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Original self-driving tour experience in southern Anhui, these two small attractions in Xuancheng, the scenery is beautiful and independent


Welcome everyone to my small travel world, to travel through thousands of mountains and rivers, to walk through the yellow sand and ocean, just to share with you the beauty of this world. If you also like to travel, then follow my steps and set out with the camera. !

Tourism has become a hobby of many people. In addition to visiting some well-known scenic spots, there are also niche scenic spots that have also become the choice of current tourists. In particular, some tourists will choose to take a self-driving tour in southern Anhui. Today’s Xuancheng not only has beautiful attractions, but also satisfies tourists’ various fantasy about tourism, especially it can subvert the tourists’ previous declarations. The recognition of the city is mainly due to the fact that such a few small attractions can make tourists truly excited.

Walk into the Taiji Cave, the first hole in the southeast. Now as long as the tourists come to the Taiji Cave, they will find that the texture on the wall of the Taiji Cave is very similar to the Taiji picture in it. It is precisely because of this that it is here. It is called Tai Chi Cave. In the Ming Dynasty, it was even called one of the four wonders in the world by the writer Feng Menglong. The size of the whole cave is quite large, and the area is 15 square meters. The whole cave is very peculiar. It belongs to the big hole and the small hole. Although each hole is connected, it is in temperature and size. There are differences in the above, and it is difficult to find a pattern from it.

And before entering the Tai Chi Cave, although the entrance is said to be at the top of the mountain, the entrance is at the foot of the Tai Chi Cave, so the scenery in the whole cave is still different, which makes tourists also overwhelmed. And only a small entrance hall can accommodate thousands of people, and there will be some stalactites of various shapes, so it can directly show the uniqueness of nature to tourists, and there will be two kilometers of water when entering the cave. The cave is for tourists to go boating. Of course, in addition to the current Tai Chi Cave, there is also Zhuwang Village, which can also be visited by tourists. There are a total of nine wells in Zhuwang Village, of which three are privately owned, and the other six are for independent water collection, which is convenient for villagers to fetch water, and because they are very clear throughout the year. In addition to the ancient wells here, there are also many ancient villages here. It was once the place where the descendants of Zhu Xi lived. There will also be a Longtan waterfall outside the village, which varies in shape, so no matter what season the tourists come here. If you do, you will still find that the four seasons change more obviously. Some tourists can also choose to swim in the pool if they have time. If tourists like the original ecological scenery, they can also choose to go to the Shui Mo Tingxi Scenic Area. This scenic spot mainly has a lot of original ecological scenery, or allows tourists to experience the charm of nature, and it is still a scenic spot on the self-driving tour in southern Anhui. In addition to being at the bottom of the canyon, it is a place for tourists to linger. In addition to traveling, you can also experience rafting, paragliding, etc., so that visitors can not only have a good travel experience, but also bring themselves more travel pleasure. Would you like a place like this? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area to discuss. If you like traveling, remember to follow me! Go on a trip and follow me not to get lost! I am a good friend on your journey!