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Original Chen He was greedy by the crayfish on Douyin!The charm of crayfish is unbeatable


Crayfish should be the love of many people! Pick up the brightly colored crayfish and put it in your mouth to suck the delicious taste. It should be regarded as the best of others! In order to give the crayfish more deliciousness, the gods of all walks of life are also trying their best! Sweet and sour, just bitter!

Chen He has never shy away from his love for crayfish. He eats big mouthfuls on the show and sells goods in the live broadcast room. It depends on how well he eats, and you can imagine how good the sales are!

Just today, an anchor on Douyin also shared a way to eat a strange crayfish, and also @了陈赫. I didn’t expect Chen He himself to really reply, saying bluntly: “Grumpy!” Ha ha, The charm of crayfish is truly unstoppable! Seeing this message, it attracted countless netizens’ likes. Chen He, how much do you like to eat crayfish? Watching how to eat crayfish anytime, anywhere, it seems that Chen He, you can speak for crayfish!

However, although the crayfish is delicious, you still need to pay attention to the quantity and hygiene. Especially for people with high uric acid, it is best to order it! Do you like crayfish?