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Original Chinese tourists plummeted by nearly 8 million! Thailand’s tourism industry suffers, GDP growth is expected to be lowered to 1.8%


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According to Bloomberg on Wednesday ( 6 month twenty three Japan) The latest report that the Bank of Thailand announced that the country’s interest rates will remain at 0.5% Unchanged, and lowered the GDP Growth expectations, 2021 Year GDP Growth expected by 3% Down to 1.8% , 2022 Year GDP Growth expectations are determined by 4.7% Down to 3.9% . In addition, the Bank of Thailand is not optimistic about the prospects of the country’s tourism industry. 2021 The year’s forecast for visitors to Thailand is determined by 300 10,000 person-times dropped 70 Million person-times.

Why did the Bank of Thailand lower the country’s economic growth expectations? That’s because Thailand’s tourism industry has always been the country’s main economic pillar, but since the outbreak of the epidemic in 2020, Thailand’s tourism industry has been severely hit.

According to data from the Thailand Tourism Association, 2019 Thailand’s tourism industry created huge revenues for the country in 2.2 Trillion baht (equivalent to RMB approximately 4840 Billion), accounting for the country GDP Total value 20% , There are as many tourists visiting Thailand 3960 Wanzhi 3980 Million person-times.According to data from the Tourism Authority of Thailand, 2020 In 2015, the total number of tourists visiting Thailand was only 670 10,000 passengers, shrinking year-on-year 83.2% , The total revenue from tourism is 3320 100 million baht (equivalent to RMB approximately 730 100 million yuan), a sharp drop year-on-year 84.9% .

For Thailand’s tourism industry, the large number of Chinese tourists has always been the biggest business opportunity. Most of Thailand’s local scenic spot ticket consumption and duty-free shop consumption are from Chinese tourists. According to data from the Tourism Authority of Thailand, 2020 The number of foreign tourists in Thailand’s tourism industry in 2015 was Chinese tourists, with a total of nearly 125 10,000 passengers, but this number has dropped nearly 800 Million. In order to restore the decline of the tourism industry as soon as possible, Thailand has accelerated the promotion of vaccination, and the country’s tourism bureau also issued health and safety certification marks to 300 tourism companies in Phuket. On June 17 this year, Thai Prime Minister Prayut stated that the country will reopen in the next 120 days and allow tourists who have been vaccinated against the new crown to visit Thailand. He believes that this is the fastest way to bring the country’s tourism industry back to life. method. Text | Zhang Jianlin Questions | Zeng Yitu | Lu Wenxiangshen | Lu Shuoyi