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Original Shenzhen Mangrove Park where you can see planes and trains meet in the same frame


There are many pictures of rail transit, cars and ships in the same frame, but there are indeed not many pictures of planes and trains encountering the same frame. I feel that this kind of beautiful picture only appears in the comic world. In fact, you can see such a scene in the Mangrove Park in Shenzhen, here is the Baoan Xiwan Mangrove Park.

Speaking of mangrove parks, most people may be like me. The first thing that comes to mind is Shenzhen Bay Park in Nanshan. In fact, the Binhai Park named after mangroves in Shenzhen, the mangroves in Futian District and the Xiwan Mangrove Park in Baoan.

Bao’an Xiwan Mangrove Park, bordered by Dachan Bay Wharf in the south and Bao’an International Airport in the north, is a key node in the vibrant coastal zone of Bao’an Binhai. With the theme of “Colorful West Bay, Vigorous Life” and featuring approaching mangroves, the park is a high-quality coastal landscape demonstration section integrating leisure, recreation and popular science.

There are thousands of forests on land, and my favorite is the dreamy mangroves. Mangroves are marine woody plant communities that grow in tropical and subtropical intertidal zones. They are very interesting plants. The “viviparous” method of reproduction is rare in the plant world and is known as the “sea forest”. The “sea of ​​trees” covering the sky and sun also propped up a huge parasol for the birds. Binhai is Baoan’s unique geographical advantage and resource endowment. It has 17 kilometers of coastline, 100 acres of lush mangroves, swaying and colorful, against the setting sun, forming a backlit silhouette, such a wonderful sense of picture will never let you down . Walking on the viewing platform, you can enjoy the natural beauty, so fresh and beautiful, full of poetry and picturesqueness. Citizens and tourists wandered among them, at this moment, forgetting their worries, only amazed. It is the best leisure activity to get close to nature. Bibo is holding the long bridge, and Yin holding the sunset. The sea breeze blows from the junction of sea and sky, passing through golden waves and the sides of ocean-going ships. Every day from time to time, there will be airplanes whizzing by overhead. Standing on the observation deck and watching with a telescope, you can clearly see the airplane logo. The citizens of Baoan no longer have to go to the distant eastern seas to “see the sea” and “listen to the sea”. Not only can they often go to the seaside, they can blow the sea breeze and see the beautiful scenery of the seaside. You can also better enjoy the “coastal customs” at your doorstep. Even after the sea is low tide, go to the beach to catch some seafood such as crabs and conch to experience the fun of driving the sea. People’s desire to love the sea has been realized, the blue dream of Binhai has been realized, and an excellent view coastal park has been built. By highlighting the three characteristics of mangrove culture, Xixiang regional culture and coastal culture, it has become a unique beauty in Bao’an. The business card also allows more netizens to appreciate the beauty of Shenzhen rail transit