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Originality has become the brand’s “largest incremental field” and the best “adult gift” on JD.com


Text | Zeng Ringling
Source | Science and Technology Xiangling said
As a festival derived from the Jingdong store celebration, after 18 years, 618 has become a shopping feast for all people.
At 618 this year, JD.com’s results are as bright as ever: from 0:00 on June 1 to 24:00 on June 18, the cumulative order amount exceeded 343.8 billion yuan, and the sales of 236 brands exceeded 100 million, setting a new record.
But this “mature gift” that broke the historical record, the already powerful JD.com has handed over the leadership of 618 to the merchants, and as a behind-the-scenes “server”, he has completed this low-key but gorgeous transformation.
618 “Mature Ceremony”, Jingdong is very “low-key”
This year’s 618 is the longest mid-year promotion in history and the shopping festival with the most participating merchants in history.
As early as the evening of May 24, JD.com quietly opened the pre-sale curtain. On the day of the “good start” on June 1, 39 brands placed orders over 100 million yuan, and 4,800 brands’ turnover increased over the same period last year. 5 times, more than 60% of the core open platform store order amount increased by more than 100% year-on-year.

The grand occasion is so because this year’s 618 is a double milestone for JD.com. On the one hand, as a single-handed establishment of 618, it has developed into a mid-year festival in which all walks of life compete to participate. This year is the 18th year of JD 618. On the other hand, when “choose one of the two” has completely become a thing of the past, in this year’s 618, which has the meaning of “carrying on the past and opening up the future”, JD.com, which was once chosen one of the two, also released greater momentum and naturally assumed the role of 618. Responsibility to demonstrate new development directions. The significance is great, and the responsibilities are heavy, but as new and old players such as Tmall, Douyin, Kuaishou, and Pinduoduo are all “suffocating big moves”, JD’s pressure and challenges are not small. What’s interesting is that there could have been some vigorous big moves. JD.com, which “made a big news” for this year’s extraordinary 618, was just staring at providing businesses with a better business environment and providing consumers with a better experience. These two things are carried out step by step in a relatively low-key manner. Jingdong has changed. From a powerful platform to a low-key server; from a home game controller to a behind-the-scenes supporter. But it was in this 18-year-old JD.com “adult ceremony” that merchants became more lively and consumers were more satisfied. Merchants “before going on stage”, Jingdong “behind the scenes” This year’s JD 618 is a “show venue” entirely owned by merchants and consumers. Merchants will perform on stage with great affection, while JD.com has become a “server” behind the scenes, quietly guaranteeing the excitement of the “show”. Thus, won the constant applause of consumers on the stage. Earlier, Jingdong announced that during the 618 period, it will help more than 230 brands to achieve orders exceeding 100 million yuan. In order to achieve this goal, Jingdong, the “service provider” behind the scenes, has implemented a series of measures throughout the event, creating the lowest cost and most efficient JD 618 for merchants in history, allowing them to be the “absolute protagonist” at the year-end ceremony. Enjoy “show”. First of all, the “entry method” is simple enough, the “program presentation” is efficient enough, and the “performance environment” is fair enough. As a result, hundreds of thousands of brand merchants, 3 million offline stores, and more than 20 million people in the entire industry chain will flourish. Compared with the past, JD.com has simplified the business entry process, and can complete the entry information submission in an average of 30 minutes, which is three times faster than before. At the same time, in order to improve the operating efficiency of merchants, JD.com’s merchant back-end management tool “Jingmai” accurately matches the growth tasks for merchants of different operating levels, and allocates a variety of free rights to enhance the comprehensive operating capabilities of the store. For businesses with multiple stores, “Jingmai” can support businesses to log in at the same time. Not only that, in order to allow merchants to better welcome the 618, JD.com also specially optimized the “exclusive customer service” function, and launched a number of new functions such as batch invitations and one-click marketing message access. If merchants use them reasonably, they can provide customer service Operational efficiency is doubled, and the conversion rate of exclusive customer service reach is increased by 10%. After ensuring the simplicity and efficiency of the 618 “stage”, “fairness” needs to be taken into account. Through systems such as “Hubao Hammer” and “Jingying Insurance”, JD.com can thoroughly investigate and clean up high-risk stores through risk management and control measures, and promptly and effectively stop malicious behaviors from intruding on store operations, and escort merchants across the platform. At present, JD.com “Hubaohammer” has escorted more than 40 billion brands, and “Jingyingbao” has helped businesses avoid losses of more than 1.2 billion yuan from January to April 2021 alone. When JD.com has set up a sufficiently attractive 618 “stage”, there will be hundreds of thousands of brand merchants, 3 million offline stores, and more than 20 million people performing on the same stage in the entire industry chain. During the 618 period of JD.com alone, over 30,000 new brands/new stores appeared on JD.com, and nearly 2.44 million new products were launched on JD.com. Among them, a large number of cutting-edge fast-moving brands, industry-leading brands such as Yuanqi Forest, Li Ziqi, Guanyun, Sandunban, and Sanban, have opened official flagship stores on JD.com. Secondly, with both “performance guidance” and “program rewards”, JD 618 has become the “largest incremental field” for businesses and industries. In today’s consumer era where channels have become infinitely dusty, no matter how fragrant the wine is, one is afraid of the depths of the alleys, and no matter how good the “performance” is, the audience is afraid of stunned. In order to attract the attention of consumers to the greatest extent, JD.com “Jing Zhuntong” launched the “Beijing Speed ​​Push” minimalist advertising model, deployed “new/new products/explosive products” scene-based advertising, and revised and upgraded “JD Direct Investment”. Measures such as these have greatly improved the efficiency of business advertising operations and helped stores efficiently attract traffic. At the same time, during the 618 period, JD.com launched the “Qianmo-omni-channel marketing incentive plan”. In addition to supporting brands and merchants in business scenarios such as CPS, Jingzhantong Advertising, and Donglian Plan, the brand also purchased advertising resources independently outside the station. After JD.com reaches the policy threshold, a single brand can also receive virtual gold rewards of up to 1 million and traffic rewards of up to 3 million UVs. In addition, the JD Live Broadcasting Base number also vigorously supported industry belt merchants during the 618 period, focusing on “good source” IP live broadcast, helping over 100 industry belt products for brand promotion and product sales. Judging from the official JD.com battle report, on June 1st, the “good start” of the whole day, more than 60% of the core store orders have increased by more than 100% year-on-year, major brand merchants are ushering in explosive growth, JD has become the brand merchants Maximum incremental field”. In addition, the performance of the new stores is very impressive. The average single-store turnover of the core stores settled in this year during JD 618 is 4.3 times the average single-store turnover of the core stores settled last year during the 618 period of that year. Finally, the “reserve force” is sufficient, and JD.com is helping the merchants with their wonderful and long-term “performance”. Unlike daily activities, 618 is a carnival involving all citizens. Although the turnover of merchants will increase explosively, at the same time, for many merchants, especially small and medium-sized merchants, there will be a certain amount of financial pressure to prepare sufficient goods in advance. In order to help merchants alleviate the pressure on liquidity of funds, JD.com’s financial products such as Jingxiaodai and Jingbaobei have allowed businesses to stock up and expand their operations without worry. For example, Beijing Microloan products launched a number of activities such as special withdrawals and interest rate discounts for merchants on the Jingdong platform during the 618 period, providing merchants with more than 250,000 funds and special withdrawals exceeding 1 billion yuan. Since the launch of 618, JD has provided more than 200 billion yuan in financial support to 300,000 online and offline small, medium and micro enterprises, providing them with strong capital guarantee for stocking and replenishment, and helping businesses achieve growth. From creating a simple, efficient, fair and transparent operating environment, to reducing costs and increasing efficiency with precise traffic support and marketing rewards, to reducing the pressure on merchants to stock up funds through financial support, and eliminating worries, one measure is implemented to users When experiencing with merchants, JD.com, which returned to the back of the scene, showed even more the light of a “service provider”. *The pictures in this article are all from the Internet