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Luonan Confucian Temple in Shaanxi, one of the most intact ancient buildings in the northwest, 14 years earlier than the Bell Tower in Xi’an


When it comes to traveling to Shaanxi Province, the first thing people think of are the Terracotta Warriors and Horses of Qin Shihuang, Huashan Mountain, Famen Temple, Huangdi Mausoleum, Huaqing Pool, Daming Palace, Big Wild Goose Pagoda and other attractions. In fact, in addition to these famous scenic spots in Shaanxi, there are many scenic spots with profound historical and cultural backgrounds. Perhaps because there are so many famous scenic spots in Shaanxi, small scenic spots have been ignored, such as the Luonan Confucian Temple I am going to talk about today. It was built in the third year of Hongwu in the Ming Dynasty (1370), 14 years earlier than the famous Bell Tower in Xi’an. It is one of the most intact ancient buildings in the Northwest. It was taken in Shangluo City, Shaanxi Province in June 2021. Luonan Confucian Temple, also known as Confucian Temple, is located at West Street, Luonan County, Shangluo City, Shaanxi Province. Luonan County, located in the southeastern part of Shaanxi Province, is known as the “Gateway to the Southeast” of Shaanxi, about 110 kilometers away from Xi’an. According to records, Luonan County is the hometown of Chinese culture of Chinese characters. The word “Cangjie” was once made here, so Luonan is also known as one of the birthplaces of Chinese civilization. Everyone knows that Confucius is a famous thinker and educator in Chinese history. The ancients built many Confucian temples all over the country to pay tribute to him. However, due to historical changes and wars, there are only a handful of things that can be fully preserved today. Most of the buildings we have seen are post-new imitation buildings. Therefore, the Luonan Confucian Temple can be preserved in its entirety for more than six hundred years, which is very difficult. It is also its preciousness. Luonan Confucian Temple is located in the downtown area, surrounded by modern high-rise buildings, so when you pass by, you can see the antique shapes and golden glazed tiles at a glance, which is particularly conspicuous. Along the road is a tall shadow wall, also known as the Zhaobi Wall, which is a wall facing the gate as a barrier in a large ancient Chinese building. The entire shadow wall is 9.2 meters long, 7.3 meters high, and 0.82 meters thick. It is a rammed base of sanhe earth, which looks quite strong and stable. The biggest feature of the shadow wall is the two patterns in the middle. The front is the inner circle and the outer square with the “two dragons playing bead” pattern with pink lotus on the corners; the back is the inner circle and the outer square with the “fish and dragon change” pattern, which is quite finely carved and vivid. , Lifelike. Especially the carved dragon, as if about to rush out. It is worth mentioning that among the ancient buildings in the country, apart from the royal courtyard, only the temple of Confucius can carve dragon patterns. On the east and west sides of the shadow wall are the gates of rituals. The east is for entering, and a wooden plaque of “De Ma Tiandi” hangs on the top; the west is for going out, and the wooden plaque is inlaid with “Road Crown Ancient and Modern”. It uses a blue brick wall, a wooden gate, and a glazed door top. Tourists who want to visit the Luonan Confucian Temple have to enter the west gate from the east gate. Anyone can enter without a ticket. This is worthy of praise. When you come to the temple, you will see the iconic archway of the Confucian Temple, the “Liexing Gate”. The base of the whole building is made of bluestone slabs, measuring 13.8 meters in length, 4.9 meters in width, and 0.6 meters in height; the archway is 25 meters high and 17.6 meters wide. The overall structure is wooden, with fine and complicated workmanship, rich colors, and rigorous dignity. magnificent. It is understood that the entire lattice star gate is supported by four large wooden pillars, with a total load of 100,000 catties, and has stood for hundreds of years. I marvel at the wisdom of the ancients. The entire Confucian Temple has a total area of ​​3,115 square meters. It is symmetrically laid out on a traditional Chinese central axis, including three courtyards, front, middle and back, with east and west wing rooms on both sides. After passing through the Star Gate, you will see the Halberd Gate in front of you. Don’t look at this gate. In ancient times, it was the supreme symbol of Confucius’ majesty. This door is usually closed, and only opens when the emperor comes up during major celebrations, and not just anyone can pass through it. Behind the halberd gate is the Shinto, leading to the platform and Dacheng Hall. The platform used to be an open-air platform for admiring the moon. It was built of bluestone slabs with stone strips pressed against the edges. Now the platform has become a resting place for Luonan people to relax and enjoy the cool. Just behind the platform is the main building of the Confucian Temple-Dacheng Hall. The whole building is Xieshan single eaves roof, bright seven and dark five, 14.85 meters long, 11 meters deep, and five deep. There are 28 bright pillars, corner pillars, and golden pillars all around. Drum-shaped stone foundations are placed under the pillars. There are flower ridges and cornices on the Dacheng Hall, with dragons flying and phoenix dancing. The craftsmanship is quite complicated, and the carvings are detailed and vivid. Luonan Confucian Temple, as the first Confucian Temple in southern Shaanxi, has high architectural artistic value and cultural relic value. It is worth mentioning that the Luonan Confucian Temple is currently the seat of the Luonan County Museum. There are more than 3,400 precious cultural relics in the east and west wing rooms. These include many cultural relics unearthed from the “Luonan Ape Man Cave Site” more than 1 million years ago, as well as a large number of primitive social pottery figurines, Han tile inkstones, Yue Fei calligraphy, Western Zhou bronzes, and treasure pots unearthed within Luonan Precious cultural relics, so a trip to Luonan Confucian Temple is equivalent to walking two scenic spots, and they are all free. This is a good scenic spot to learn about the culture and history of southern Shaanxi, and it is very worthwhile for everyone to take a walk.