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Male celebrities in June airport photos, Jing Boran dressed up as a lady, Gong Jun and Cai Xukun are impressive


The male star’s latest airport photo came in June. I have to say that Yi Yang Qianxi’s clothing is always at the center of my aesthetics. It is a simple and casual boy, but he also has his own careful thoughts.

Purple small stand-up collar T-shirt, layered on a black inner, plus a casual and handsome haircut, it looks like a casual dress up when going out shopping, but it is very fashionable!

Gong Jun’s simple body is simple and thoughtful in daily life, and the flower shirt is also held, and his long legs are too superior.

And his hat is the same color as washed jeans, and the red on his shirt echoes the red of his hat and shoes. The overall is not fancy, very refreshing and youthful.

Chen Feiyu’s private clothes are relatively simple and refreshing, but they pay more attention to small details, and the overall color matching looks particularly comfortable.

Yang Yang’s clothes material and detailed design have always been clean, concise and generous, and the amateurs have a strong reference. The gray polo shirt with lanyard decoration jeans and a backpack on his back are simply so exciting.

Zhang Binbin is very daily boyfriend style, short-sleeved shorts with black and white, very summery.

I personally think that it is better not to be too fancy in daily life, it’s good to be simple and simple like this.

Yin Zheng is really thinner from this look. The question is, can we cut this hairstyle shorter?

Huang Xiaoming has lost a lot of weight, and his eyes are a little more melancholy. The gray T-shirt is matched with gray trousers, and his figure management is very successful.

Although he is always complaining about greasy and plain words, it is still good to make up his mind to lose weight and keep in shape.

Seeing Liu Yu’s upper body, I want to say it’s not bad? When I see the pants interrupted…

The affectionate Gao Weiguang is this wearing grandpa’s denim coat?

Song Weilong’s proportions are nothing to say, and the private server tastes good, and the matching is textured and high-end.

Moreover, his private clothes are more sports and leisure, and I feel that there are more sweaters + sports pants and sports shoes, which ordinary people can easily learn from.

But is it really not hot to wear sweaters in summer?

Yu Mengyu

Luo Yunxi

Cai Xukun’s outfit is also very special. The sleeveless vest and straight-leg pants are impressive.

I wanted to say that this time the male celebrity’s airport photos were all OK, until I saw Jing Boran, did he wear the wrong female colleague’s coat?

I don’t know if it’s for the purpose of bringing goods. I feel that Jing Bao is a well-dressed lady, and she would never recognize her without a name.

Netizens said when they saw it, they finally understood why he was called the noble son.

Wearing a small fragrant jacket with a pearl necklace, the messenger bag is exquisite and fashionable.

In fact, those items on him are not so easy to carry, and he feels quite individual.

But shouldn’t you wear a pearl necklace simply neutralize it? Chanel’s women’s clothing is really not everyday…

Looking around in this circle, I found that most of the actors are still better dressed than the idols.

Personally, I prefer a more refreshing literary style, so I like Yang Yang and Song Weilong. The two different styles belong to the outfits I will stare at when I walk on the street.

However, private clothes are all based on their own style. Art or art is just a style, not a standard of identification, just suitable for your own temperament and pleasing to the eye.

Above, who do you think has the best private server taste?

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