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The all-new Highlander/Xijun, the first new car at the Shanghai Auto Show


As the biggest event in the global auto industry in April, the biennial Shanghai Auto Show will kick off on April 19. According to rough statistics, this year’s Shanghai Auto Show will have nearly 150 new cars. Previously, we have summarized the Chinese brand SUVs, Chinese brand sedans, Chinese brand new energy vehicles, joint venture SUVs, joint venture/imported new energy vehicles, joint venture/imported sedans, and key new vehicles on the Shanghai Auto Show. Today’s article we Let’s take a look at what are the key starting new cars at this year’s auto show. New Dongfeng Nissan X-Jun In terms of appearance, the new Dongfeng Nissan Qijun is basically the same as the overseas version. The new car draws on the design elements of the Nissan Xmotion concept car, and the shape has become more fashionable and atmospheric. Compared with the current model, the overall line is much tougher. The area of ​​the inverted trapezoidal front center grid is further enlarged, and the popular split headlight group is also adopted. The upper area is the turn signal and daytime running lights. The lower area is the far and near beam lights. In terms of interior, the new car also continues the overseas version of the model, adopting the latest design language. The 10.8-inch head-up display, 12.3-inch LCD instrument panel, 9.0-inch floating central control LCD screen, and wireless mobile phone charging are all equipped in the car, further enhancing the sense of technology of the interior. In addition, the new car also supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto in-vehicle systems. The newly shaped handlebar style looks more refined, and the handlebar is also equipped with a four-wheel drive adjustment knob. In addition, the new car is also equipped with four-door keyless entry, three-zone automatic air conditioning, rear air conditioning outlets, and rear seat heating. In terms of power, Dongfeng Nissan’s new generation of Qijun will be equipped with the newly developed 1.5T VC-TURBO engine, which is a variable compression ratio inline three-cylinder turbocharged engine with a compression ratio of 8:1-14:1. Intelligent switching, maximum power 150kW (204 horsepower), peak torque 300Nm. In terms of transmission, it has not been known from the channel which gearbox it is using, and the declaration information shows that the new car will provide a four-wheel drive version. Domestic brand new Mercedes-Benz C-class long wheelbase version A few days ago, Mercedes-Benz officially released a preview of the domestically-made new Mercedes-Benz C-class long-wheelbase version. The new car will officially debut at the Shanghai Auto Show. The new car basically follows the design style of the overseas model, closely following the design concept of the E-class and the new S-class. The wheelbase of the new car will be lengthened by 89mm to 2954mm, which is 34mm longer than the current domestic long-wheelbase C-Class. In combination with the previously exposed declaration drawings, the domestically-made new Mercedes-Benz C-class long-wheelbase version basically follows the design style of the overseas version, closely following the design concepts of the E-class and the new S-class. The front air intake grille presents a trapezoidal design with full internal coordination. The Tianxing middle grid, coupled with the slender headlight shape and the sporty front surround, visually takes into account the elegant and sporty look of the whole vehicle. In addition, it is worth noting that domestic models will continue to provide standard versions. On the side of the body, an obvious shoulder line runs from the front to the rear, giving the new car a design effect like a double-layer waistline. The new car at the rear uses the familiar “eye-catching” taillights as the visual focus. The LED main light source inside the light group is straight and transparent, and the lighting effect is very dazzling. The shape of the lower bumper also echoes the front face, with some chrome trims and other details embellished in simplicity. In terms of power, the new car will be equipped with 1.5T inline four-cylinder (model 254915), 1.5T inline four-cylinder +48V (model 254915), 2.0T inline four-cylinder (model 254920) produced by Beijing Benz Automobile Co., Ltd. There are different types of power, the maximum power is 125kW (168 horsepower), 150kW (204 horsepower), 150kW (204 horsepower). In terms of transmission, referring to the current models, all are matched with a 9-speed automatic manual gearbox, and some models also provide 4MATIC four-wheel drive system. SAIC Audi A7L It has been learned recently that the highly anticipated SAIC Volkswagen Audi A7L will be officially released at the brand night event to be held on April 18. As the first model built by SAIC Volkswagen Audi, from the previous pictures exposed on the Internet, the Audi A7L has been fully extended for the body size. Judging from the exposed pictures, the Audi A7L is in the process of shooting a promotional video. Compared with the Audi A7, the body size of the Audi A7L has been fully extended. From the picture, we can clearly see that the body shape of the Audi A7L is close to the conventional three. The van is no longer the fastback shape of the Audi A7, but the rapid descent of the C-pillar still makes it more dynamic than the Audi A6L. The left side of the new car has the words A7L on the left and the words SAIC Audi, 55 TFSI and quattro on the right. In addition to telling us the domestic identity of this car, the Audi A7L will also be equipped with a 3.0TFSI V6 turbocharged engine. Combined with previous data, the engine has a maximum output of 250kW (340 horsepower) and a peak torque of 500Nm. In addition, the new car will also be equipped with different versions of 2.0TFSI engines. The fourth-generation Toyota Highlander A few days ago, Aika Motors learned from GAC Toyota that the fourth-generation Toyota Highlander will officially debut during the 2021 Shanghai Auto Show, which opens on April 19. The new car declaration information has been exposed. In addition to the major changes in appearance, the power will also be equipped with a 2.5L hybrid system. According to previous reports, the new car is expected to be officially launched in September this year. From the appearance point of view, the new generation of GAC Toyota Highlander is more in line with the aesthetics of current consumers in terms of appearance. The upper narrow and lower width is similar to the trapezoidal grille design. The grille is blackened to make the new car look. Get up more sporty. The headlights of the new car still use a long and narrow design, which makes the front face look more coordinated. As for the rear, the rear of the new car has a more design sense. The concave-convex shape makes the new car look more sporty. The taillight group and the headlight group are echoed, and both adopt a slender design. In terms of size, the length, width and height of the new car are 4965/1930/1750mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2850mm. We also see the blue logo on the tail, which further highlights the hybrid identity of the new car. In terms of configuration, it can be seen from the exposed information that the new car provides a number of optional configurations, including reversing images, reversing radar, luggage racks, sunroofs, etc., as well as optional ETC on-board devices. In terms of power, the currently declared vehicle model exposed this time is equipped with a 2.5L hybrid system, and the maximum engine power is 141kW (192 horsepower). A new generation of Lexus NX The new generation of Lexus NX will make its world premiere at the Shanghai Auto Show, which opens on April 19. Judging from the previously leaked official map, the new car adopts a highly recognizable family design language and is based on the TNGA architecture. It is expected that the new generation of Lexus NX will be on sale within this year. On the whole, the new generation of Lexus NX has a softer styling design than the current model. The spindle-shaped air intake grille has been retained and has been redesigned for the central grid. In addition, the headlight group will use a new LED light source, the visual effect is more sharp. In terms of interior, the new generation of NX also adopts a new style. Compared with the symmetrical style of the previous generation models, the new car’s shape can be said to have a more sense of design. In terms of details, the car is equipped with a brand-new steering wheel, full LCD instrumentation, large-size central control screen and so on. In the details, we can see that the car will be equipped with wireless charging, electronic shift lever, etc., and the technology configuration has also been further improved. In terms of power, the car will provide three power configurations of NX 200, NX 350h and NX 450h+, covering different levels of fuel, hybrid and plug-in hybrid. The new Audi Q5L In terms of styling, the new Audi Q5L continues the styling design of overseas models, adopting the latest family-style design language, and the octagonal air intake grille makes the front face look flatter. In addition, the headlights of the new car have also been adjusted. , Adopting an “arrow-shaped” design. It also provides the S line package and the Advanced line package. The front face of the sporty S line package uses a honeycomb grille design. As for the rear, the overall design of the new car has not changed much, mainly because the new OLED taillights are used, and a decorative strip connects the two taillights to further create a penetrating effect. As for the power system, the new Audi Q5L will be equipped with a 2.0T gasoline engine, and will continue to provide two power levels of 40 TFSI and 45 TFSI. The maximum power is 150kW (204 hp) and 195kW (265 hp), and the maximum torque is 320Nm and 370Nm, respectively. All match 12V light mixing system. FAW-Volkswagen TALAGON Aika Motors learned from the official sources that as a new flagship SUV created by FAW-Volkswagen, FAW-Volkswagen TALAGO, which is positioned as a medium and large SUV, will officially debut at the Shanghai Auto Show that opens on April 19. It is reported that FAW-Volkswagen TALAGON will continue the naming form of “Tan X”. At present, FAW-Volkswagen has registered multiple Chinese names for it, including Tanlang, Tanlu, Tanyang and Tanrui. It is expected that the new car will be launched. It will go on sale in June. In terms of styling, FAW-Volkswagen TALAGON has a high consistency with the previously released SMV concept car. The new car incorporates new family-style design elements, in which the headlight group and the front center grid are fused together, and chrome-plated decorations are added to the interior. The strips are decorated to make it more refined and dynamic. From the side view, although it is a medium and large SUV, the overall lines are not bloated at all. In terms of body size, the length, width and height of FAW-Volkswagen TALAGON are 5152*2002*1795mm respectively. The wheelbase is the same as SAIC Volkswagen Touron, reaching 2980mm. The interior adopts a six-seat and seven-seat layout design, and the rear part adopts the current popular The through-type taillights are well recognizable when lit at night. In the power section, FAW-Volkswagen TALAGON is equipped with a high- and low-power version of 2.0TSI engines, with maximum output of 137kW (186 horsepower) and 162kW (220 horsepower), and peak torques of 320Nm and 350Nm, respectively. The transmission part is matched with a 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox and equipped with a four-wheel drive system