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JD Marketing 360 serialized product launches to maximize the effectiveness of advertising


Driven by the acceleration of digital technology, new media forms are emerging one after another, user contacts are infinitely fragmented, and advertising products are also enriched and diversified. In the face of overwhelming advertising information and a variety of products, how to reach users in order to achieve the highest efficiency and the best effect; after the user is touched by an advertisement but has not yet converted, how to follow the touch to continue the influence of the advertisement; How to avoid repetitive and invalid touches that affect the shopping experience and waste advertising resources?

The “disorderly” delivery that lacks the support of big data in traditional delivery often fails to maximize the effectiveness of advertising. Faced with this problem, JD Marketing 360, based on JD’s data advantages and advanced technical capabilities, launched serialized launch products, and optimized crowd directional circulation, placement channel sequence, and exposure frequency through scientific algorithms, and changed “disorder” to ” Orderly, so as to achieve precise reach and efficient conversion of users.

Accurate crowd + channel strategy to improve advertising efficiency

Regardless of population orientation or channel combination, the formulation of early-stage strategies will undoubtedly have a vital impact on the subsequent delivery process and results, and serialized delivery is currently mainly serving the front link of advertisers from developing marketing strategies to executing marketing plans. . The currently online serialized delivery capabilities support the crowd strategy and channel strategy output before the investment.

In terms of crowd strategy, serialized advertising currently supports diversified scenarios such as new promotion and big promotion/events to meet different marketing goals of brand merchants such as new promotion, cost reduction and efficiency improvement or promotion of conversion efficiency. At the same time, it also provides custom marketing scenarios, provides optimization goals for maximizing GMV or conversion volume, and supports advertisers in DMP custom crowd selection. For different groups of people, serialized delivery will be intelligently divided into potential customers, new customers and regular customers according to their population asset status distribution, combined with different scenarios and optimization goals, to assist in personalized mining channel strategies.

The channel combination applied to serialized delivery currently includes the three major product lines of JD Express, JD booths, and shopping contacts, which can fully cover all reach scenarios in JD.com, and users’ shopping from “shopping” to “buy”. link. In order to achieve more “orderly” delivery, serialized delivery is based on the segmentation of each type of population, and corresponding channel sequences are set up, and the optimal channel combination and contact sequence are used to promote the conversion of the population.

In the channel strategy, serialized delivery can also provide reasonable budget allocation and bid suggestions for each channel, helping advertisers to really spend their budgets on the cutting edge. In addition, serialized placement can also more scientifically control the frequency of placement, and in the process of crowd circulation, the people who have been converted and those who have been exposed more than a certain frequency can be filtered in real time. In this way, at the time of launch, brand merchants can continue to reach people who have met certain exposure frequency requirements and have not converted through subsequent channels, and at the same time screen out over-exposed unwilling purchasers and converted people, reduce invalid exposure, and further improve marketing effectiveness. Help advertisers reduce costs and increase efficiency, increase GMV by nearly 6 times At present, the pre-investment strategy function of serialization has been officially launched under the channel optimization module of JD Marketing 360 Marketing Strategy. Many brands have also taken the lead in using this new function in actual marketing and achieved dazzling marketing effects. In preparation for the JD 618 promotion, OnePlus conducted follow-up investments in JD.com to the crowd exposed by direct investment outside the station during the water storage period of the promotion. When placing on JD.com, use the serialized delivery based on JD’s direct investment to expose the crowd, first conduct the JD Express advertising reach, and then carry out the shopping contact reach of the people who have received at least one exposure and have not converted. Through the AB experiment and unused serialized delivery, based on direct investment to expose the crowd, while comparing the delivery strategies of JD Express and shopping contact delivery, the data shows that serialized delivery is 595% higher than the GMV of non-serialized delivery. ROI increased by 260%, and CPA decreased by 72%, fully verifying that serialized placement can effectively reduce advertising costs and increase efficiency. The launch of serialized launch products adds another weapon to JD Marketing 360’s full cycle, full-link 4E user marketing system. Through scientific and efficient delivery, accurate conversion is obtained, and the entire closed-loop marketing is more perfect. In the future, serialized placement will also provide richer placement strategy support. For example, on the basis of in-site joint investment of advertising business lines such as JD booths, shopping touch points, JD Express, etc., additional investment based on off-site and brand advertising exposure crowds will be added. At the same time, in addition to providing crowd and channel strategy support, it will also provide material strategy assistance, realize the targeted creative delivery of materials and channels according to consumer segmentation behavior, and accelerate the consumption conversion with thousands of people’s material display . Spending the budget in the right place to maximize the value of exposure can be said to be the ideal effect that every advertiser wants to achieve when advertising costs and customer acquisition costs are steadily rising. The launch of JD Marketing 360’s serialized delivery tool allows Advertisers are one step closer to this goal. With the continuous iteration of omni-channel data and technical capabilities of JD Marketing 360, in the future, it will also help more advertisers find an efficient path to business growth and help maximize marketing effectiveness