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Elfa dropped 700,000, Mercedes-Benz Grand G dropped 1.48 million, how to buy a luxury car that was “broken” on the Internet?


Recently, a quotation map of Hainan Free Trade Duty-Free Models has been circulated on the Internet. Most of the models in the figure fluctuate at about 50% of the pre-tax manufacturer’s guide price. More importantly, different from the models with poor market performance that we recognize that discounts are low, several cars in the picture can be regarded as sweet and pastry. Among them, the Mercedes-Benz hardcore “square box” G63, which was originally priced at 3.5 million, can be purchased for only 1.52 million after duty-free. In Erfa, the price of 500,000 is not only tax-free, but also does not have a second price increase from dealers. The discount is even stronger than that of the “Double Eleven” online shopping; not to mention the Cayenne, it is also about 50% off. The discounts on the above several models that are so popular in China are so cruel. Is there a hidden pit? Why are “zero-tariff” models cheap? Let’s calculate an account. For an imported passenger car with 9 seats or less, the comprehensive import tax rate ranges from 31.26% to 116.58%. Take a model with a displacement of 3.5 liters as an example, if you get a duty-free car purchase quota, in addition to exempting 15% import tariffs, you can also exempt 13% import value-added tax and 25% import-link consumption tax. Calculated like this, it is by no means a problem that a car of 1 million is cheaper than 500,000. Can you buy anything? At present, the purchase of “zero-tariff” models is not limited to Hainan residents. People from other places and tourists can also enjoy the “duty-free” policy, but don’t be happy too soon. In accordance with the “Notice of the Ministry of Finance and the General Administration of Customs and Taxation on the “Zero Tariff” Policy for Hainan Free Trade Port Vehicles and Yachts” and the “Administrative Measures on Hainan Free Trade Port “Zero Tariff” Imported Vehicles and Yachts” formulated and issued by Hainan Province (for trial implementation) )”, buyers of “zero-tariff” models must be enterprises engaged in transportation and tourism, and the vehicles, airplanes, yachts and other vehicles purchased must be purchased in the name of operation. Only when all the above conditions are met, can the quota be exempted from import duties, import value-added tax, and consumption tax. In other words, for ordinary domestic consumers, they can basically stop thinking about buying luxury cars at duty-free prices. Of course, there is no shortage of wealthy and time-consuming consumers in China. Even if there are people who are willing to spend time and energy on registering tourism or transportation companies, there are still many restrictions. Buying it doesn’t mean getting it right once and for all Even if you successfully purchase a “zero-tariff” vehicle, the scope of use will be restricted. Different from the “free body” of ordinary models, “zero-tariff” vehicles can operate passenger and cargo transportation from the Hainan Free Trade Port to and from the mainland, but the cumulative duration of stay in the mainland must not exceed 120 days per calendar year. In addition, the duty-free vehicles that depart from the Hainan Free Trade Port to the mainland for passenger and cargo transportation services have relatively fixed locations and driving routes, and duty-free vehicles that return immediately after loading and unloading passengers and cargo are not subject to the limit on the number of days. However, it is obvious that the second scenario does not meet the car usage scenarios of most consumers. We use the first method to do a simple calculation. If the preferential policy is only for low-priced car purchases, although the purchaser only uses a 50% discount on the car price, but at the same time, the number of days you use the car in the Mainland throughout the year is Only the tri-fold of ordinary models are in their early days. In other words, if you are not resident in Hainan Province, purchasing a duty-free model may not be a solid profit. Off-island residence time algorithm Although “zero-tariff” vehicles enter and exit the mainland are not restricted by the number of times, the rule that the stay in the mainland must not exceed 120 days is the biggest bottleneck in the use of vehicles. The number of prescribed days is currently calculated according to natural days, and the time of vehicles entering and leaving the island and the number of days staying outside the island are all collected and analyzed by law enforcement agencies on the Internet. Want to avoid increasing the number of days off the island? Don’t think about it at all.