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Original 50 years ago, 96 bags of diapers were abandoned on the moon, why have they now become “priceless treasures”?


Introduction: Since ancient times, the sun and the moon have been very sacred in our cognition, and for the earth itself, the sun and the moon are also two very important celestial bodies. The moon represents coldness and loneliness in our traditional culture. For the moon, it continues to attract humans. With the continuous improvement of human science and technology, all kinds of questions about the moon are gradually being opened.

Many people think that there should be life on the moon like the earth, but several investigations on the moon have proved that there is no life on the moon. However, although the moon has no life, it has provided a lot of help to the emergence and evolution of life on earth.

It is precisely because of the existence of the moon that greatly increases the probability of life on the earth and greatly accelerates the rate of life evolution.

The most important manifestation of the moon’s impact on the earth should be

Changes in tides

Because the moon’s control over the earth’s tides is stronger than the sun’s control over the earth’s tides, and the changes in the tides

Greatly affect the size of the buffer zone between the ocean and the land.

According to the current research, the earliest life on the earth is the ocean. In other words, the first batch of organisms on the ground at that time came from the ocean to the land.

If there is no moon to hold the tide, then the time for life to reach land will be continuously delayed, especially for more complex life


At the same time, the moon has always been “locked” by the earth because of the earth’s tidal traction, so what we see from the earth is always the same side of the moon, which also causes a lot of problems.

Conspiracy theories begin to “ferment”

, Such as

There are aliens on the back of the moon

Wait for the rumors to become popular.

In fact, these rumors all show that mankind is full of desire to explore the moon, and all of this is also

July 20, 1969

come true,

The US Apollo 11 officially landed on the moon, an important step for mankind to explore the universe


In the following years, humans’ understanding of the moon began to gradually become more comprehensive. The moon landing provided the basis for a large number of experimental studies and brought numerous videos and pictures from the moon. But at the same time,

When humans land on the moon, there are a lot of items that cannot be brought back to the earth.

So left on the moon, there is a special item among them, that is

96 bags of diapers


Why leave diapers on the moon?

It’s actually very simple, that is

Diapers are used by astronauts for excretion


Astronauts in space are in a weightless environment

, Which caused human excretion to be very unsatisfactory. The American astronauts who entered the universe for the first time



Suffered such embarrassment

, After Shepard reported his need to urinate to the ground headquarters, the headquarters told him that he could

Pee in the spacesuit

, It can be seen that Shepard at the time

How rebellious there will be in my heart.

But there was no way. Shepard, who could not think of other methods at the time, could only follow the instructions of the ground headquarters, but this situation provided important experience for future astronauts to board the air.

Because it’s impossible to have the astronaut urinate in the spacesuit every time they board the air, let alone what to do when there is still stool?

The spacesuit is densely packed with countless sensors, so it’s very unsafe to rank in the spacesuit.

. So the US NASA department began to overcome this embarrassing “difficulty.”

After that,

NASA has developed a “space toilet”

, And continuous improvement of spacesuits, such as

There is a built-in urinal for the male astronaut’s costume

, But these methods are more or less lacking in security and convenience. After vetoing many solutions, they finally came up with a method that was good for experimentation, that is

“Reinforced diapers.”

After this diaper has been specially strengthened,

Can hold nearly 600~800ml of liquid

, That is to say, to deal with the astronaut’s multiple urination, this method is naturally also unanimously approved by the astronauts.and

These diapers were naturally left on the moon after use.

Why did diapers become “babies”?

These diapers were regarded as very meaningful “babies” by many people after many years. This is because

Human urine contains a large number of microorganisms, and whether these microorganisms can survive on the moon has become a matter of most concern to mankind.

, So these leftover diapers have naturally become objects of high research value.