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Original and happy moment: In order to show his temperament, the boyfriend secretly changed his phone to English


In order to put on his temperament, the boyfriend secretly changed his phone to English, but he couldn’t change it back. He insisted on using it for a week, and finally couldn’t help but come over and beg me to get him back. After he changed it back, he didn’t want it. Facedly said, “Who doesn’t know this? I knew it the first day I bought the phone!” When my old lady was angry, she changed him to Russian again! He is beating my leg now…

Today’s dinner is available


I don’t quite understand this design concept!


Can’t help but feel sorry for my sister for three seconds

edit I thought the word you were going to write was home? Who knows it is poor! edit The chef is different, he can even eat onions as a meal edit Folk masters make their own rockets! edit People who have been slashed by a pig knife edit What can this bag contain? edit My colleague Xiaoli bought a skirt for 1,000 yuan, and his wife was envious, so she said to her husband when she went home: “Xiaoli bought a skirt.” Her husband said “Oh” while playing games. The wife said: “The clothes are very expensive.” The husband said “Oh” again. The wife said angrily: “You only know’Oh’, why don’t you ask how much the clothes cost?” The husband said innocently: “She doesn’t want me to pay for the clothes. I care how much she spends?” Before the spring outing, the teacher announced the discipline: “This spring outing must be a group activity of more than 10 people!” During the tour, I saw Xiao Ming holding his stomach and shouting: “Who needs to go to the toilet? We are already 9 people.” My girlfriend who has been talking for 5 years always complains that I am a straight guy, and I don’t understand romance and won’t surprise her! I furiously said: “Every month’s salary is stuck with you! The money given every day is just enough for lunch! I must go home in the afternoon to eat! My friends have been warned by you once that they are not allowed to lend me money! I will pay back How can I be romantic for you!” Then she wanted to say something, and finally fell silent. Every time he talks back to his wife, he will be punished to kneel at the end. Wife pointed at the portrait on the wall with the family law and asked me to read them one by one. I grabbed my earlobe: “Socrates, Fang Xuanling, Qi Jiguang, Zhuge Liang, Ye Wen…” Then I went to an empty picture frame, my wife pointed to the words on it, and I read aloud: “I want to learn from the ancestors. Don’t wait until it’s hung on the wall to know how good your wife is!” Going home from get off work, there was water on the road, and I saw an old man with a four or five-year-old granddaughter. There was an aunt who accidentally fell down when she was around the water, the grandfather took a hand, and the little Lolita shouted: “Grandpa! I will tell grandma when I go home, you are holding someone else’s hand outside. !Humph!” (The above pictures are all from the Internet, if any infringement links are deleted)