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More than 20,000 men in Chengdu bought nearly 7 tons of rice and won 9 bottles of Moutai qualifications, but the supermarket did not recognize them when they picked up the goods.


In order to attract customers and cultivate reputation, many stores will engage in discounts, gifts, lucky draws and other preferential activities when they open.

On June 6th, some media reported that when a supermarket in Chengdu opened, the eligibility to purchase Moutai could be drawn after purchasing a certain amount. One person bought a lottery ticket and bought nearly 7 tons of rice, and got the qualification to buy 9 bottles of Moutai. However, he went to the supermarket to fetch the rice, but the supermarket denied it, saying that the man had taken the rice away!

“Their monitoring has also been adjusted. It hasn’t given me the result yet, so I have been procrastinating.”

Not eligible to buy Moutai

010-June 3, 2010 is the opening day of a chain supermarket in Chengdu Wanda Plaza. In order to promote customer consumption, opening activities are in full swing. Mr. Tao said that he bought 268 bags of pearl rice in the supermarket at a price of 100 yuan, and the total consumption was 26,800 yuan. Each bag weighs 50 kg, with a total weight of 6.7 tons. It is too heavy to be taken away on the spot. After checking out, he left the supermarket and was about to find a truck to take Mira.

“I didn’t take it when I checked out, but the store said I took rice.” Mr. Tao said.

Mr. Tao said that when he was looking for a truck to pick up rice in the supermarket the next day, the other party said he had taken the rice away. There are 10,000 question marks on Mr. Tao’s head and more than two hundred bags of rice. Not sure if he took himself away?

Subsequently, Mr. Tao asked the supermarket to check the monitoring, but after obtaining the monitoring, there was no result, “has been dragging on”.

Not to mention chain supermarkets, which are private convenience stores, where there are quite a few surveillance cameras. It is nothing more than the problem of Mr. Tao not being able to pick up the goods. Why is it so difficult to solve?

Mr. Tao said that the reason why he bought so many bags of rice was to participate in the supermarket lottery: if he bought more than 388 yuan, he can take Maotai to buy it once. The winner can buy the cheap Tianfei Moutai for 1499 yuan per bottle.

According to the receipt in Mr. Tao’s hand, every four bags of rice is a receipt, and the checkout amount is 400 yuan, with the words “lottery” printed on it.

Men’s supermarket bought nearly 7 tons of rice

Obstacles in picking up

Because there were too many meters, Mr. Tao couldn’t take it away by himself, so he went to the draw directly after the checkout at the cash register. After all, Mr. Tao is here for this. But after the lottery was over, when Mr. Tao wanted to take the rice, the supermarket said Mr. Tao had finished picking up the rice. Mr. Tao recalled the situation at that time. He used a tray to pull Mi to the checkout counter, but did not pull it out directly. The high-definition camera clearly shows that more than 200 bags of rice cannot be taken away casually.

Regarding the question raised by Mr. Tao, the supermarket staff said that during the opening activities, the supermarket was short of staff, so it took a little time to deal with this matter.

Supermarket staff: “Because we didn’t expect to say how you bought the rice, and didn’t release it, we also found it strange.”

The supermarket said that if Mr. Tao really bought the rice and did not take it away, after investigation, he would take away all 268 bags of rice.

Supermarket statement

After being reported by the media, it attracted the attention of many netizens. On the one hand, they were curious about the reason why Mr. Tao bought a lot of rice, and on the other hand, it was the explanation of the crowd. After understanding the cause and effect, netizens have left their own opinions. Some netizens believe that for the supermarket chain, this product is not worth deceiving, and there is a misunderstanding between the two sides; but some netizens believe that the responsible party is in the supermarket, so the cashier must be impressed with such a large order, “the supermarket is a bit ridiculous.”

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