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Offering trays costing up to 1.5 million dong are very popular on the Lunar New Year


Due to the complicated developments of the Covid-19 epidemic, the Doan Ngo Tet offerings delivered to home became more popular than ever. Many places have to refuse orders because of overload.
According to folk beliefs, the Dragon Boat Festival (May 5th of the lunar calendar), also known as the New Year of Insecticide, Vietnamese people often prepare offerings, burn incense to thank heaven and earth for a bountiful harvest, and display them at the same time. expressed the wish that the insects would not grow so that the plants could bear fruit and flowers.

This year, due to the complicated situation of the epidemic, people limited going out. Therefore, the items served to worship the Dragon Boat Festival become popular on the online market. Survey on social networking sites, offering trays for sale online with a full range of dishes such as: Glutinous rice, sticky rice, flowers, fruits, gio cake, ú cake, betel nut, areca, votive paper…. Each tray The price ranges from 150,000 to 1.5 million VND. A shop providing online food service said that during the Lunar New Year this year, the number of customers ordering delivery skyrocketed. “Up to now, my store has received more than 500 orders, 4 times more than usual. Employees have to work non-stop to make orders for customers,” said Ms. Bang Giang, a store representative. . This year, the number of customers ordering delivery of offerings on the occasion of the Lunar New Year has skyrocketed. Photo: Comida Ngon. At the store, the incense-burning tray for the Lunar New Year has a full price, the highest is a special ceremony tray of 1.5 million VND. This ceremony includes: 2 sticky rice wine, VIP plums, rambutan, 13 lotus petals folded, 30 yellow orchids, 3 lily branches, 7 branches of areca flowers, 100 grams of jasmine flowers, 3 Buddha’s hands coming in. 45 cm high quality bamboo mat. In addition, the store also retails offerings for customers to choose from. “I didn’t expect this to be a very popular feast for customers on this year’s Lunar New Year at my store,” said Ms. Giang, adding that for late-order customers, the store had to refuse orders because it was too crowded. According to her, the reason why the high-end set costs millions is because of the sophisticated design, details and structure of the ceremony tray, which is also different, including a variety of carefully selected expensive fresh flowers such as: Royal orchid, lotus mandarin, jasmine. , lily … are decorated and presented with alternating colors. The manual sentences are very time consuming, such as lotus connection, arrangement. Similarly, Ms. Nga (Thanh Xuan, Hanoi) said that this year’s Doan Ngo Festival, she sold more offerings of all kinds of dishes with fruits and sticky rice wine, customers only need to display them on the altar to burn incense. “Depending on the area, the offering tray changes, but there are indispensable dishes such as glutinous rice wine, fruit, banh gio or banh ú…”, she said. At her shop, a tray of offerings costs 150,000 VND, including: Cam sticky rice wine, female sticky rice wine, 3 lotus flowers with folded wings, small bunch of litchi, plum plum and areca flower branches. In addition, Ms. Nga also retails each item for customers to choose from. A simple offering tray costs 150,000 VND. Photo: TL According to her, customers must book in advance so that she can prepare the best and freshest quality flowers, cakes and fruits. “Customers buying offerings these days are not only interested in quality but also in appearance. The incense burner must be full of fruits and beautifully decorated,” she said. To date, she has received about 200 orders, some received yesterday, some received on 5/5. “Three days, I have to mobilize more people to make delivery on time for customers to order,” she said. In fact, due to the complicated situation of the epidemic, people limit going out, so buying offerings online has become popular with many consumers. Normally, in previous years, Ms. Thuy (Tan Binh District, HCMC) would go to the market to buy each item for display, but this year, during the stressful epidemic season, afraid to contact others, she ordered an online offering tray at a low price. 550,000 VND. “A full offering ceremony has sticky rice wine with yellow flowers, sticky rice wine, rice cakes, lotus flowers, peonies, lychees. The shop delivers to your door, full of offerings than you can prepare yourself,” she said. share.