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Miss Tieu Vy is hot and sweet amid the golden sunshine and the blue sea of ​​Phu Quoc


The smooth skin shines like honey and the face, beautiful body like a statue of Miss Tieu Vy stands out in the midst of the golden sun and the blue sea of ​​Phu Quoc.

After the success of the show “Like The Sunshine” in the framework of the program “Fashion Voyage 3 – Chasing The Sun”, designer Le Thanh Hoa released a series of photos in collaboration with Miss Tieu Vy. The beauty is a familiar muse in the collection of designer Le Thanh Hoa. The background of the photo series is Phu Quoc pearl island, with blue sea space, white sand and Mediterranean-style architecture. The designer said that he chose this place to be the location for the photo shoot because the natural scenery and the Phu Quoc sunshine matched the collection’s inspiration. In the photo shoot, Tieu Vy transforms into a lady who is both charming, youthful and dynamic in her trip to the golden sunlit sea. The designs using high-quality materials, combining complex sewing techniques such as organza disintegration, pleated, fully ruffled, create an element of sophistication and elegance for the outfit. The set of photos was taken in the midst of hot weather, but Tieu Vy still maintains her radiant charisma during the shoot. She confidently shows off her perfect body in designs that show off her bare shoulders and long legs. The beauty is very “Western”, the healthy, vibrant skin of the Miss is also very suitable for the summer atmosphere at sea of ​​the collection. See the beauty of Tieu Vy under the golden sun, Phu Quoc blue sea … Image: Huynh Tri Nghia