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Ogilvy Fashion Art Center opens, artists and designers cross-border to create a new consumption scene


On June 18th, Audi Fashion Art Night and Ogilvy Fashion Art Center Opening Ceremony was held at Asia’s largest Audi 4S store, Beijing Boruixiangxing Dawanglu Store. The event was organized by Meilai International Fashion Design Agency, Boruixiangxing Audi, Digital Fashion Brand FDC fabric library, high-end menswear brand Huijia password, handmade national fashion brand Chaodai, ceramic art brand Zhuoyi, Shanghai style cheongsam custom brand Yanmu, wedding dress brand Lily impression, wedding dress brand PJ+ designer alliance, etc. Jointly presented by institutions.

Picture: Guests unveiled the opening of Ogilvy & Mather Fashion Art Center
Famous contemporary artist Zheng Zheng, senior couture designer Wang Xiaocan, crossover artist Seraphine Sin, emerging contemporary artist Wang Peng, wedding dress couture designer Peng Jing, handmade national trend couture designer Wang Juan, ceramic aesthetics couture designer Zheng Suhua, Shanghai style cheongsam designer Miao Haiyan, haute couture accessories designer Jiang Xi, menswear haute couture designer Hui Dandan, haute couture brand designer Zhou Yan/Wan Zhen under Meilai International Fashion Design Agency, wedding dress and Chinese clothing haute couture Designer Wang Haoyu and other artists and designers dedicate masterpieces to jointly bless. The world’s largest fabric trading and data service platform-FDC Fabric Library C version of the first store opened at the same time, Borui Xiangxing launched a special VIP car purchase series of value-added gifts, 300 VIPs from all walks of life in the capital interpret the light of fashion and art together A feast of quality consumption.
Picture: Guests cut the ribbon for the opening of Ogilvy & Mather Fashion Art Center
Researcher of the World Development Research Institute of the Development Research Center of the State Council, consultant of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games/2010 Shanghai World Expo, member of the Chinese National Propaganda Film Expert Group Zheng Yannong, Dean Li Ji of the School of Continuing Education of Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, Deputy Dean and Direct Subordinate of School of Continuing Education of Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology Party branch secretary Yao Hongguang, deputy dean of the School of Continuing Education of Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, Fu Hongbo, brand expert of the Ministry of Commerce, former editor-in-chief of Xinhua News Agency “China Top Brand” magazine, Yang Xiaofei, founder of FDC Fashion Industry Complex, Benson International Media Group Chairman Chen Xuewen, Shi Qisheng, co-founder of Tsinghua Holdings, Wang Qing, founder of Brilliant Wenhua, and Zhuang Mengying, marketing director of iQiyi, attended as special guests.

Beijing recently announced that it plans to implement the “Ten Special Actions” to cultivate and build an “international consumption center city” with Beijing characteristics and global influence. These ten special actions include creating consumer landmarks with complementary advantages and prominent characteristics; promoting new digital consumption scenarios and piloting the construction of “smart neighborhoods”; cultivating Beijing’s “net celebrity check-in sites” to release cultural tourism consumption potential; expanding capacity and improving quality exhibition consumption, Start the business card of the exhibition and consumption city, etc. Picture: Ogilvy Fashion Art Center pop-up show to help Audi 618 shopping festival Wang Xiaocan, founder of Ogilvy Fashion Art Center, founder of Meilai International Fashion Design Agency, co-founder of FDC Fashion Industry Complex, and director of Advanced Custom Research Center of Continuing Education School of Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, said that Ogilvy Fashion Art Center is committed to breaking fashion and Art industry barriers, build an industrial service platform and a quality social platform that deeply integrates fashion and art, and provide designers, artists, and related companies with high-end services such as display, sales, research and development, branding, and resource links. Contemporary artists are not only recording the new era, but also using new technology, new language, and new means to express and reproduce the world we live in. Designers, a group of people who perfectly integrate art and business, they are best at using creativity and creating “clothes” for the best you. The collaborative innovation of artists and designers can not only deeply empower the fashion and high-quality development of Chinese brands, continuously improve the service supply experience, but also create more consumption scenarios and cultures for new types of consumption. Picture: Ogilvy Fashion Art Center Immersive Advanced Customization Experience Space Wu Hao, general manager of Borui Xiangxing, said that as a high-end brand automobile sales and service company in Beijing, he has been committed to the brand building and customer experience innovation of “Art Xiangxing” for many years. Creating a colorful life of “people, cars, and art” for customers is the core proposition and mission of the Borui Xiangxing brand. The joint creation of Ogilvy & Mather Fashion Art Center with MyLai International is not only an iterative upgrade of Asia’s largest Audi 4S store, but also a post-epidemic declaration for the Audi brand to adhere to fashion and artistic innovation in the post-epidemic era. Audi has 6 million car owners in China, providing more new and old car owners with a beautiful experience of fashion and art, which is our enduring brand original intention. As a global luxury car brand, Audi has always been committed to fashion innovation and artistic inheritance, and has successfully created a brand with the concept of “Audi Art”, which continues to lead the high-end car aesthetics of the Audi brand and the global automotive industry. Audi uses wisdom and understanding of beauty to build a bridge between modern art and advanced technology, injecting sporty and elegant artistic beauty into every Audi car, making it no longer a cold industrial product, but exuding human charm Mobile artwork. Picture: Famous contemporary artist Zheng Zheng’s latest masterpiece “Installation Art: Pixel 2021·China Cloud”” The event invited the famous contemporary artist Zheng Zheng to participate in the exhibition. He brought his latest masterpiece “Installation Art: Pixel 2021·Chinese Cloud”. The originality of the work originated from the “Chinese Dream”, with countless unit spaces divided by criss-cross steel pipes. The individual spaces are like countless pixels of digital images. This is the artist’s unique artistic language and the artist’s conceptual expression in the context of modern technological development. “Improvised Stay” is a cross-border conceptual installation exhibition of the fashion design brand SERAPH SIN. This exhibition aims to convey the creative concept that the brand has always adhered to through art installations, emphasizing the brand’s consistent love for materials, using fabrics and other comprehensive materials to create three-dimensional installations. The installation exhibition is opened by hand-based touch, combined with immersive multi-dimensional sensory experience, emphasizing a sustainable fashion lifestyle brought about by pure handmade. Picture: Fashion designer Seraphine Sin’s cross-border conceptual installation “Improvised Stay” Yuan Haiyun, secretary-general of Ogilvy & Mather Fashion Art Center, said that Ogilvy & Mather Fashion Art Center is an inevitable product of the “double cycle” and the era of Beijing’s construction of an international consumption center city. Based on the strong support of FDC Fashion Industry Complex and Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, Ogilvy & Mather Fashion Art Center brings together the resources of the entire digital fashion industry chain. The co-construction and integration of the Borui Xiangxing Audi brand platform makes this a new cross-border collaboration between artists and designers. Species are full of imagination