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Original Chinese style | They are all imitating Faye Wong’s sunburn makeup, but this male idol is amazing to me!


“Chinese Style” welcomes the newest guest. This idol, who combines beauty, talent and childishness, gave a completely different interpretation of Chinese style this time. He is Guan Qu, a sunny, handsome and refreshing boy.

For Guan Qu, many people started to know him from “Youth With You”, but the healing system’s Yan has great energy, is explosive on stage, and has countless fans. In private, he is also very versatile. He can play and sing besides singing and dancing, and he is also a master of creation.
After a fierce competition in “Youth Have You”, Guan Li successfully made his debut and joined the UNINE group. After that, he was also active in the public view and on the screen. He danced vigorously on the stage and transformed into a reality show “In Love with Kindergarten”. The sunny and warm big brother showed an optimistic and lovely side when interacting with the children.

In the “Supernova Games”, he persevered for his goals. Although he did not achieve good results in the first session, he was not discouraged. In the second year, he fought back and practiced archery hard. In the end, he won the gold medal and won the archery “big devil”. title. This attitude of facing up to difficulties does not lose the Chinese style and fighting spirit. Regarding the Chinese style, Guan Qu has actually appeared in his own works. The style of ancient costumes in the TV series “Begonia Flowers Blooming in Smoke” starring in the drama makes people eye-catching. In private, Guan Qu is a boy who is willing to share and interact with fans, and he keeps recording his own in the crew. The ancient costume style is gentle and elegant, full of books, but the modern costume style brings a strong contrast, especially the outfit on the tube oak stage, which can be salty, sweet, cool and warm. Looking at Guan Qu’s outfits, it can be seen that he is familiar with all kinds of suits and can wear completely different styles. Xi is equipped with a tie and embellishment of various accessories, which makes him exude a reckless and sultry light on the stage. Wearing a white suit will instantly become a prince charming, warm and moist, giving people an infinite sense of freshness and youth. The outfits of Guan Qu have their own style, but they are not too monotonous. Most of them have appeared in suits, and the matching of different colors and textures is very harmonious and unified. The blue suit adds a refreshing texture, and the short checkered jacket is paired with white trousers to create perfect proportions. His styling always adds some details to the basic colors to embellish it, such as interesting patterns, exquisite accessories, collisions of materials, etc., so that the styling maintains a calm and decent look without losing a sense of youth. Private Guan Qu also loves academic style, wearing a white knitted sweater with frame glasses, to satisfy all the fantasies about the hero in the idol script. This time, Sister SO also invited Guan Li to the “Chinese Style” interview room. I want to know what preparations this fashionable little brother has to do when he goes out? What would he do if he didn’t make his debut? Come to Kang Kang for his answer! This time Guan Qu performed three different Chinese styles. He also recorded this shooting in the form of nine square grids. Can the Guan Qu that challenge sunburn makeup? LOOK1: Go boy The theme of this “Chinese Style” revolves around the game of Go, a smart game that originated in China and spread to other countries in the world. It contains the rich connotation of Chinese culture and is a manifestation of Chinese culture and civilization. Since ancient times, heroes have been born as teenagers, especially in the world of Go. Guan Li turned into a Go boy this time, allowing traditional Chinese elements to violently collide with modern fashion, dancing with the chess pieces, and freezing the graceful moment. The coffee-colored short-sleeved shirt is equipped with a blue striped shirt to maintain the classic and elegant high-end colors of China, as well as wide-leg jeans with Chinese patterns, so that the modern style is perfectly combined with the classic tones and patterns. An ink-and-wash ribbon serves as the finishing touch, making the whole more agile and energetic. Coffee color shirt, printed jeans: SHIATZY CHEN Striped shirt: CLUB MONACO LOOK2: Chinese retro Regardless of that era, there are different cultures and styles, especially in modern history, the Chinese style has also been constantly changing with the changes of the times. Especially in the style of the 90s, the first thing that people think of is the red color and its rising power. It can be easily controlled for different styles of tube oak. It can be an old-fashioned man, or he can also be upright. A white suit with a red shirt gives people a healthy and positive energy. Whether it is solemn and solemn or witty and playful, Guan Qu can deal with the camera freely and produce the film in minutes. White suit: YANAG Red shirt: SHIATZY CHEN Khaki trousers: ACNE STUDIOS Necklace: GIRLWEARINGPEARLS LOOK3: Freehand landscape Mountain rocks have been an essential element in Chinese freehand paintings since ancient times. Guan Qu is placed in the charming mountains and rocks, wearing a modern blue suit, which contrasts with the background, allowing the classic and popular to blend perfectly. The white shirt with soft texture inside and the bow tie decoration with ribbons give the overall shape a sense of ritual without losing interest. The light red sunburn makeup also reveals the poetry of the “drunkard”, intoxicated in the mountains and rivers, full of infinite poetry. Blue suit: Bronze Lucia White shirt: private clothes of stylist White shoes: HOGAN Sohu Fashion Interview with Guan Qu Sohu Fashion: Today’s three sets of LOOK, which one is on your aesthetic? Quercus tuber: In fact, from my personal point of view, I might like all three sets, but my favorite is today’s last set of blue. Maybe I would prefer more colorful colors. Sohu Fashion: Because today’s shooting theme is Chinese style, how do you understand Chinese style? What is the most representative of “Chinese style” in your mind? Quercus tuber: The first thing I think about Chinese style is in the clothing. If it’s like shooting, I think I will add some elements that represent China, like today’s Go, and then some landscapes, ink paintings, and some embroidery. In fact, these are what we have more. Things with Chinese characteristics. Sohu Fashion: How much time does it take to dress up, and which step is the most time consuming? Quercus tuber: Let’s go out to see the situation. Generally, there are two situations. One is when going out to do errands, that is, when you are going to meet important people and talk about work, you may dress up carefully. If you usually go out for nothing, it is very casual. Sohu Fashion: Do you often struggle with which clothes to wear in front of the closet? How to choose when it is too late to go out? Quercus tuber: Yes, for example, like the next day, such as going to the airport for work, going to another city, and then that night will be entangled with what to wear tomorrow, and sometimes it will be really tangled for a long time. If there is nothing wrong, then just go out, just go out with the same clothes yesterday. Sohu Fashion: What is the biggest feeling of recording “Fall in Kindergarten”? Do you have a yearning for a life with a baby? Quercus tuber: The biggest feeling is that it is fun to play with children, which will make you a lot younger, and then you will be full of childlike innocence like them, and feel that you have become very innocent during that time. I think living with a baby is to let all aspects of myself mature first, I think it is not within my scope of consideration now. Sohu Fashion: What role do you want to play if you act? Quercus tuber: I might want to act in an act. If I act in an act, I think it’s a little bit. It may start with the character that fits your own character first, and then slowly challenge some new characters. Sohu Fashion: How can I adjust my mentality when I am under stress? What are the ways to decompress. Quercus tuber: When you’re stressed, you might go to a hot pot or watch a movie on your own, or go archery, just use other things to divert your energy. Sohu Fashion: If you didn’t make your debut, how would you plan your life at this age? Quercus tuber: If I am not in this business, I should be an entrepreneur, haha, it is possible. It is also possible that I am now a music teacher, and then it is also possible that I am now a business person, such as opening a hot pot restaurant or something. Because I am quite interested in what to wear, maybe I go to open a clothing store and start a lot of side businesses. I believe I am also a successful person. Sohu Fashion: What is the most frequently ordered song when going to KTV? Quercus tuber: Maybe I would order some more lively songs. Generally, when I go to KTV, I don’t feel that I will sing there seriously. I may choose some special lively and weird songs to sing. END Director system / Fan Yijun Editor/Li Xin Styling/ Li Xin, Li Jianing Photography/ Nie Yunhui Artist Coordinator / Wendy Video/ Yang Shaojie Makeup/ Meng Ting Clothing Assistant/Crystal