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Dongyu Zhou’s fairy, I’m waiting


“How to create another explosive fairy-xia drama?”

Are you still i Xian Xia?
Although Xianxia novels are always popular IPs, and now there is “Eternal Jue Chen” on the air, and “Re-purple” is on the agenda, but in recent years, there are not many popular Xianxia dramas.
The phenomenon-level “Flower Thousand Bones” was from 2015, and the phenomenon-level “Sansheng III Shili Peach Blossom” was from 2017;
The explosion of “Sweet Honey as Ashes as Frost” was from 2018;
Xiaobang’s “Liu Li” was from 2020 last year.
Almost every popular Xianxia drama has golden sentences and famous scenes engraved into the impression of the times.
Spend a thousand bones: Suan Nian has been disabled, the palace bell has been destroyed, you and I, the teacher and the disciple, are cut off.
Bai Qian: In the past few years, I just experienced a catastrophe. In addition, there are “Coolness” and “Unspeakable” all over the street, the power of the wild and the dance of Xiantai.

But now, where are the people of i Xianxia? Counting that almost every year there is a fairy tale that can become popular, but more quietly, the phenomenon of drama shows a trend of shifting to the theme of modern drama. “Everything is Good” and “Thirty Only” grasp the social pain points. Whether you are watching a drama on a video website or a hot search, it will occupy your sight from beginning to end. The Xianxia drama is full of celestial spirit, and it wants to save the common people, but it can’t catch the earth’s energy. The investment is huge, but it is hard to please. In the adaptation of the novel, it is even more difficult to pick someone to play a role. If the IP is not well-known, the innate is missing. If you want to be a popular fairy, the time, location, and people are not enough. Zhou Dongyu’s Fairy Show Zhou Dongyu alone suffered a lot of controversy after the launch of “Eternal Jue Chen”. There are two reasons:Pretend,twoActing. Someone mentioned the fairy tale drama, and the heroine must first be defined as the unparalleled beauty in the world. The most representative “Legend of the Sword and the Fairy” has three flowers in one hand: Yang Mi, Liu Shishi, and Tang Yan. And so far, there are still people who think that the peak of their appearance is considered to be the three of Immortal Sword. A fox-like elf, a twin flower, and an elegant. So Xianxia and beauty seem to be linked. This kind of beauty is very narrow, and most of them are first-sighted beauties with bright eyes. Dongyu Zhou, who once politely declined to appear as a big beauty in an interview, seemed to “break his promise.” Secondly, acting. What kind of acting skills does the fairy tale play need? In terms of vision and perception, it must first be immortal enough. These immortals include Chen’s temperament, upright demeanor, eloquent play, and emotional literary drama. Therefore, when we watch fairy tales, the famous scenes in the hearts of fans are either emotional dramas that are painful to the liver, or they are too beautiful to play. In “Three Lives III”, Bai Qian wakes up in the peach blossom forest after jumping off Zhuxiantai. This section is the best. In “Sweet Honey as Ashes as Frost”, Yang Zi and Deng Lun’s sorrow and love, and the vomiting blood scene of Xiaoyu Xianlou is also the most out of the circle. Think about it, these are indeed the excitement of the audience of Xianxia Opera. What is Zhou Dongyu’s performance in “Eternal Jue Chen”? First of all, the antiquity is not a superb beauty in the story. The initial persona is a little rookie who wants to help the world. The author also left pen and ink many times in the book to describe the appearance of the antiquity inconspicuous. Her true identity is the true god who died in the world before the catastrophe came. Therefore, she still has compassion in her heart for another lifetime. Zhou Dongyu has a self-contained agility in the play, a kind eyebrow and a peaceful purpose, which plays out the compassion of the little god, the charming young girl, and the potential of a growing heroine. Dongyu Zhou is also a rare hot CP physique, and he interacts with Bai Jue’s interactive scenes in the play. Their story is also the best match in sadomasochism. Bai Ju spent forty thousand years to gather the souls of the ancients to help her find herself. However, the heavy costumes and elegant dressing, exquisite attention is in place, but they did not bless the fairy qi, but dragged down the aura. Some people say that when the antiquity was the most watery, it wasn’t about brocade clothes or fluttering robes, but it was a pajama that had never been decorated. The movie actors with a strong sense of story and atmosphere are stuffed and dressed in the same model of the heroine of the fairy tale drama. Although they are elegant and exquisite enough, they still lose the taste of the actor itself. The most appreciated by the audience is the play of “Early Jue Chen”, in addition to the martial arts instructor of “The First Under Heaven”, there is also the soundtrack of Mai Zhenhong. The Xianxia drama has been slow and slow for a long time. This time the work of the main creative team has been put in place. The Anti-routine of “Ancient Juechen” In addition to immortality, sadomasochism, and saving the common people, what else can you watch in “Ancient Yuechen”? In fact, quietly, the heroines of the Xianxia drama have already been given a modern consciousness. In the play, the ancient mantras were developed to help people cultivate marriage. But when she read about the marriage, it became: the man and the man looked at each other affectionately, and the woman and the woman chased and slapped. The story of the Cowherd and the Weaver Girl has been passed down from generation to generation as a romantic archetype, but in the eyes of modern people, the details will be disenchanted upon scrutiny. However, the supporting actor Yuemi in the play has a different view of the Cowherd and Weaver Girl’s story: Vega only needs to enjoy the family relationship every year, but does not have to bear the pain of raising a baby. He is very happy, and is not as painful as the world says. In the end, he also came up with a “The husband and wife discuss who is in charge and who is in charge of the outside. It is all their own affairs, and others can’t dispute it.” This topic is not only modern, but also very human. These small bright spots, like one in the huge galaxy, can give people a new understanding of the theme of Xianxia. In the tide, everyone should have their own judgment. Image Source Sina Weibo/ Douban