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Kanjian founder Li Feng: Good short video content is more valuable when it meets a good platform


Li Feng, founder and CEO of Kanjian, mentioned in his speech “In-depth exploration of short video business monetization” in the 2021 Blue Whale Finance Youth Media Forum: High-quality content is the basis for short video survival, and high-quality content must be knowledgeable, Professional and visual attributes. There are many ways to monetize short video content, and it is more valuable when good content meets a good platform. On June 16, 2021, the 8th Blue Whale Finance Young Media Forum, Tsinghua Station was held as scheduled. This forum is guided by Shanghai Poster Industry Group and hosted by the School of Journalism and Communication of Tsinghua University and Blue Whale Finance. Tsinghua University School of Journalism and Communication Doctoral Supervisor Zhang Zheng, Blue Whale Finance Vice President Liu Ruigang, Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Physics Deputy Director Cheng Meng, Kanjian founder and CEO Li Feng, Shizhi Media founder and CEO Ma Changbo, Schrodinger Ele.me Founder Xue Kai, Arrow Factory Chief Producer Zhong Weijie, and Blue Whale Finance New Media Deputy General Manager Guo Nan attended the forum and gave keynote speeches and discussions on the innovative changes and content marketing of short videos in 2021. Short video basics: keep the original intention to create high-quality content Kanjian founder Li Feng shared at the conference: We believe that high-quality content is the basis for the survival of short videos, and high-quality content must have the attributes of knowledge, professionalism and visualization. With the development of the times and the continuous emergence of various platforms, people’s requirements for obtaining information are constantly changing, but the recognition and acceptance of high-quality content will never change. In an era when the media of information dissemination is gradually changing, platforms are changing, and the content that the public loves to watch is also changing, and there is a feeling of being pushed by the trend. What we can do is to keep our original intention, embrace change, and be a creator and disseminator of high-quality content. Where the heart is going, just follow the past. Short video development: copyright material library determines the value of content production Copyright is the core value of the development of the video industry, and Kankan has a high degree of copyright protection awareness. Li Feng shared that the company’s documentaries and short videos captured a large number of precious video materials such as leopards and other first-class protected animals, rare natural landscapes, and the Forbidden City, and these video contents flashed in the program. Therefore, when the company was founded, Li Feng purchased the copyright of more than 3,000 videos in order to build a valuable and meaningful image material library and produce more quality content. Short video marketing: from spreading information to spreading trust When it comes to brand marketing, we need to use new media platforms to make users more focused, upgrade their forms, communicate more efficiently, convert and amplify the value of traffic, use high-quality content to link user relationships, and share to stimulate social influence. From spreading information to delivering trust, it is Cover the whole process of brand marketing. It is the key to better explore the independent position of brand marketing and form a long-term marketing ecology. Secondly, value communication, using its influence to change the behavior and thinking ability of others, is also the application of the overall strategic development of corporate brand communication. Value dissemination is not only the transformation of corporate brand, but also the dissemination of value theory concepts. Knowledge monetization products, the demand for products to guide market trends, breaks the definition of knowledge and sales, and opens up the value conversion link of mutual integration and win-win between the two. Short video value: comprehensive communication to enhance brand value As we all know, advertising, live broadcast, e-commerce, and payment for knowledge are the current monetization methods for most new media platforms. What we insist on is branding content, branding IP, and commercializing IP. First, we must continuously and stably produce high-quality content, accurately position itself, build high-quality content and form a brand label. Only by upgrading the content to the brand can it have lasting vitality, and produce a series of super knowledge short video IP, laying the foundation for the commercialization of IP. The realization of IP commercialization will comprehensively disseminate information on content, products, brands, ideas, etc., and enhance brand value through short videos of high-quality highlights. Source: International Online