trees on Lo Duc Street brings a feeling of closeness to nature and shade for the whole neighborhood on hot summer days. Ly Dao Thanh Street has two rows of old trees that always give shade to the road surface. Phan Dinh Phung Street has rows of ancient green crocodiles. Summer comes, the whole street is immersed in a cool space under thick foliage, making it difficult for the midday sun to penetrate. The temperature recorded at noon time on streets with many old trees was much lower than the temperature measured at the same time on roads without trees. The shady tree line helps pedestrians to somewhat reduce the “burning skin” heat. People with bare heads, walk on Phan Dinh Phung street at noon without fear of the sun. The shade of green trees on Tran Phu street not only creates a beautiful landscape but also becomes a “shield” on hot Hanoi days. The green canopy blocks the sun, helps to regulate the air, and combats the stuffiness of harsh summer weather.